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  1. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    Whoops fixed it.
  2. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    HAHAHA! Autocomplete strikes again! Lol sorry!
  3. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    Corpus almost finished. Only have to finish the edge work and scrape some things here and there. I tried the method of gluing the top as suggested by Jim Bress and it worked beautifully. No slop or mess inside and outside.
  4. Nick Allen

    Peter KG's Bench

    Ah. Perhaps I was looking the finished varnish to begin with . Looks nice and toasty.
  5. Nick Allen

    Craig Tucker Memorial Instrument

    I can do the scroll if needed!
  6. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    I will be gluing the top onto the viola tomorrow. Always a fun time.
  7. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    Thank you. I'm striving to be as deliberate as I can. Of course there are still many things left to improve. The Strad model is getting linings:
  8. Nick Allen

    different gram strength hide glue for center joint?

    Found the clamps here too:
  9. Nick Allen

    Peter KG's Bench

    While technically a ground, it just looks like a finished varnish job.
  10. Nick Allen

    Violin bow HAYNES

    Most bows look the same to me...
  11. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    Now that I see a picture of it, the highest point doesn't land on the diapason. Hmm. Should I fix this?
  12. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    Thanks Jackson. You gotta post more on your bench thread. I think we wanna see what you've been up to as well! I think you're right about the relative thickness being lesser here. Well I put the bass bar in, and it feels much better now. Nice and flexible and free to move, bit not flimsy.
  13. Bandsaw the joint and re plane it and glue it again. It may only appear to be visible on the surface but it could go deeper.
  14. Nick Allen

    Nick Allen's Bench.

    Also I'm doing one of my least favorite activities in lutherie with the violin rib garland.