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  1. Hello Luis Impressive work, congratulations! I wonder about cross section of bridge, since it's similar to how I use to do it sometimes. Do you always shape it like this one? Best regards JM
  2. ______

    Fake Italian?

    It also has fake "one piece back".
  3. ______

    Fantastic violin

    Yes, that's obvious. What I meant is rather that in some contemporary violinmaking schools (if somebody would make such 4p. back) this could be interpreted as a less worth job.
  4. ______

    Fantastic violin

    Interesting also it has 4-piece back.
  5. ______

    Paganini's violins: Where are they now?

    Was there any button next to Columbus' toe nail?
  6. ______

    English violin question

    Hi Martin. Actually to this violin. What about fake purfling? And was neck graft imitation added somewhat later? Thank you. JM
  7. Hi guys. There's a violin listed in present Tarisio New York online auction: "AN ENGLISH VIOLIN BY THOMAS SMITH, LONDON, 1778" Since it looks strange to me - neck width at nut looks quite wide to me, purfling is a fake, as well as neck graft, head execution is rather poor - it makes me doubting if it's fully Thomas Smith violin. What do you think? Was it rule in that period for purfling to be fake? JM
  8. I do like sound of first participant of Hattori's masterclass. Was it Julian Walder?
  9. And before you post some photos read this thread: How to photograph an instrument for identifcation purposes
  10. ______

    Canon 1732 pictures

    Hello If you ask about Il cannone Del Gesu then you should write 1743. Recent (few years old) invesigations pointed out that last number is not "2", but "3". Some photos and measurements you'll find for example here.
  11. ______

    Cleats or sound post patch?

    Hello Try to explore Jerry's website: https://trianglestrings.com/soundpostcrack/ Dig deeper and you'll find more guides there. Regards JM
  12. ______

    Self-taught violin makers

    HoGo, a real pleasure to look at and to listen to I believe.
  13. ______

    Don Noon's bench

    Very nice one! Don't forget to share with us with some sound samples of it. If you don't mind I have a question - is there a specific reason why you don't make 'cuts' over bridge legs? Thank you JM
  14. ______

    'Ascribed to Guarneri' at Tarisio

    Just a reminder. What "they" meant it to be by Tarisio's FAQ: Ascribed to Antonio Stradivari: A work believed to be by this maker in the opinion of the authors of the accompanying certificates or letters, but not by the authors of this catalog. Interesting: a work that invites speculation but lacks a definite attribution https://tarisio.com/buyers-sellers/buyers/catalog-practice/
  15. ______

    One more violin ID... whew.

    I've seen similiar copy at present Amati Affordable auction, whereas there price starts from 10pounds. Maybe it's worth looking. JM