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  1. 'Ascribed to Guarneri' at Tarisio

    Just a reminder. What "they" meant it to be by Tarisio's FAQ: Ascribed to Antonio Stradivari: A work believed to be by this maker in the opinion of the authors of the accompanying certificates or letters, but not by the authors of this catalog. Interesting: a work that invites speculation but lacks a definite attribution https://tarisio.com/buyers-sellers/buyers/catalog-practice/
  2. One more violin ID... whew.

    I've seen similiar copy at present Amati Affordable auction, whereas there price starts from 10pounds. Maybe it's worth looking. JM
  3. Gio Batta Morassi has passed away.

    Very sad news. May He rest in peace...
  4. Nice planes

    Wow, this is something! You should name that beast, like 'Cinderella' or sth JM
  5. Hello Manfio! Your work is always something I want to see first. Marvelous. Regarding the Berlin examination I've got an impression that sound was a bit suppressed in higher positions. It could be the player's case. In lower positions (1-3) stunning sound. Best wishes! JM
  6. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    Dear Roger, I have licked it and it tastes good. Thanks for sharing! I owe you at least a good bottle of Scotch.
  7. That's the way I feel it. Good to hear same words from such a pro.
  8. Stonger G string required

    Hello. Take a look at Thomastik Infeld Red/Blue line. Worth trying is also last "child" of Larsen - Il Cannone, but not "soloist" as it has a bit higher tension. Warchal Amber strings are dedicated to instruments that require lower tension. Pirastro Obligato are high tension strings - that's the reason why Aaron Rosand did not want them for his Guarneri del Gesu. Regards JM
  9. Free cello with belly cracks

    Hi! Just to give you a direct hint take a look at Jerry's priceless website: https://trianglestrings.com/techniques/ You'll find there all that is needed to make that cello alive. The choice is yours. JM
  10. Violin Books

    Don't know how it happened but I missed this thread. Thanks for showing up again, hope all is fine with you. You've got a msg in your box. Regards JM
  11. Excellent Stradivari pictures

    Excellent source to learn from. Thank you Carl.
  12. Gore booth cello 1710

    It seems that you're thinking of this gentleman. http://www.musicussociety.org/profile/rocco-filippini/
  13. Instrument varnished with my product

    Congratulations Vernici. Your work is outstanding. Thank you for being so generous.
  14. How very cool of Brompton's to do this.

    To me honestly lot 195 sounds best.
  15. Hi I have also kept an eye on it, beautiful one. Pitty it gone so high. I can help with pics, I attach some from Amati site. If you don't want them here James, please write.