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  1. So I'm an octogenarian who has a winter home in Fort Meyers?
  2. Nice viola. I love the shape and proportions. Looks like a chubby guy.
  3. Cleveland has been more than convenient for me as well. I'm so close that I was able to actually commute daily there and save on hotel rate gouging.
  4. Bloxygen is a favorite amongst woodworkers.
  5. Huzzah for methylated spirits!!! Just a lil tearout to address, but nothing too serious. You guys were right. Slide the knife down as you apply the alcohol and wait for the cracks and pops! Thank you guys, really. Lifesavers!
  6. Thanks guys. So I'm at the point of no return, as some of the grain under the board is either torn up or bruised in a way that won't let me glue it back on without completely removing it. In retrospect, the dot inlay idea would have probably been the best. Drill 2 holes, dowel/screw them, and cap them with either MOP, ebony, or flamed maple. I have an oil heater in the corner of the room that I put some thin rib stock on, that I have the neck resting on to warm it up. This is turning into an adventure.
  7. I can't destroy either. This is a $1800 da Gamba. The repair is already approaching that. If I have to make another of either, then it's just not worth it.
  8. Well considering that I am most certainly not replacing this fingerboard, destroying it is not an option.
  9. I've tried both directions. The problem is that the grain slants in the same direction for both the fingerboard and the neck. So if I attack it but side, the neck starts to split out, but if I attack it root side, the fingerboard gets lonely and joins in with the neck. What do you mean by "meths"?
  10. Hey folks So I've been tasked to remove the FB on this viola da Gamba, and to my dismay, the fingerboard and neck both have the same split direction. I can only get the knife so far before the wood from either the neck or the fingerboard decides to take a ride with it's friend. Does anyone have any idea as to what could be done to cleanly separate the two? Could I wedge the knife in and work boiling water into the gap, and slowly work my way down? Thanks.
  11. I can see why they would make them plastic. That section of scroll takes the longest to carve.
  12. Does 0.5mm extra projection justify a new FB? I can't see that making a difference. Perhaps on a violin with a very low projection.
  13. Yeah that's just a really nice already prepared scarf joint.
  14. If you really like the instrument, if take it to a luthier. They should be able to remove it without disturbing the varnish underneath too much.
  15. There is more or less a "classic" parabolic shape, but theres no foul in going with what is more comfortable.