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  1. I have always used a peg holding jig similar in concept to Don Noon's. Fine cut Jap saw is a must, altho one could also use a jeweler's saw.
  2. International Violin has a nice UCB endoscope for under $40. I like mine!.
  3. Very ingenious! A fine example of K.I.S.S.
  4. Our neighbors always complained about the sounds of music coming from us.
  5. I also remember those aluminum instruments;I had an aluminum cello I liberated from Wayne University's storage rooms with the help of Bruno Nettl . Ugly beast!! Rarely went out of tune, though.
  6. I descend from a long line of vandals! You should see my family recipes.
  7. In a past life, I repaired wind instruments. I used to use a hammer to "persuade" key pads to seal on top of their tone holes. I especially loved working on piccolos!!
  8. I hope all will pardon my ignorance here, but would someone point me in the direction of the origen and definition of the word "lake" as it applies to pigments? Thanks in advance to all who reply!
  9. violguy

    Any IDeas?

    That violin has an odd looking "machine made" quality about it. That peg box certainly looks "clunky."
  10. At least you weren't called a "tool".
  11. Welcome!! Please post more of your findings as you move along. I am particularly interested as I am also exploring the use of alternate woods in the construction of viols. Thanks again!
  12. I have used VM&P very cautiously. It does work on certain finishes. Use gloves,lots of ventilation and a good mask.
  13. I use Everclear and it is available here in Traverse City Mich. Geyers Party Store. s
  14. Good prudent advice from Mr. Molnar. I would only add: the damp towel wipe down would benefit from being dampened with distilled water as opposed to ordinary tap or well-water which could contain other damaging minerals and/or chemicals.