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  1. I think I just saw this cello on Ebay as Testore cello to repair, from Hannover, Germany. The top plate is broken in two pieces, I guess it will require a lot of skill to repair this because you will have to take it apart and reglue the plate very carefully again. But it is still a good learning object! I wish you wisdom to take the right decision..
  2. No I meant how the final result will look after application of all layers, not to mix it with the Amber varnish
  3. I think it will be very successfull in combination with your Amber varnish, maybe even more transparent. What do you think?
  4. Looks stunning, congratulations! How long is the drying time of this varnish?
  5. Christian, i am a colleque of Naomi who trys out your viola in the Ballet orchestra in the Netherlands. I was really surprised to see your viola in real! So i give you a my feedback from player's point of view: Wednesday she played the viola solo from Tjaikowsky's Onegin really beautiful on your instrument! It sounds big, warm but also very transparent, a quality you seldom hear from a viola. Great job!
  6. Hello , I just send you a email. Very interested in your drills. Best regards, D.
  7. Dear captain, I am a very good player, please sail to my island Terschelling, where I live, and I will play the violin for you!
  8. I'm sure they will! I have been reading a lot of threads already with much interest. I have been a professional violin player in an orchestra in Holland but lost my job due to Government restrictions. That's when I started violin making.
  9. if you are setting up already, I would advise you to be careful with any body contact with the back of your violin. With my first violin I was far too early and my skin was visible in the varnish...
  10. if you are carrying the violin in a case, the inside of the case can leave an imprint on the varnish of your violin. It happened twice to me. especially when you are using oil varnish this can happen, if the varnish is still a bit weak.
  11. My violin #1 is not that good as this one, congrats with this great result! I really am impressed by your fast working progress and hope you will go on with #2... For me, after making a few violins, and learning about tuning the plates and studying a book about violin acoustics, I now consider to remove the top plate from my first violin, because it is far too thick. The G string is lacking power and body.
  12. Looks very nice! I hope the sound is also very good, fingers crossed...
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