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  1. I’m assuming that refers to copying the wear on the woodwork, ie. antiquing.
  2. Great job! I love how subtle you’ve left everything. Are you working solely off the poster?
  3. Plain wood is often my favorite looking! Sometimes with a single flame or a small knot.
  4. (If this works) @Tets Kimura this is my ground.
  5. I'm getting .447 density for the Titian bassbar, and 4.46 grams.
  6. I’ve done plenty of ct rendering, so I’m aware of that. Still, that’s a pretty extreme amount! I’m getting 98.7 grams for the back and 57.5 without a bar for the top from a ct scan. There’s a bit of starburst from the fine tuner, so that could be messing with things a bit.
  7. The titian has a back weight of 98.5ish grams, and a top weight of 66.6 grams with a bar according to some old notes of mine. I'm not sure how anyone calculated the CT weight at 48.1??
  8. I’m a little u sure how he arrived at the mass numbers. I’ve checked and rechecked the scan, and I end up with very different numbers. Added up they match the weight of it, so I’m assuming they’re at least close to accurate.
  9. That can be a result of a tree being suddenly exposed to new conditions. For example, if some trees come down and form a clearing, the trees nearby will experience both warmer summers and more extreme winter conditions. Micro climates are weird things!
  10. I understood that. My point was that I don’t have the same results with aging oil.
  11. I guess I’m a bit confused by the visual muddiness. Over applying will make things a bit indistinguishable, but oil applied well shouldn't do that.
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