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  1. Nick Allen

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    Wasn't there also some kind of an article about how the Makers of old also roughed up their center joints for the top? Like with a fine toothing plane?
  2. Nick Allen

    Jacobus Stainer Authenticity

    I'm not privy to appraisals but even I can say it's definitely not the real deal. The last two digits are often hand written in. Even in authentic examples. It's just far more convenient to make a stamp, die that will last you your whole life.
  3. Try going to your local appliance store. Often times they have large boxes lying around from unpackaging dishwashers and fridges and the like that they'll more than likely just give to you.
  4. Nick Allen

    Peter KG's Bench

    Wow. That's impressive color intensity for only three thin dilute layers.
  5. Nick Allen

    Peter KG's Bench

    Are those coats applied relatively thick or thin my friend? Thanks!
  6. Nick Allen

    Thoughts about a this violin

    I don't have much light to shed but I find it to be a rather attractive example of whatever school it may represent. I especially like the leathery look of the back.
  7. Nick Allen

    Cork Burnish?

    What about for ebony polishing? I imagine cork with perhaps some fine polishing compound might be of use.
  8. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    So I need to get this back done stat. The ribs are starting to straighten back near the corners ever so slightly. Gotta get the garland affixed before they warp too much.
  9. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

  10. Nick Allen

    Poplar viola grads?

    That's my going forward philosophy here. I've made my decision (all starting thicknesses), with 4.0 in the bouts, transitioning to 7-8 in the middle. The transition in a little steep, so I may make it a more smooth gradient as I go along. I'm guessing it'll end up somewhere in the ballpark of like 3.2 in the bouts to 6-7 in the center perhaps?
  11. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    That does look more similar to mine. I've started graduating the back now. Hogging out all of the excess was a breeze. It took me like ten minutes! I've started with 4mm in the bouts, and decided to take it to about 7-8 in the center. Then, I'll play around with it and feel how it flexes in my hands and whatnot. Tap tones and other crap, too. I'm not ready to delve into plate tuning just yet. Will I ever? Maybe. But for now I want to develop an almost intuition that some luthiers claim to have over the wood.
  12. Nick Allen

    Poplar viola grads?

    Too thick? Wrong center point?
  13. Nick Allen

    Poplar viola grads?

    Thanks guys! So going by your people's judgement, it seems like a thick center island that fades out into a proportionally thinner bout region is the way to go? Here are my numbers for the drill press stop, as my starting thicknesses:
  14. Ah. Thank you for explaining.