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  1. How do you call this feature of the interior construction? And how is called this method of the neck fittings?
  2. Propobly this is a typical family Amati interior work of the arching of the back plate of the violin. Is it true I do not know, I'm no expert.
  3. These lines are interesting for me because I discovered a layer of the ground varnish, which is formed just in the same way as the lines on the CTscan. These lines are visible as a layers on the outside, especially under the fingerboard. They are very perfectly spaced apart, transparent and very interesting.
  4. because I use a translator, after translating the text paste it into notebook, word processor in a notebook has default font, which is smaller that I change font on this, which usually I use and increases letters (Helvetica size 13), later paste that changed text to the post. Once the font has not changed. English is not my primary language. that's all
  5. I wonder the issue of graduation thick for such frequency variable, assuming that the center area is thinnest. What are the mathematical value for the individual layers? Is it possible to perform that so many graduation on such a thin front plate?
  6. Very nice pictures We want more )
  7. If it is "an artifact of how the scanning works", it's should be visible on the other CT scans, other violins..
  8. I'm surprised by reading your answers ..
  9. Are you sure? It is not a first layer of the varnish (ground layer)?
  10. What are these lines visible on the CT scan of the front of the original Stradivari Betts violin? (I mean these lines, which are randomly marked in red)
  11. For sure it isn't a "dust ball". I am more than amazed with all of the details that possess the violin . They has a scroll grafted to the neck and grafted neck to the heel. They has an very asymmetric pattern. This is very old fiddle. I found some handwritten inscription inside of pegbox, on the back and on the ribs :"1735".
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