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  1. Thank you... It was the strings. I put the old strings back on and the fifths are in tune. I did this several times and the new strings definitely caused the problem. Strings for 1/10 size cello are very hard to find. The strings I used were Dogal. Can anyone recommend another brand?
  2. Hello, I have a 1/10 size cello in my shop and the 5ths are out of tune across the fingerboard. For example, with all open strings perfectly tuned I play a B on the A string perfectly in tune, then an E on the D string and it is significantly sharp; next an A on the G string which is in tune, and the D on the C string is 1/2 step flat. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I came across the website of luthier, Boris Sverdlik. He has come up with a violin varnish that has no oil, alcohol, or pigments; of course the recipe is a highly guarded secret. Any thoughts on how he may have accomplished this? https://www.sverdlikviolins.com/varnish Thanks, Trey
  4. Thanks to everyone for the insightful comments. I now know that clamping pressure is most likely what caused the problem. I'm new at this -- this is my 6th instrument so I am so grateful for your help.
  5. Thanks, I'll check on the temperature and humidity in my box -- I should be monitoring that anyway. This my 6th instrument and this the first time this has happened.
  6. Hello, After applying the second coat of varnish on my viola, I noticed that the bass bar is telegraphing through the top in the lower bout. It was definitely not there after the first coat of varnish. It's not really visible, but I can definitely feel a raised ridge where the bass bar is. What did I do wrong? Thanks, Trey
  7. Hello, I'm using Alchemist Medium's Dark Amber Varnish as directed for use without a drying cabinet with 32 drops of Cobalt per 10ml and thinned with 2.5 ml Spike Lavender Oil. The varnish was still sticky after 3 days so I started putting it out in the sun every day for two weeks and still sticky. I'm in Florida so there's lots of sun every day. I decided to build a drying cabinet and it has been in the cabinet for a week and is still sticky. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Does anyone know where I can find a 3/4 cello pattern? Thanks! Trey
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