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  1. I have quite a few of those myself. I've had some close calls over the years but always remind myself to be careful. One rule of thumb is if something doesn't feel quite right in what your doing listen to that voice. Stop, make a jig. I use a table saw almost every day. I have lots of jigs.
  2. I say what's the problem. Make a nice violin and finish it black. Big deal.
  3. That's right, I can't seem to buy full strength Everclear here.
  4. Time might allow changes to the whole piece. Brushing glue on is local and quick, unlikely to have an effect.
  5. I'm also an "autodidact luthier" now working on my lucky 13th fiddle. I agree completely with the above.
  6. The can says: "Crown Denatured Alcohol. Cleans Glass. Contains Methanal and Ethanal". I guess there would be more methanal than ethanal since that's listed first. I don't recall what it cost, but much cheaper than Everclear. Works okay to make shellac. Should I avoid it in your opinion?
  7. I live in California and buy Denatured Alcohol by the quart at my local hardware store.
  8. I'm not especially qualified to answer this, but your your idea that it would work on the outside of the bridge but not inside doesn't make sense to me. For one thing, whatever is left inside is now the inside laminate. You're looking for a stiff material resistant to bending that also works accoustically. There also would be no need to run it through the feet. Probably better to use a traditional bridge and keep it perpendicular. If you end up with a bad bridge get a better one. Granted, my experience is with fiddles and not cellos.
  9. It doesn't seem so long ago I built my first violin. Now I've made about a dozen. My first violin is actually pretty nice and I'm very glad I didn't make it out of crap wood. Considering all the time and care you're going to put into your first one it seems a shame to relegate it to junk from the start. To save a few bucks?
  10. My Ibex planes worked fine out of the box. My favorite is the tiny one but it's small size makes it a little hard to hold.
  11. Now everybody has a rocket ship next to their name and no other description of their membership. I actually noticed it first next to a post from Don Noon, which made sense. But then I saw everybody had them.
  12. Yes for me, too. It took me a while to figure that out a few days ago, since I don't necessarily log in unless I'm posting.
  13. I agree the moronic jokes are annoying. A joke or 2 might be okay, but not taking over a thread, since lots of people actually want to read about the topic (at least I do if I click on it). I can find better peepee jokes elsewhere.
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