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  1. Though this GREAT post is over 8 years old, I had not come across it until now. Thank you, Ron1. In my naivete (read: ignorance) this solution had not occurred to me. I had been eyeing a number of Chinese so-called copies of Guarneri Del Gesù's Leduc violin, but have always been disappointed in the scrolls. Having had actually held the original in my hands and actually played scales on it on one of the several occasions when its then owner, Henryk Szeryng, visited me in my home south of the border, I have always wanted a replica for sentimental reasons—but the lame scrolls of the cheap copies put me off. Once I did see a very nice Leduc copy by Douglas Cox in which the handlebars of the scroll resembled the original quite bit more faitfully, but stilll not quite as bold as the original.
  2. Thanks for that information, carl1961. I'll pass it along if I the need arises. I don't have an iPhone either, so I'm an Android phone user like you. I went for the cheapest Samsung Android phone because I only carry it for dire emergencies, like AAA auto club service and 911. I'm an old geezer who's mostly housebound because of his disabilities and gets out about once every 6 to 8 weeks when I'm lucky. I don't like phone calls even at home; even my doctors do not have my phone number and communicate with me by email. My wife does use an iPhone, and I can't make heads or tails out of that sucker, despite my being a Mac addict since 1985 myself. IOS and Mac OSX have practically nothing in common. I'm looking forward to trying the endoscope as soon as it and the luthier light get here. Thank you for posting.
  3. Thank you all for the suggestions and links. I ended up buying this very inexpensive one, mainly because it works with my Android phone, my Mac desktops, Mac laptops and MacbookAir, as well as a Windoze laptop. It does not work with iPhoes, which I don't have. http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-5M-Endoscope-5-5mm-6-LED-MINI-Borescope-Inspection-Camera-FOR-Android-PC-MAC/282084558177?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  4. Thank you Stavanger and David Burgess for your fast and equally useful responses also. Amazing how wonderful the members of this forum can be.
  5. Wow! Thank you for the lightning fast response with the extremely useful information, the link and the great pictures, FiddleDoug. If it's not too much of an additional imposition, would you be so kind to give me a clue as to the make and model of your endoscopic camera? If that's the quality of the images you get—I'm assuming that was your website—I want exactly what you have! I just can't thank you enough.
  6. Inasmuch as this topic is already 12 years old, I wonder if anyone here has had actual experience with an endoscope inside a violin by now. Many units are being offered nowadays, even outside of eBay, at very affordable prices, for instance at amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/yattvzj7 Several of them are less than $20 and even below $10.
  7. Yes, all languages evolve steadily all the time. They're all doing it today.
  8. Thank you for the courtesy of your reply.
  9. If it's in your neck of the woods, a historian librarian at the closest library may be able to help. Just a thought in case no one else chimes in.
  10. Here, I couldn't figure out why you think September may have been misspelled in Italian with only one t by Stradivari, so I did a quick Google search for you:
  11. Thank you for creating this very interesting thread.
  12. "Abeille"? Excuse my ignorance, but does "abeile", the French word for 'bee', have a specialized meaning in the world of luthery? EDIT: Perhaps a typo for abele? Noun 1. abele - a poplar that is widely cultivated in the United States; has white bark and leaves with whitish undersurfaces aspen poplar, Populus alba, silver-leaved poplar, white aspen, white poplar poplar tree, poplar - any of numerous trees of north temperate regions having light soft wood and flowers borne in catkins
  13. Sorry for having missed this thread until now. Contemporary Chinese makers do put out a steady trickle of Stainer copies even today. On eBay do a search on "Stainer violin", and choose hits from those located in China. A targeted search on AliExpress will yield hits like this one at https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Perfect-handcraft-4-4-violin-Stainer-model-antique-old-style-violin/822414_1804891458.html
  14. Typically Stainer. Some of the copies floating around there have even more exaggerated arches, presumably because the makers of the copies wanted to stress the "Stainerischness" of their wares. The three examples in the screen capture image below are from among the many examples provided on the CD-ROM sold by Canadian violin maker Richard Perras, with whom I have no other connection: http://rperras.tripod.com/index.htm (see last link on that index page, titled X X X X X_SPECIAL_OFFER _X X X X X).
  15. Like FLITZ, it's available at my local ACE hardware store in this small Northern California town. This is where I actually bought my tube of FLIZ myself. I just checked, and they do stock Stoddard Solvent. Neither of those two items is a rarity here, as they are far from being considered primarily luthery supplies.
  16. Thanks for clarifying that. Actually, I had to look up both "Tormek" and "Stoddard Oil", as I have never used either myself. I learned something new.
  17. That never even occurred to me, to be honest.
  18. Thank you, Carl Stross. Not only have you summed up the intent of my query, but you have in fact given me the exact answer I was hoping for when I posted it.
  19. The effects I observed were a gorgeous, elegant luster being imparted on the surface of the wood, and a slight but noticeable raising of the sound when tapping the treated portions as I went along. My experiments were a kind of occupational therapy for me, I suppose.
  20. Please re-read my initial post. In its text, see no justification or reason for anyone to make to make the assumptions you made. I do not have ANY "interest in others trying this". No, I do not "sell this"—or anything else for that matter. I'm sorry if anything else I said afterwards gave you that wrong impression. As a matter of fact, I've never sold anything in my entire life, and I'm already in the middle of my eighth decade of enjoying life on this planet. I simply have no vocation or talent for a salesman career. Please accept my apologies if you were offended or irritated by my subsequent posts. It never even occurred to me that anyone would find it necessary to question my motives. I just found it odd that there had been no mention of the subject in this forum before.
  21. Oh, I had actually braced myself for much, much worse, believe me. As for politeness, my posts are actually being moderated, so I appreciate that comment..
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