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  1. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    Mine arrived today ,took about a week to get to the UK. Fantastic book for the likes of me not attending violin making school. Might be quiet for a week or two to get through it. Well worth the money Thanks to Brian
  2. Where in the uk , I am in Manchester set of violin Doms are £42 a few weeks ago
  3. I wiil be in Kilkee County Clare on Friday, just hope the familey house there is ok , they seem to be right in the path of the storm
  4. Managing our wood stock - how much wood we need?

    It is hard to stop, I just look at it as money in the bank. I have made just three violins in two years but have the wood for the next thirtyfive . My own reason is that I plan to make them as a retirement hobby so buying good wood at a time I can afford it.same thing with tools but that would be another post on it's own
  5. Brushes for retouching

    We have a great brushmaker here in the UK! I buy my signwriting brushes (sable) from him , basically if he does not have the exact brush as a stock item he usually can make whatever you want. He is on face b at David Jackson The Brushman, ships worldwide and I know as well as fine arts he supplies to ceramic painters and other crafts
  6. Visiting Cremona

    Thanks for all the info , we fly out tomorrow quite excited about it all mostly Cremona, should be a good few days at school
  7. Visiting Cremona

    I have the good fortune to have my first visit to Italy in a couple of weeks, also managed to talk the good lady wife into a visit to Cremona inbetween Florence and Milan . Apart from the violin museum what else should be on the to do list? Hoping there will be a couple of bits to buy when there.
  8. airbrush recommendations?

    John give my mate Pete Millichamp a call he is in Great Yarmouth he has a web ste www.airbrushandpaint.co.uk . Have known Pete for 20 years not pushy and will give good advice. I have a Iwata eclipse airbrush and use an aztec silent compressor
  9. Pegbox screwed on

    Thanks for all the advice,since I have the spare neck going to use that as full replacement, I pick these up mainly to practice repairs and learn hands on so as the owner am not worried if I have a total failure, although most turn out ok . If I make a good job I put good strings on and have sold a few on ebay , helps fund the hobby. If there are many repairs and I dont see much actual value I put a basic set of strings on and give them away to students usually who are on base level instruments. I bought a job lot of bridges and pegs etc from a closed music shop which helps keep the costs down
  10. Pegbox screwed on

    Which part of the neck do i make the cut at? Have done a couple of neck resets but not grafted one on yet
  11. Pegbox screwed on

    Just got this one, not seen a repair like this before the break has been repaired with pva, i think , then screwed in to secure , the repair has not aligned very well see the 2 nd last pic , any advice most welcome , i do happen to have a spare neck which is an option, ,
  12. Latest fix up advice

    Thanks Brad , a friend of a friend has asked for a left handed set up so this might just be the one for that
  13. Latest fix up advice

    I am about 2 years in on violins , completed 3 , re made about 6, this i my latest aquistion with plenty to go at, its all hobby stuff to me so time spent is not costed more for learning. Question I have is should I make a new bass bar original looks like it has been trimmed down a bit , it is carved ot of the top plate ,not seperate. Top plate 5mm thick at centre 3mm in bouts, Neck had been glued badley in place with pva and damage to rib my list is... new top block, rib repair,small crack repairs to top, re fit, neck reset, work on varnish,set up, anything else I should consider. It also came with reasonably nice looking bow 70g so does this make it for a viola?
  14. Cello without bass bar

    Don , is the soundpost patch added to that new violin a different wood ?
  15. Have tools will travel

    Recently got this gerstner, top tray holds latest violin , plenty of space in all the drawers. I don't think Mrs C would like me to take it on holiday though