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  1. Free cello with belly cracks

    Hi! Just to give you a direct hint take a look at Jerry's priceless website: https://trianglestrings.com/techniques/ You'll find there all that is needed to make that cello alive. The choice is yours. JM
  2. Violin Books

    Don't know how it happened but I missed this thread. Thanks for showing up again, hope all is fine with you. You've got a msg in your box. Regards JM
  3. Excellent Stradivari pictures

    Excellent source to learn from. Thank you Carl.
  4. Gore booth cello 1710

    It seems that you're thinking of this gentleman. http://www.musicussociety.org/profile/rocco-filippini/
  5. Instrument varnished with my product

    Congratulations Vernici. Your work is outstanding. Thank you for being so generous.
  6. How very cool of Brompton's to do this.

    To me honestly lot 195 sounds best.
  7. Hi I have also kept an eye on it, beautiful one. Pitty it gone so high. I can help with pics, I attach some from Amati site. If you don't want them here James, please write.
  8. Corner blocks issue

    Thanks for your opinions guys. Like Berl I saw worse constructed violins with plates on their place. What I noticed during taking the belly off was the rather weak glue. Can not define clearly reason for it since I know no history of that violin but one can easily imagine it was not looked after very well. Anyway I can see no crack and varnish seems to be original and in good state of preservation.
  9. Corner blocks issue

    Hello Some time ago I have acquired quite interesting violin from fresh post second World War period. It is well known that it was a very difficult time for people in many countries, especially in Europe. Like Jakob Saunders wrote: This particular one was made as one of his last by semi-amateur (semi-professional?) who actually made circa 70 violins during his lifetime. As one can see from photos there's an issue - back plate corners bend. Is it due to corner blocks not going to the very corner? Maybe gluing wasn't just good right there? Should I replace them as I already took the belly off? Thanks, JM
  10. Hargrave's imminent demise?

    Hello T2-Auctions. As far as misinformation concerned I guess you missed this post:
  11. Violin to rent/buy, italian??

    I saw this violin mamy times. Few months ago it was offered for ca. 50k euro. Quite a discount for a genuie Bergonzi, isn't it? Restorer who's label from 1960 is inside gave no opinion, so seller can put any word into his mouth. That's not fair, since Restorer's name stands strong for more than a century in local history from father to son.
  12. Albert N├╝rnberger stamps

    Hello. I believe you'll see some Nurnberger stamps in this topic:
  13. What should I make out of this?

    Although there's no straight connection between that particular piece of wood and this old violin I think it is worth looking at.
  14. Violin ID

    Hello Peter, this was exactly my first impression when I saw that inscription. And after trying ... ...impression is still the same. Just letters change What left is Anyway thanks for all the replies!
  15. Violin ID