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  1. I like quarter cut but it's really difficult to find:(

    After 4 hours of selection at furniture factory

    I found few peaces of spruce

    But it is wet spruce

    need to wait until spring to dry

    I think 2 peaces with quarter in center and 2 another to sides


  2. Several days ago I started to search 5 string cello fingerboard

    Searching at ebay.

    So many indonesian ebony fingerboards from china makers.

    But I know that Ceylon or Sri Lanka ebony is really cool:)

    I found indian maker WBO with high grade ebony fingerboards

    But he has 4 and 6 string cello fingerboards

    I agreed with him about the production of 5 string fingerboard

    Today I paid my custom fingerboard

    Before order fingerboard I drew in coreldraw

    and found correct dimension


    Thanks to Jitesh Jain (WBO) from India to help me with fingerboard!


    My 5 String cello fingerboard dimension:


    Length: 580 mm

    Width at Bridge Side: 75 mm
    Width at Nut Side: 39 mm


    string spacing

    Bridge: 61 mm

    Nut: 30 mm


  3. Hello.

    Sorry for my English.

    I live in Minsk, Belarus.

    I repair guitars and made few for myself. Rock vocalist and guitarist too:)

    After watching videos of 2Cellos I started to like cello.

    My elder son started to learn play cello in music school.

    I was repaired your 1/4 cello (moscow factory cello).

    And now I think to make new cello for him.

    I think 5 strings cello will more interesting.

    Not so easy to find good tonewood in Belarus.

    I planning to use simple wood (plain maple).

    Also think to make not full classic cello

    But with some modern feature.