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  1. The ribs should be thicknessed so the corner blocks are integral. This also allows completely plain maple to be used, since the necessary shape in the corner cuts through end grain, thus giving a dark line, or ‘flame’.
  2. Fonclause workshop?
  3. They required a few more calories to operate.
  4. I’ve cut out a couple one the 4th axis just to see how hard it would be, but I enjoy carving scrolls too much to be willing to give that up!
  5. Interesting. I’ll double check and make sure I didn’t mess something up. My takeaway from scans has been that they all point to a single form, or maybe two essentially identical ones. I’ll go through my archive and look at them with fresh eyes.
  6. Hi @HoGo, I think I might be able to provide some additional info about your form hypothesis. I've put together an overlay of the Kreisler and Plowden ribs. I've scaled them both, so you can get an accurate comparison. The plowden is remarkable symmetrical for Guarneri, and follows an Amati form extremely closely! The Kreisler is a bit distorted, and I suspect what you're looking at is a result of rib distortion rather than a separate form.
  7. What’s the policy for bench copies of historical bridges?
  8. Shall we start taking bets?
  9. I’m slightly disappointed that no one has decided to pursue your post...
  10. If you compare old and new polish, you really have two separate things going on that makes it hard to duplicate. The first is the oxidation and incorporation of grime over centuries of use. The second is that wear that happens to the polish itself.
  11. Along those lines, but with a more powerful vacuum and film. My thinking was that if you were forming a mostly finished arch you could start with a much thinner piece of wood, which would make the bending process much easier. Pressure steaming, maybe?
  12. These are from several years ago. Normally I take photos with a decent camera.
  13. Crappy iPhone4 photos, but here are some shots of other A Amati instruments.