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  1. The Amish may well be the preservers of life here in the US post Covid-19
  2. Like a previous poster on this thread,I am not a virologist or an economist,but I see some possible resemblance to economic consequences regarding proposed monetary relief here in the US and what happened in the Wiemar Republic when their currency became devalued.
  3. violguy

    Ribs height

    Making guitars,violins,viols,; all branches of the same tree.
  4. My current bench job is a consort-size viola da gamba using poplar ribs and back along with Englemann Spruce top. I have great hopes for this one!
  5. A learned friend and colleague of mine once advised me: "My Philosophy degree will admit me into any pay-toilet as long as I have a quarter(adjusted for inflation)".
  6. Randy,I am interested in buying some of your N.White Pine(Pinus strobus) as I have two viols in process and would like to experiment with something other than Spruce for the tops. PM me with prices and info. Thanx!
  7. Thanks for the interesting reference. Petherick must have been paid by the word!!
  8. Thank you for your response. I originally thought "Red Book" was a reference to the publications from The Guild of American Luthiers.
  9. And the humor just keeps coming!
  10. Could you provide more info on the "Red Book" cited by you? Thanx in advance!
  11. Can you remember the names of those museums that had the viol plans? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have read this thread with interest as I have "swum against the current" during my journey as a luthier. I empathized with Nestorvass' information seeking and was certainly disappointed in David's responses. I am only 82 but I am still seeking answers from those who know more and who are kind enough to share their knowledge with me.
  13. Where did you get your plans for your viols?
  14. Acacia was used. Plentiful,flexible,and lovely. Commonly grows in Europe and is used for fence posts etc.