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  1. The storm breaks the oaks and only sways the reeds ;-)
  2. And how does it sound like? Any wolf there?
  3. ______

    Violin ID

    Thank you! I know labels are last thing one should look at but there is one inside that box.
  4. ______

    Violin ID

    Hmmm... I would say it was rather extensively cleaned than revarnished. Can you say something more? :-)
  5. ______

    Violin ID

    Hello Peter! :-) Thank you for your input!
  6. ______

    Violin ID

    What a pity I can judge only from the photos, since I do not have it in front of me. Imo: 1. Not let into 2. Short stop Sir
  7. ______

    Violin ID

    Hello. Any thoughts anyone?
  8. In my humbly opinion that violin isn't neither nice nor lovely. It's a plain ("cheap 'n' nasty") box with fake flames and fake label. One out of thousands similar ones.
  9. It's quite nice indeed. I have recently acquired a nice 1/2 too. What is important it sounds v. nice. Will serve to my daughter I think. According to OP's violin I would agree with prof. Saunders. State of preservation makes me think it was hardly used and stored in a better grade case in which violin was not damaged by bow itself next to fingerboard what often happens in cases of that period.
  10. Hi Rachel! It is really impossible to judge a sound characteristic straight from photos or just from one setup detail. Although what I would suppose is: strings are begging for being replaced with new ones, bridge is very close to the soundpost (I imagine it will not be after the repair). Bass bar - according to attached photo - seems to be rather lower one. Overall it is quite nice example of Maggini copy amongst the vast of 'poor quality' ones and to me it clearly deserves to gain some TLC. I must add that I have a really nice executed 'Landolfi' copy with even higher arched plates, armed with soft Dominants it sounds faaar from being harsh or shrill. I'd give it a try. Regards JM
  11. I used to think that labels are all that matter.
  12. Thanks for the info. I can see some of the last year unsold lots evergreens there (beyond new ones).
  13. Uh oh luckily some British wine has plenty of depth indeed.
  14. I completely agree with that. After that, if it's still hard to get sound out of it I'd check if post isn't too loose (or too tight).
  15. Change your strings - that's for sure. What was mentioned above the case can also be bow pressure, attack. I would check also the projection, maybe the 'original' bridge is too low. Soundpost perfect fit should be secured. According to strings maybe worth trying is to temporarily put a heavier gauge E string i.e. Westminster E, next to a better grade than Amazon's other ones. Last but not least - maybe your violin needs also some time to get use to sing again. Regards J
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