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  1. Hi all There have been a couple of comments about my health and retirement. It's true I have had to retire due to a diagnosis of Parkinson's. I am still alive and kicking however and will reply to anyone posting a relevant question/comment. On the subject of my book " Bow Making and Repair " there will not now be a third edition as planned. All the extra content, however, is available free via an email attachment. It amounts to around 6 pages of A4 and totals some 55 further Hints and Tips. Good luck and best wishes John Stagg 55 more Hints 2018.docx
  2. Sorry to hear of emailing problems. I have two emails : which ties in with my website (recently updated to include a page about my book) My phone number is 0044 (0) 117 9254538, hours are Tues - Sat 10 - 4.30. Please let the forum know if there are any further email problems. Thanks John Stagg
  3. I am quite touched by the several posts giving my book such generous endorsement. It's nice to be appreciated - the book only took me 20 years to write! Thanks again John Stagg
  4. Hi all. I am the author of " Bow Making and Repair", recently published. Apology first - I am having my website updated, hopefully to include a page about the book, but some technical gremlins have delayed matters. If anyone has any questions they would like to ask then please email me (email addresses are on the website). John Stagg