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  1. Hi! At least there are both of us :-P It's easier to bear knowing I'm not alone ;-) Anyway I can say that after watching a dozen of Augustin's uploads I'm Hadelich addicted.
  2. Hi folks. I find it marvelous, hope you will also enjoy it.
  3. Well, me neither. Given such an amount of money (circa 1k $) I'd rather spend it on something like this: https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1071-amati-specialist-28th-october/23-a-violin-by-walter-h-mayson-manchester-circa-1890 Regards! JM
  4. A real pleasure to look at, thanks for posting. BTW, like always photos from Martin are so balanced tonally in terms of colours. I like them. I mean, some (even major) auction houses deliver photos that are quite not corresponding to reality.
  5. I come across similar small violins from time to time. This particular one seems to be poor quality. Could be uneasy to get a reasonable quality of sound and playability for a child out of this. I'd rather spend that amount of money for something different. Regards! JM
  6. Hello guys Has anybody had a chance to play or examine a violin made by Mr Doubtfire? He undoubtly was an interesting person, but I'd love to know what quality his violins are. Thanks! JM
  7. Dear Lula Have you considered moving a bit to the west? I would like to recommend a great contemporary maker from Poland. His name is Krzysztof Mróz and he lives in Wrocław - western part of Poland. He was mentioned there and there by Mr Blank face who I believe is one of our guru here. Personally I have an experience with instruments and restorations by Mr Mróz and I can say that he is a very talented, charming and experienced maker and restorer. He won 1st prize at Wieniawski Competition in 1996 ex aequo with Mr Simeone Morassi: https://www.wieniawski.com/9ivmc.html He makes not only great violins but also violas, cellos and double basses. One of his violas you can hear here: Viola by Mr Krzysztof Mróz Here is his website. Best wishes!
  8. Hello folks Recently I've come across such a violin. I remember Prof. Saundres one day posted and explained everything about such a saddles, but unfortunately I cannot find it anymore. Is this violin from pre-1880 period? Any ideas where could it come from? Apologize for photos, don't have better ones now. Regards Jaro
  9. Strange, maybe the other one will work:
  10. Don't give up, there's surely a solution round there. Go find it. Your life is worth it. https://youtu.be/rCyrQN9yaGY
  11. Hi Does anybody know what violin she plays? She surely posesses a beautiful tone. Here is her most recent video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wglr6OErhIQ
  12. Cremona Tools sells exactly the same Strad posters but offers a far better customer service at the moment.
  13. I do not recommend enjoying strad.com shop. Their execution of transaction takes circa 6 months only if you don't forget emailing them constantly on order to remaind them about yourself. Mockery. I do recommend Cremona Tools shop instead. Fast and smooth.