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  1. I'd say so! Now maybe I could put a violin in my backpack for a few years...
  2. Just for fun, here’s some evaporated poop juice.
  3. Yes, it's full size. It was slightly shaded, but pretty close to straight. I think I would have been 16 or 17 when I carved it.
  4. Here's a scroll I carved as a teenager that's now been a keychain in my pocket for a few years. It's been interesting watching the natural wear.
  5. A good re-sawing blade is my favorite way.
  6. Hah, that's too great! Unfortunately the photo of the FF hole you saw is a Del Gesu, not one of mine.
  7. By the time the juice is finished it doesn't smell much, maybe a little earthy. It doesn't make the instruments smell at all.
  8. Can you show a photo of a larger area?