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  1. I am curious about what a Deckel machine looks like. Would anyone be kind enough to post a picture of one? Thanks in advance
  2. Perhaps Chinese factory viol. Viols do not utilize endpins.
  3. Yes indeed...truly ugly.
  4. If a better mouse trap is sought, perhaps a better mouse is the answer. Watch for paper coming soon.
  5. Thanks to all who have posted on this subject. I have a Rikon 14" bandsaw and am still trying to come up with an efficient and trouble free dust extraction system which would remove the dust at the point of origination rather than having to suck it out after it falls down on the lower wheel assembly. I remain open to all ideas here!
  6. I have repaired many violins displaying this type of overdone arching. They were vernacular "folk fiddles" carved by locals. Most of them sounded rather good probably due to the quality of the wood used at that time.
  7. I am looking into laminated ribs for some of my viols. I will report when I have results.
  8. I am quite familiar with this substance; it is stick shellac, and was used primarily as an adhesive to hold woodwind instrument tone hole pads in place. It is available in various densities and colors. If anyone wants a sample stick, I might have one or two lying around.
  9. I certainly disagree with Mr.Saunders' comment about viols being disposable instruments. I work on them and also build them and can assure anyone interested in repairing them that there are several methods of retaining structural integrity successfully.
  10. Has anyone here purchased and used the thicknessing block plane made by Bridge City Toolworks? Seems like a pricey, but wll thought out block plane.
  11. violguy

    The Local Hacks

    If we think this situation is bad, you should experience what band instrument repair techs have to deal with regarding relations with school districts and band instructors.
  12. Romanian appears to be quite close to a mixture of Latin, Italian, and Euro Spanish.
  13. That will buff right out with some rottenstone & oil.
  14. In a previous life, I used one of these hot-air guns to heat the pad cups on saxes,clarines,oboes, and other instruments requiring pad replacement. Prior to my purchase of this unit, I used a large Weller 240W soldering gun with the wire tip reworked to use an an inductance heater on the pad cups.
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