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  1. You might try a thin application of long-curing Epoxy. Be sure to lightly scuff sand both gluing surfaces and wrap the broken parts tightly. Patience is your friend here!
  2. My vote is for Transtint. Be careful...a little bit goes a long way! Good luck!
  3. Let's eat Grandma Let's eat,Grandma Commas can change things!
  4. Those old houses could sure use a coat of paint! Maybe even some aluminium cladding. Just kidding! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I have a Tormek T4 and a Worksharp2000. For the money, the Worksharp2000 is a good deal. I have had mine for 2 years with no complaints. My Tormek is relatively new to my shop. There is a somewhat steep learning curve. The numerous required jigs are expensive and can,when totaled up,equal or exceed the cost of the basic machine.
  6. I have evolved through 3 benchtop planers: Delta;Rigid; and currently Wen. The Delta was a basic machine. The Rigid was loaded with adjustment features. I had to sell it because of a move to a different shop. The Wen is a very well thought out machine which utilizes a granite table plate under the cutters. It is also a very affordable machine!
  7. Roosters don't lay eggs
  8. My investment strategy has always been: buy low---sell high! Works almost every time.
  9. With respect to CNC vs.templates, are we now trying to find out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
  10. That's why there are Treble Viols!
  11. My oldest son is now a practicing luthier and is one year away from receiving his first social security check! My youngest son is a graphic designer who is almost too anxious to inherit my tool infested workshop. I have been blessed with grandchildren of both sex;watching them grow up has forced me to develop a theory concerning parenting: keep the boys out of jail and the girls out of the maternity hospital.