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  1. Advocatus Diaboli

    Madder Alum Rosinate

    I'm personally a fan of pigments. Properly prepared and used they seem to give the right balance between color/translucency/thickness.
  2. Advocatus Diaboli

    Ray Chen plays a modern violin on the latest recording?

    He has a couple Kurt Widenhouse instruments he usually plays on. I believe the one in question is based on the Kochanski.
  3. Advocatus Diaboli

    Question for makers who work alone

  4. Advocatus Diaboli

    What does a (too) high air mode do to the sound of a violin?

    Smaller FFs will lower the A0, bigger will raise it. the flexibility of the closed box affects both the pitch and volume as well.
  5. Advocatus Diaboli

    VSA competition judges

    Carlo Chiesa was a judge in 2014.
  6. Advocatus Diaboli

    Curious Grain Issues

    Glad it worked out!
  7. Advocatus Diaboli

    F- hole region - most sensitive spot on the violin?

    I've seen a couple makers get a very similar affect be placing their finger over the upper eye and scraping around that to preserve the sharpness of the FFs.
  8. Advocatus Diaboli

    Curious Grain Issues

    I've had wood with the same sort of streaks before, but like the previous two posts have said, a good surface finish makes it disappear. Use water stones to sharpen the scraper and don't rely too heavily on a burnisher. Make sure the geometry of the cutting angle is correct as well.
  9. There's no reason a well made lake can't be perfectly transparent, even in high concentrations. A couple things I've noticed, though are that lakes made from more crude materials tend to have more complex colors than those made from pure chemicals, and most of the commercial lakes on the market (that I've tried, anyway) contain clays or chalks which affect the transparency quite a bit. The lakes I've been using also seem to make the pores appear more highly colored than other forms of coloring I've tried, and they also get clumps of color when dust gets in the varnish, although there's a lot of that in the more pristine Cremonese instruments that I've seen.
  10. Advocatus Diaboli


    Larry, I live just down the road from you. We should get together and look at instrument!
  11. Advocatus Diaboli

    3D printing files

    I uploaded the Betts dicom. There wasn't room for more than one.
  12. Advocatus Diaboli

    3D printing files

    What would the best way be to share them?
  13. Advocatus Diaboli

    3D printing files

    I can't find the link now. Maybe it's been changed or they've been removed?
  14. Advocatus Diaboli

    3D printing files

    The LOC and Smithsonian scans are public, unless they've been taken down since I last checked. If they aren't still there I can send you a .zip file (I'm assuming that's ok since they were at one time available?).
  15. Advocatus Diaboli

    A.D.'s new bench

    For sure.