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  1. If you decide to go ahead with your repair plan,please post pix of your progress as I'm sure many Mnetters would be interested. Good luck!!
  2. Fiddle Doug, Thanks for taking the time to make and post the photo of your head slotting jig! I 'm going to make one for my shop!
  3. Can anyone help me find a source for those cute screw adjustable lining clamps that seem to be popular? My search of laboratory and aquarium suppliers has not been successful. TIA Violguy
  4. There is also the Bow Badger tool which might be looked into.
  5. You are my hero!! Keep making those videos!
  6. violguy

    Shop Attire

    Common M..netters, here's your chance to pile-on: What are the physical,psychological,and/or moral reasons for choosing to wear : a white lab coat or a full-length apron? TIA Violguy
  7. Do the Austrian thing....dustbin them.
  8. Here's my 2 cents worth of advice: Get to know the best library you have where you live; then read everything they have on the instrument you are interested in. I can recommend authors Weishaar & Shipman. If your library doesn't have it, ask them to do an inter-library loan. Rinse & repeat with any other violin related books. Read, absorb, and then slowly begin to accumulate the necessary tools as your learning adventures take you. Meanwhile, do go ahead and buy & fix up any old fiddles that you come across. After a while, your lutherie path will begin to unfold(if you are really paying attention!). Good luck on your journey!
  9. Thanks for posting your progress on that Ipe bow. Good job there! What is the weight of your stick?
  10. Peace, prosperity,and love to all on here!
  11. Many years ago, I had a basement windowless shop. The walls were painted a bright white which went a long way to cut through the gloom; after a while, I felt I needed to improve the view so I went to my local paint & wallpaper store and purchased a large wall photo wall poster showing the Amalfi coast. My everyday mood was greatly enhanced!
  12. The walls of my shop are bright white, surrounded by wood mouldings painted in Behr French Court Blue. However due to zealous tool acquisition syndrome, the white is barely visible.
  13. The Golbini-Rheems air fluctuation patterns inside this violin need to be carefully examined.
  14. I am curious about what a Deckel machine looks like. Would anyone be kind enough to post a picture of one? Thanks in advance
  15. Perhaps Chinese factory viol. Viols do not utilize endpins.
  16. Yes indeed...truly ugly.
  17. If a better mouse trap is sought, perhaps a better mouse is the answer. Watch for paper coming soon.
  18. Thanks to all who have posted on this subject. I have a Rikon 14" bandsaw and am still trying to come up with an efficient and trouble free dust extraction system which would remove the dust at the point of origination rather than having to suck it out after it falls down on the lower wheel assembly. I remain open to all ideas here!
  19. I have repaired many violins displaying this type of overdone arching. They were vernacular "folk fiddles" carved by locals. Most of them sounded rather good probably due to the quality of the wood used at that time.
  20. I am looking into laminated ribs for some of my viols. I will report when I have results.
  21. I am quite familiar with this substance; it is stick shellac, and was used primarily as an adhesive to hold woodwind instrument tone hole pads in place. It is available in various densities and colors. If anyone wants a sample stick, I might have one or two lying around.
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