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  1. Yeah, but smells like a skunks butt!
  2. Do you leave a loose sleeve from the E string on its afterlength? I had a buzz once that turned out to be that. I've never used those, but I used to leave them on.
  3. I'm a simple soul, and to me a bow's value is how well it works for me. I'm guessing that small knot has no affect on its playability. I just don't know about market value. Others here are much more informed.
  4. As Dwight notes you'd be training your fingers to go in the wrong places. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard to go from frets to none but I tend to think it wouldn't be helpful.
  5. You can buy one online for less than $20.
  6. I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm intrigued by your mute fiddle. Would it work as a "backpack" fiddle? Is there enough volume for any practical purpose other than playing without volume?
  7. I use Wittner composite tailpieces on the fiddles I make, primarily because they have 4 built-in fine tuners so string afterlengths aren't affected by add-on fine tuners. I'm a fiddle player so maybe the distincton isn't valid to fine violin players who don't use fine tuners. Otherwise, density-schmensity, I agree with David.
  8. bkwood

    Ribs height

    I don’t understand this torquing. I think it’s discussed elsewhere recently. My plates are flat planes that diverge . Seems like a lot of trouble to introduce torque on one side which would relax over time and do nothing.
  9. That seems unlikely. Can you offer a theory why that might work? Are you saying that did work for you? Wait... it's a joke! ha! I'm slow today.
  10. Yeah, well the anticipitation that the next thing you write might actually be enlightening is too much to resist. You've done it before.
  11. The potty talk on these topics is boring. I know I don't have to open them except most of them have titles relating to violin building and repairing. Silly me.
  12. I don't care if folks want to have these conversations but I wish someone would start a new thread for them, and label it. I still click in this thread looking for for soundpost information. Silly me.