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  1. My investment strategy has always been: buy low---sell high! Works almost every time.
  2. With respect to CNC vs.templates, are we now trying to find out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
  3. That's why there are Treble Viols!
  4. My oldest son is now a practicing luthier and is one year away from receiving his first social security check! My youngest son is a graphic designer who is almost too anxious to inherit my tool infested workshop. I have been blessed with grandchildren of both sex;watching them grow up has forced me to develop a theory concerning parenting: keep the boys out of jail and the girls out of the maternity hospital.
  5. My shop is a converted garage: 24x24. Sometimes all that space is an embarrassment of riches.
  6. I would caution against using any grade of steel wool to clean dirty strings as oil is used in the manufacturing process of steel wool and will eventually wind up on the strings.
  7. I have fabricated an extractor tool for this purpose.Works a treat!
  8. My shop motto: "If it ain't broke...don't fix it!"
  9. Avoid Ryobi bench top DP !!! This machine gives "junk" a bad reputation!! Wish I had my old Delta back!!!
  10. My vote goes to older Delta models. I donated mine to my youngest son and have since gotten a Ryobi bench top model. Warning!!! This machine
  11. I know I am coming late to this topic,but I would like to share my iconoclastic bent regarding violin making: if one searches You Tube for Joe Mangum,there one will find a luthier who crafted a rather good looking fiddle from wood he bought from his local Big Box store. Yup! No searching forests at midnight in the light of a full moon,or brewing of alchemical stews; just ordinary tools on ordinary materials.