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  1. In a previous life, I used one of these hot-air guns to heat the pad cups on saxes,clarines,oboes, and other instruments requiring pad replacement. Prior to my purchase of this unit, I used a large Weller 240W soldering gun with the wire tip reworked to use an an inductance heater on the pad cups.
  2. Everclear is available in Traverse City Michigan. I have a bottle of it right now in my shop.
  3. Thanks for that most interesting information!!
  4. Just Curious...Can anyone here provide information of the origin of Evah Pirazzi? Assuming she's a she, was she real, or an invented trade name?
  5. Most (but not all) viols are made with a uni-thickness back,then along came the English viol makers who started to make their tops from uni-thick staves.
  6. There is a maker in France who makes viol and other early bows from Acacia. This maker's name has slipped my mind at the moment(creeping old age!).
  7. I have those GAL gamba plans. In fact, I have one on my bench right now. The Boston Museum published a set of plans,drawn by Donald Warnock. I also have this gamba under construction presently. Still searching for more plan sources. Cheers!
  8. I was going to refer you to the LaBarre Ms. but others on here have beat me to it! In your recent post you mentioned having plans for a Bass VdG. Where did you get them as I have been looking for new sources also? Thanks in advance! Cheers,
  9. Thank you for clarifying. Everything is much clearer now.
  10. I am intrigued by your jig. Is the plate under the plane glass or plastic? Thanks for posting and answering my question.
  11. violguy

    f holes

    Never use vice-grip pliers when a hemostat is called for.
  12. I have some useful info for you, but I am not in my library at present. I will post later today.
  13. I have the T-4 along with short& long knife jigs,plus the flat platform jig for edging scrapers etc. One can easily almost double the cost of the T-4 unit by purchasing the necessary jigs. I also own a Worksharp 3000 which I have equipped with the new CBN wheels. Very pleased with the results at about 1/2 the cost of the Tormek & jigs.
  14. Fibbonacci might be our friend here.
  15. violguy


    Always have a plan(let's call it A); if that doesn't work out, figure out more plans, working down the alphabet. Social work was my plan A, but luthiery was my plan B! Now let me tell you how to make a small fortune making violins; start with a large fortune...go from there, enjoying life all the way!!
  16. While we're discussing clamps would you describe your jack-screws? Seems like a good thing to add to my clamp arsenal.
  17. All this talk about the perceived lack of quality in Chinese instruments vs other presumably superior european instruments leads me to suggest a rereading of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".
  18. But there is nothing more superior than a Brough!
  19. Aren't these molds commonly referred to as "skeleton" molds? Asking for a friend.
  20. I can hardly wait until Italian archaeoligists discover a hidden cache of Tony's spreadsheets!
  21. Jacob,thanks for your thought provoking response to this problem.