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  1. What makes you say that this is revarnished? Revarnished violins only stick out if it's done poorly, in my experience.
  2. Just do what DG did and leave it ragged and rounded under the scroll there lol.
  3. What do you think the reasoning behind the Romberg going the way of the dodo these days is? Almost never seen on viola anymore, and about only half of the cellos I see these days have one.
  4. I was never attacking your opinion. Just stating what I like to do. There's really no right or wrong in this matter. Just taste.
  5. I don't think it's as nonsensical as you think. Aubert is down bad these days. I'm not claiming that their practices are dubious by any means. Just that their wood selection and sorting leaves something to be desired. I select blanks on a case-by-case basis. I don't need the logo to be there for my workmanship and customer relationship matters. But every luthier-customer relationship and market is different.
  6. Well. Anything goes these days. The Aubert #5 that I use for cheap stuff is leagues better than the Luxes and and DeLuxes. At least with Aubert, the quality isn't really in the stamp.
  7. For this very reason, I always plane away the manufacturers stamp. I've found that they are generally inconsistent with which side they choose to stamp when taking the tilt of the grain on the side of the bridge. There seems to be two camps with this, though. On one hand, you have the people who like the grain to be parallel with the plane of the ribs. And on the other hand, you have people who like the grain to be perpendicular to the bisected string break angle. For these reasons I always choose to just remove the logo. I find that the bridge looks more classy without it anyways. As for the luthier's stamp. They seem to usually be on the side facing towards the fingerboard, away from the player.
  8. Nick Allen


    The best shops of our times seemed to have no issue installing bass bars into old good violins with the bar overlapping the upper eye. It's not that uncommon. Usually the bar is cut away near the eye so it's not seen from the outside. How many violins have you made?
  9. Nick Allen


    The F holes have nothing to do with bridge or bass bar placement. The bass bar and bridge are placed according to the innate geometry of the individual instrument.
  10. I recently restored a violin that had this happen all at once. Dropped by some kid on it's bridge-full length SP crack in the top with the crack going clean through the lower rib to boot. Funny thing is that it had the same thing happen to it in a past life but just with the bass bar side. Full-length crack through the rib too lol.
  11. Of it were me,I'd leave it alone and let sleeping dogs lie. If it's been holding for quite some time, and isn't open anywhere, why bother it? If it comes open you can just patch it in the future.
  12. So... Vandalizing stuff that he already owns? It seems like he's stirred up some good ol fashion pearl-clutching within the musical world. However one feels about any of it, he succeeded. If that was the intention in the first place, that is.
  13. I agree with you on the waste part. Have you ever walked to the checkout of a supermarket,past all of the little plastic novelties, and though to yourself, "This kind of thing had to be pitched, approved, budgeted and designed, tooling had to be made, manufactured, someone probably got fired/promoted in the process, logistics sorted out, buyers secured, and staged here." All for a $.99 unlicensed SpongeBob bubble wand in a blister pack with a cardboard backing that's in the clearance bin...
  14. Looks like it's in good shape, but from what I see, it's in need of a projection raise. The string heights look quite high at the end of the fingerboard.
  15. There is a weird consensus that violins and their kin are some kind of precious untouchable idea/thing. I commend those who look at things from new angles or do weird things with everyday stuff. I don't know if I should emphasize "everyday stuff" or not, though. A lot of strange visceral reactions around the net about this subject. I like when people sometimes come along and stir things up, while exposing the weird game/notion (that usually has no basis) that evolves within a culture or industry. But that's just me.
  16. International Violin sells dirt cheap white Violins that would probably be suitable to practice setup on. And you get to varnish them, too.
  17. But who is the arbiter of what sounds good?
  18. That makes more sense. It doesn't remove more wood than necessary to do the same job.
  19. As far as properly repairing. Looks to me like the crack needs cleaned out. Then I'd make a set of cauls with either cork padding or dental compound for the back of the scroll. Then I'd glue the crack with the cauls as support. Next I'd ream and Bush the hole, relocate it if necessary. Then re drill and ream the hole. Then I'd install a carbon ring. And if you really want to go overkill you could use a spiral bushing to boot. But that's just me.
  20. It won't be a problem with any kind of peg, even normal pegs, if properly repaired.
  21. A bushing and a carbon ring will fix it just fine.
  22. Your colors shouldn't be fading so quickly. Your varnish is probably the culprit.
  23. No matter what we try to tell you, it will certainly bounce off of your dome and into the ether. You have all of the answers my friend.
  24. Bruh the D is too low. It looks like it dug into the top. As far as bridge curves go, there is no standard. There are many great shops that use their own templates that all work well for different people/instruments. The curve of the bridge usually doesn't match the FB radius. It may seem like the logical answer to that, but reality doesn't dictate that. Whatever bridge templates you were googling were definitely generic templates that probably aren't good for much. I have the Triton brand one and it's garbage. My template that I use on a daily basis is hand made with files out of sheet aluminum. Ice modified it over the months to perfect it (for me/my clients). So please don't assume that you can learn any of this with a quick Google search and something you bought off of Alibaba.
  25. I'd just leave them. I heard them on like 15 different fiddles and they sounded pretty lame on all of them.
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