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  1. Here in the UK been quite a week too! I had a holiday to Tenerife cancelled then during the week all my signwriting work cancelled , I do mostly work for TV dramas and restaurants. Gov closed all the pubs , people panic buying, the only thing to do is ride it out with everyone else. For an amateur I do have a good stock of wood so I have just started my sixth violin and have few other things in mind to pass the time. All in all just feel a bit weird
  2. Beautiful work as always Dave, I am lucky that now and again I get to see these for real. Dave’s blog site is a great read too !
  3. This one came to me recently with somewhat unusual crack repairs, looks like it has been drilled and plugged
  4. I have collected ,bought and sold woodwork tools all my adult life and I think now prices are low on higher end tools in the used market . I bought the 18 inch Norris plane below for less than £300 earlier this year, these were selling for about £1000/1200 ten years ago, also pictured a nice handmade string lifter I recently acquired. When Paul Sellers uses a particular tool on youT there is always an increase in price for a few weeks at least one example is the hand routers (like the one above my plane) they were selling for £20 ish ten years ago now seem to tip the £100d
  5. This is mine, amature maker, but very keen, signwriter by trade
  6. If you have access to an A3 size photo copier then do copies of your Full size plans at 87.5% this should give you 7/8 sizes
  7. I made mine from building grade timber the top from 4x3s and the legs from three 6x2s it is based on one of Chris Schwatz Roubo designs , rock solid and did not costmuch more than £100o
  8. I have a viola player living nearby , the other night he left his viola in his car , upon returning to the vehicle the next day he found that someone had broken into the car.......and there were 2 violas on the back seat ! banjo players suffer the same jokes too
  9. I have done a bit of decorative glasswork over the years, the glue is slightly different grade , heating is similar , smells just as bad , here is one such sign i made and part of an article about the glue. The basic principle is the glue is applied to areas of sandblasted glass it dries shrinks and in doing so pulls away from the surface taking the surface glass with it
  10. Surely the best of the best are made by highly skilled people with years of experience using head , eyes and hands and whatever the years have shown to work. Given that every finished part is hand finished . My old boss always was telling me there is more than one way to skin a cat, I never quite worked out why he wanted to skin a cat in the first place
  11. Made four in three years but got the wood for fifty, it's my retirement hobby plan getting all the wood and tools while still earning a living so I can make for free in later years , Got thw wood for a couple of cellos but don't know if I will go there!
  12. The big plane at the back is 15 1/2 inches long and weighs in at 8 pounds , is a treat to use, I have an old stanley 4 1/2 with the low knob which I use all the time , then again I probably have more planes than I need tried selling some end up getting others that cross my path same with violins got nine at the moment ,one is more than enough
  13. Weapons of choice the beast at the back is by Edward Preston the smaller low angle one is hand made of unknown origin , I think my violin obsession has now overtaken my woodwork tools obsession
  14. Nothing wrong with the likes of you wanting to learn but you are being advised by people who know what they are talking about they might be al little obtuse at times ,but its just their way of getting through to you, as an apprentice I got a clip round the ear it was just the bosses way of making sure I got the message!
  15. Got violin of a friend of mine in for a few repairs . It has had a rib repair in the past but on the original side there is still part of a name stamp anyone recognise the name?
  16. Thanks Jacob, as a total amature maker here for education this stuff is a real treat , cheers!
  17. I enjoyed watching that, been following this programme from the first series, was wondering when a violin would show up . Pleased they got a real expert in to restore it , great story of the history of the violin too I often think about the journey of every violin i get to hold
  18. I have that book too Tom Keating was very talented he did a tv series showing how the masters painted I think you can still view it on you T. I have. Rembrandt copy coming in this week for some restoration work. I think with violins and paintings it's the people who get hold of the copies that are the problem , easy money always a temptation to some
  19. For me there are two types of tools, those I need and those I want. There was a past post about the minimum amount of tools needed to make a violin. I would say start with a few basics chisels block planes and with them start to make other tools such as the Strad graduation depth punch, bass bar clamps,also clamps for glueing the plates on. I have bought a lot off ebay that way if you find its not a tool you need then you can usually get your money back
  20. I think you can get a line drawing of it from the Ashmolean museum in Oxford , England, I got one of the Amati Allard think it cost £30, they print them to order. I can message you a photo tto let you see what it looks like as the drawing is copywrited so dont think I can post it here
  21. I am in the self taught hobby maker class. It would be nice to go to a night school but there are non local to me. I have made four violins in three years and am totally absorbed in it . Spent a bit of money on tools and have wood for the next forty. Visited cremona for a few days and got to meet Davide Sora there. I take my finished violins to the retired make who I buy wood from , he gives me an honest critique without killing my interest, I also have a local retired viloin teacher who is brutal in her opinion , at least on the first two. How far I can take it ,who knows? I just find it a great hobby and like the fact I don't have to make a sale at the end. Keeps me out of trouble
  22. Three years and four violins in I still feel like a beginner , mistakes got plenty , but things like cutting the button off or reaming a peg hole the wrong way are mistakes but poor quality corners bad mitres on purfling are as I see it just inexperience and lack of skill. Being in the class of self taught violin makers is the lowest rung on the ladder but I love making my violins. I have found purfling and getting the neck set right as the most difficult tasks on the woodwork then varnish and when I can get that somewhere near there is the subject of what it actually sounds like . Lots to go at !
  23. I have three of the diamond plates and use a leather strop with chrome oxide basically folowing the Paul Sellers way of sharpening , works well for me
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