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  1. Self-taught violin makers

    I am in the self taught hobby maker class. It would be nice to go to a night school but there are non local to me. I have made four violins in three years and am totally absorbed in it . Spent a bit of money on tools and have wood for the next forty. Visited cremona for a few days and got to meet Davide Sora there. I take my finished violins to the retired make who I buy wood from , he gives me an honest critique without killing my interest, I also have a local retired viloin teacher who is brutal in her opinion , at least on the first two. How far I can take it ,who knows? I just find it a great hobby and like the fact I don't have to make a sale at the end. Keeps me out of trouble
  2. The Top 3 Beginner Mistakes

    Three years and four violins in I still feel like a beginner , mistakes got plenty , but things like cutting the button off or reaming a peg hole the wrong way are mistakes but poor quality corners bad mitres on purfling are as I see it just inexperience and lack of skill. Being in the class of self taught violin makers is the lowest rung on the ladder but I love making my violins. I have found purfling and getting the neck set right as the most difficult tasks on the woodwork then varnish and when I can get that somewhere near there is the subject of what it actually sounds like . Lots to go at !
  3. How to make decent edges

    From a post in 2010
  4. Honed Bliss

    I have three of the diamond plates and use a leather strop with chrome oxide basically folowing the Paul Sellers way of sharpening , works well for me
  5. Nice planes

    I have been looking for a plane for jointing plates for a while and just got this fine beastie,weighing in at 8 pounds , I think it is up to the job . Also traded a Woden no 5 for the smaller one . All in all very happy with the plane department at the moment
  6. Purfling router bit - learning by trial and error

    I would in the first instance say persevere with doing it by hand tools having done a lot of routing in my career from hand routers to pin routers to cnc I would say looking athe photo that you are going too deep in one pass as a general rule with very fine cutters into hardwood you want to go no deeper than the the diameter of the cutter in each pass so in your case go in 1mm at a time it will be easier to work when you go too deep in one pass the cutter can break and there is a lot more chance of run out as it bites in more. I think purfling is a hard skill either way from a novice start i would go with hand tools and improve skills
  7. A place for everything

    Very much in the style of a Slater but not, the name on it it is E O Birch of London, nice heavy plane a joy to use
  8. A place for everything

    Thanks for that Conor, the shop was a Tobacconist and sold spirits too William also based his plumbing business out of the shop
  9. A place for everything

    Connor my parents were from Dublin moved over in 58 to find work here in England , My great grandmother had a shop at 113 Parnell St it made the front page of the Herald in 1948 as Dublins most burgled shop. I am hoping to reverse what my parents did and retire to the west of Ireland , Kilkee , making violins and painting
  10. A place for everything

    The one on the right is a Luban copy of the Stanley no1 and the brass one on the left is by william Marples of Sheffield they were a great company back in the day . Here is a closer picture of my two favourites
  11. A place for everything

    I also used the same design on my labels which may confuse people in a hundred years or so
  12. A place for everything

    Thanks Dave actually thinned out the tools to buy violin stuff, you are more than welcome to visit anytime you are passing , have recently sold a plane to a local bloke who has a few hundred planes will be visiting his place soon Always like a bit of vinyl playing while working , not all classical that one is Penguine eggs by Nick Jones
  13. A place for everything

    Inspired by my visit to Cremona and the workshop of Davide Sora I decided to organise my bench and tools before I start violin number 5. I am a signwriter by trade and Colleys of parnell street was my grandmothers tobacco and wine shop. The capital carving is from a local shopfront and violin is number 4 awaiting set up. I am looking forward to working here , still a work in progress but a good start
  14. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    Mine arrived today ,took about a week to get to the UK. Fantastic book for the likes of me not attending violin making school. Might be quiet for a week or two to get through it. Well worth the money Thanks to Brian
  15. Where in the uk , I am in Manchester set of violin Doms are £42 a few weeks ago