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  1. Nick Allen

    Thought you might like this article

    I read it. Seems like they went just slightly over the top.
  2. Nick Allen

    "easy"-to-apply varnish?

    Joha oil varnishes from International Violin are fairly easy to apply. I've used their pre coloured oil varnishes. If you thin them just a little and apply them with your finger/hand in thin layers they are pretty easy to get a reasonably consistent coat on with. I do believe that they still require some UV to cure, but they dry in a few hours though.
  3. Nick Allen

    Fingerboard wedges/shims

    That makes sense. Necks are usually flat sawn anyways.
  4. Nick Allen

    Fingerboard wedges/shims

    I would imagine quartered wood. To keep the wedge from pushing up if it we're slab when it expands in humid environments. For the most part, a quartered wedge would be kept in check by the glue and if anything would move with the neck/fb. But perhaps this is splitting hairs.
  5. Nick Allen

    Violin Bridges Can Be Confusing!

    I have to admit that I've cut bridges backwards before. With the long rays fingerboard side. So I can confirm this confusion lol.
  6. Nick Allen

    Scroll broke off!

    That would be a scarf joint. Most guitars with an angled headstock exhibit them.
  7. Nick Allen

    Instrument finishes...the missing link?

    I imagine that violin makers haven't moved on just for the sake of sticking to tradition. Surely there can be better alternatives that are readily rejected out of tenacity to the traditions of the craft. Maybe there aren't viable alternatives. Who knows. Why can't I just put a coat of Arm-R-Seal on a violin and be happy?
  8. Nick Allen

    Drawing source for Messiah Build

    The arching is far too low for my liking. I think that the outline is nice, and with higher arches, it probably has the potential to sound good as a model.
  9. Nick Allen

    Cello saddle gap

    Are you suggesting a burn in lol?
  10. Nick Allen

    Thomas Coleman's bench

    Is the lower bout basically just a circle drawn from a compass?
  11. Nick Allen

    Imperfection in maple wood (scroll)

    On another note, your countersinks are too big for the scroll turn layout. They're the right size for the peg holes, though. I'd use an awl next time for the scroll turns, and poke a pencil dot into them. Keeps them small, accurate, and they are easy to carve out later.
  12. Nick Allen

    Which viola to make for myself?

    Conte Vitale is a classic. Any Strad CV pattern may need to be widened in the C bouts in order to get the most from that model. Tons of makers modify the CV to their liking to satisfactory results. Of course Brescian violas are always en Vogue.
  13. Nick Allen

    Glue Brush

    If the joint is planned well then that shouldn't be an issue. I've used them too and they work well. The only thing I don't like is the disposability and they seem to take forever to clean.
  14. Nick Allen

    Pioneer Valley "Special" bow hair

    I have their coarse, gold, and live that the guy at the VSA gave me along with the tinyest espresso. The coarse is fine for viola and cello. Not too many kinky hairs to pick through. Their pre cut hanks come with enough hair for a viola, so they have to be picked through a second time anyways.