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  1. Violin Making Schools

    My friend is $120,000 in the hole from college.
  2. First ticket in the 2018 violin raffle! (ID-thread)

    What an unattractive shape.
  3. Fingerboard Geometry Poll

    So I have a question... Shouldn't this subtle scoop along the length really only have some kind of noticeable effect on super low string heights? Also, what would the change in the angle of the FB be in relation to the stopped string at a given point, both with and without scoop?
  4. Fitting New Fingerboards to Old (Not new) Violins

    I think that no matter what, some touch up/refinishing of the neck may have to take place. I thought that when you fit a new FB, you shape the sides by blending the neck edge and the FB together?
  5. I'm interested in bow parts

    Sent you a PM.
  6. Files??

    Here is my file collection:
  7. Files??

    I have a nice Grobet birds tongue crossing file that I use for a variety of tasks. I also have a Grobet flat double cut fine file that I also use for things like nuts, scroll chamfers, etc. I'll post some pics when I get home.
  8. Sjöbergs workbenches

    I think I remember Michael Darnton saying something along the lines of a violin maker needing nothing more than a flat surface that won't go flying when you bust out the big gouges and planes. I think he said that a bench top fixed to the wall with some legs in the front will work. From the pictures I've seen, his primary bench was pretty svelte. It seems to me that people over stress top thickness and weight sometimes, especially in violin making. It may be the naïvité speaking, but I can't ever recall my bench flying around while doing the heavy work (i.e. rough arching and planning) and my bench doesn't weigh any more than 120 lbs.
  9. Sjöbergs workbenches

    Damn. I could build like 5 workbenches for that many ducats.
  10. PegHeds....

    Traditional pegs can be complicated in their own ways.
  11. Cleat Dimensions for Post Crack

    You never mentioned cleaning and gluing the actual crack itself, along with the cleats.
  12. Nick Allen's Bench.

    Need to clean the bench. For real.
  13. Nick Allen's Bench.

    I'm not sure if this is faux pa or not...
  14. Dimensions and shape/profile of linings

    That's a thick form. I think mine is somewhere around 12-14mm.
  15. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    You may also be able to commission a custom rest from someone here perhaps. I think a few people make fittings and the like.