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  1. Good call again! Not too surprised you got them, but I think I learned something watching your thought process! Ok, last one, just for fun...
  2. Fossil, glad you enjoyed it! Here you go..
  3. Bingo! It'll be interesting to compare again after a year of playing on the new one.
  4. I'm not sure how they're measuring the deflection in the article you posted, but normal deflection for a violin bow is more in the .170-.200 inches per pound. I have bows with deflection all over the map, and some players like some, and other players like others.
  5. Should be just fine. I use something similar.
  6. Depending on the linseed oil and application this is true, but properly processed linseed oil can be quite the opposite.
  7. That’s actually an early Giuseppe.
  8. Marty, how do you feel like the player/bow play into this? In my experience, the theoretical 2db scenario will make a violin that's quite loud under the ear and responds very well to light bowing, but bottoms out easily. Medium or lower RR wood ends up making an instrument that takes a heavier bow arm and ends up sounding louder. Does that line up with the math at all?
  9. I know this goes against most of the other posts, but keep the middle a little thinner than the rest. A heavy, flexible bass bar won’t hurt either.
  10. I always find this part of the process very, well, grounding.