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  1. 1250 Watt 220 Volts heating element very hot:) 5 minutes of work and near hour or more can't touch by hand, very hot. now i make device for less power for heating element.
  2. My custom made 5 string cello fingerboard from India. I like how it was made and AAA ebony. 50$ for fingerboard and 12$ for economy shopping to Belarus.
  3. My fingerboard from India! Very high quality of wood and work!
  4. I understand it:) But I have not so much money for cool tone wood This spruce selected from many wet planks of spruces and pines I hear good tone when strike it.
  5. I like quarter cut but it's really difficult to find:( After 4 hours of selection at furniture factory I found few peaces of spruce But it is wet spruce need to wait until spring to dry I think 2 peaces with quarter in center and 2 another to sides
  6. Several days ago I started to search 5 string cello fingerboard Searching at ebay. So many indonesian ebony fingerboards from china makers. But I know that Ceylon or Sri Lanka ebony is really cool:) I found indian maker WBO with high grade ebony fingerboards But he has 4 and 6 string cello fingerboards I agreed with him about the production of 5 string fingerboard Today I paid my custom fingerboard Before order fingerboard I drew in coreldraw and found correct dimension http://www.ebay.com/itm/272044724602?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Thanks to Jitesh Jain (WBO) from India to help me with fingerboard! My 5 String cello fingerboard dimension: Length: 580 mm Width at Bridge Side: 75 mm Width at Nut Side: 39 mm string spacing Bridge: 61 mm Nut: 30 mm
  7. Slab-cut spruce? I don't understand what it mean:(
  8. Shape of cello body important, but i think only for eyes:) It's just a box More strings more pressure to all parts. Neck and fingerboard wider But what about thickness of belly and bass bar If bridge legs wide than need to do little wider space between bass bar and sound post.
  9. Hello trey Use this plans and resize it in coreldraw
  10. Today is lucky day. I found main parts for making bending iron. First test of heater First in my life wood bending, 1.5 mm ash
  11. Hello! Can you shipping to Belarus via USPS first class international Stewart MacDonald machined aluminum Dremel jig? If yes, please tell me how much? Thanks, Mikola.
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