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  1. Conforming f-hole templates to arching between c-bouts

    I made a template of an F that I liked from a Strad poster. I knew going in that the photo was not going to be entirely true to the complex 3d shape of the F. But, I had a decent enough guide with the template to allow me to freeform compensate as I cut them to get a better match.
  2. Joe's Varnish

    Lol it seems so. Another time I suppose. As far as pictures, I think that they would fall under fair use. But don't quote me on that.
  3. Saving the mold

    OP, are your blocks partially trimmed at this point?
  4. Saving the mold

    I have success almost rotating it out.
  5. VSA Preconvention session

    This collection of images is so good it almost borders on the pornographic.
  6. Saving the mold

    I simply flex mine untill it yields me my form. It's pretty nerve wracking, buy think of it this way, the wood should give well before before any glue joints do while flexing it around. Don't be afraid to muscle it just a bit.
  7. Downforce Experiment

    While you're right, I should have clarified that I meant break angle degrees over the bridge.
  8. Downforce Experiment

    I was simply suggesting that even highly trained musicians have a limit in their ability to detect musical nuance that may not be as sensitive as some people (or themselves) may think. Which ties into the whole break angle thing. I'm willing to bet that any musician, no matter the skill level, could be able to tell the difference inside of even a +/- 5° difference.
  9. Joe's Varnish

    I talked to Joe for quite a while. Really nice guy and really helpful and informative. Bought some stuff from him. Waiting on the Diamond G turpentine to arrive to get on with using it. Excited to see how it turns out lol.
  10. Downforce Experiment

    I think there was a study done on violinists and intonation. It was comparing amateurs to professionals in accuracy and their relative pitch. From what I remember even the pros were all out of whack. Take my recollection with a grain of salt while I try to find a link.
  11. JB Vuillaume cello

    Semi related: My first day working in a violin shop, I was tasked with helping with the rebushing of a Vuillaume cello end pin hole. First day first hour working with violins, I was sweating bullets, and told if I screwed up I would be promptly murdered. Good times.
  12. Sanders

    I've never had trouble slipping the sleeves off of the rubber bobbins. If I have a stubborn sleeve I usually loosen the nut at the top, then pull it up off of the bobbin while it's still on the machine. BUT OH NO YOU'LL THROW THE MANDREL OUT OF ALIGNMENT!!! they said. Maybe for some, but not for this guy! *points to his own smug face* I've even used compressed air and administered it in between the sleeve and bobbin with the inflation needle to loosen the buggers.
  13. Custom suction rib system, save 80 % of time…

    While good advise, this information is often victim to hyperbole. I've had my grandpa's drill press for many years not, and I often drum sand with it. Still drills straight and true holes. That's my anecdotal 2¢, and I would also advise to take it easy with any side load regardless.
  14. Carving Violin Bridge for Violin with High belly arch

    Would it be acceptable to build the feet up like a shim or wedge? Chalk fit and glue some maple to the bottoms? Or would this be frowned upon?