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  1. You might try Princess Auto(which I understand is similar to Harbor Freight here in the US).
  2. I would contact a luthier tool supplier(preferably German) and buy their latest Titanium Laser-Guided debris removing tool(with Cremonese tips). Maybe pricey,but you get what you pay for!
  3. Dilute citric acid. Start weak then add acid powder to strength as needed to remove the white clue. Citric acid powder is available in local supermarkets in the canning supplies aisle.
  4. Carbon(graphite)paper. Clean & simple!
  5. You might try to contact Gamut Strings(sorry I don't have an addy); or try Damian Dlugolecki. Hope this helps!
  6. Somehow it looks Chinese!
  7. The mould IS the instrument!! In other words,the function and appearance of the finished mould should reflect the makers' approach to the completion of the final instrument. Taking short-cuts in the mould making process can lead to taking short-cuts else where in the building process! Now I know this will bring up the inevitable comparison of skeleton moulds vs. full body moulds,but even a skeleton mould should be made carefully and with much thought to good craftsperson principles. Ok, I have shot my dart!
  8. Another gadget to help us on our journey toward perfection!