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  1. Here. They surely also had their own very important reasons. I find it quite similar in the end. Go to 4:30 if you don't wish to watch a whole scene.
  2. Wise words. Wise ones. I use to see frequently chinese instruments with fake Italian labels inside. The OP's case seems to fit that scheme to me. By the way. Apart from these I do remember a Prof. Jacob Saunders post about his work as a "referee" (authority?) for a court and comparison of "old typical schools" of violinmaking long time ago and a "mess" that we do have nowadays where some characteristics can be found practically ewerywhere... Regards
  3. Dear Blank Face! No! no. nooo.... Your professional opinion is wrong. Please do not anyth.... oh wait. Wrong topic Sorry!
  4. That's a good point, but I think it m i g h t be an extremely rare gem. Something - you know - once in a lifetime... like a hm hmm... I've got a weird idea and I am a l m o s t convinced that it's a masterpiece made by one of our forum's best violinmakers...in a previous incarnation circa 300-400 yers ago. And now HE or SHE is sitting there, reading this, laughing in our faces and...oh c'mon! Come here and confess Mr...
  5. I wouldn't care much of opinion of "most people" or what they think since they just don't care about not even a detail, but something basically more than lowest level of knowledge in any terms. Wine? "Oh, look honey. This bottle consists vodka, that one beer and this finally is wine. Carlo Rossi. It's Italian of course." More or less such a talk about wine I heard recently while looking for a really tasty, honestly made and fairly priced wines from Romania in my local market. Red blend with some autochtonic varieties. Tastes better than some 4-5 times more expensive crus. Price isn't the one and only factor and we know it. Sometimes one can find something brutally satisfacting for a fraction of a value. I will not forget a puristically clear honest and tasty cheap wines I've tried in my life such a Tokaj from a barrel in a random cellar next to the road there or some single variety reds from DO Somontano or Toro in Spain as well as those "big" ones like Bruno Giacosa or Yquem... or rieslings (not only GG) from Clemens Busch.
  6. It should not be very hard to find a person claiming God doesn't exist. Most people nowadays do think they are a god actually.
  7. You might want to try putting a Westminster heavy tension E string or equal and see what happens with G then. https://fiddlershop.com/products/westminster-violin-e-string Regards
  8. Dunno but maybe that could help a bit... http://www.sergeblanc.com/files/bach-sonatas-partitas-en.pdf
  9. Hi I can smoothly translate it to English, but I need a source. A page with those shortages presented and explained in Polish language. It should be around there. By now I imagine that: c. means "cały" = whole (bow) śr. means "środek" = middle ż. means "żabka" = frog k. means "koniec" = end = tip All true. If you have any more doubts please do not hesitate to write them here or pm me. I'll try to lurk more often since I was a very rare guest for some time now.
  10. The storm breaks the oaks and only sways the reeds ;-)
  11. And how does it sound like? Any wolf there?
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