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  1. It means "It was made." So this would be translated as "It was made in Cremona." Essentially, it's the Made in China sticker.
  2. I personally like Andrea Solo, but Jade is not bad- cheap and dirty (like literally dirty- you'll be wiping it off all the time) but it works great. Hated Melos. Didn't even give it way- just tossed it.
  3. "That might be a good way to get yourself sued! think that this is best left between the shop owner and the alleged maker." No, you can't get sued for contacting the BBB. Check state laws before leaving a yelp review if you're nervous, but it's not (generally) illegal to do that either. Leave an anonymous review if you feel you must. If you pointed out potential fraud and the owner continues to pass of the fake as real, then at the very least, you should report to the BBB. This isn't best left between you and the owner. Again, you weren't fooled; please think about the next customer.
  4. If he's genuinely selling this instrument as made by… and if it's priced high enough is that prosecutable fraud? At any rate, If he's still trying to sell the thing as genuine after finding out it might be fake, I think you should go on Yelp and leave that information AND report to the better business bureau. You were smart enough to walk away; someone less experienced might not be.
  5. Don't start on trill studies until your hand position is loose and positioned correctly. You could hurt yourself. Sevcik has an excellent book on trill studies available on IMSLP. As with anything, start off slow and work your way faster. Fast trills aren't really the goal of trill studies- they are a side effect of good left hand technique. Work on the left hand and the trill will happen. The 'weak fourth finger' is actually a myth. If you're trying to reach your fourth finger up, then, yes that weakens the finger. Instead, think of placing the fourth finger first at the angle it feels most secure. Then reach the first finger back into position. The first finger reaches back much more easily than the fourth finger reaches up.
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