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  1. Cremona Tools sells exactly the same Strad posters but offers a far better customer service at the moment.
  2. I do not recommend enjoying strad.com shop. Their execution of transaction takes circa 6 months only if you don't forget emailing them constantly on order to remaind them about yourself. Mockery. I do recommend Cremona Tools shop instead. Fast and smooth.
  3. Hi Andreas It still sounds better than "happy holidays" to me. Merry Christmas to you. Jaro
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pp-DTzDgFUo
  5. Well said. To be precise, the violin I've mentioned was a german origin child violin in 1/8 size with quite narrow bouts. Very tricky to set up and introverted one. Diameter of sound post was about 6.25. Regards Jaro Edit: Thanks a lot for the explanation
  6. Hello Jerry. It looks very familiar to me, as there are not many more things that you could do without having plates off. Anyway, if I understand correctly - the point is to get deeper tone - to me it means 'more complex'. And based on your experience - wouldn't 6,5 post kill the complexity of tone? I would be cautious with it even knowing about plates thicknesses, however you can always make it 0,5 thinner easily. I had once a violin to set up with soundpost way too fat, which clearly killed the sound, made it flat and not resonant at all. After making a new one (thinner) post the sound alived and later actions (brigde, strings, after length) was easier than previously. Although all things you've mentioned are important, one thing seems crucial to me in relation to complexity of tone - position of sound post (not too close, not too far) what on 'cheaper' violin shoudn't be very difficult to find. Could you please explain what 'poiriette' means? Never had a France-origin teacher. Best regards Jaro
  7. It looks great. Besides of color and texture I also like your 'patina' effect. Do you plan to leave it, or make it more polished? Thank you for sharing with us.
  8. Very neat work, a great pleasure to look at it. Congratulations!
  9. Seems legit Especially teh partially disappeared purfling. Is it some kind of soluble wood?
  10. Hi Dorian It looks nice, although if I'm allowed to be honest I'd make side volutes more oblique. To explain what's on my mind look at attachement. Regards Jaroslaw
  11. Eric Lu is an amazing young pianist. I was very impressed by both his interpretation and his skills during Chopin Piano Competition in 2016. There still are available some recordings from that event on YouTube, for ex. 24 preludes.
  12. Generally I agree but I believe you'd be surprised what one can find in range far lower than 1k US dollar sometimes. It depends on two words: where and when.
  13. Dear Don Impressive job, your #25 looks and sounds great. It could be many violinists desire. Can't stop listen to it. Will keep my fingers crossed for your #26-7(?) at VSA. Regards JM