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  1. I'm not doubting the video at this point. Thank you for clarifying things. Another question: With the Montagnana cello in the book, where does the little radius that sits under M come from? The small dotted one I'm sure I may have missed the derivation somewhere in the book, perhaps.
  2. Nick Allen

    wood grain

    No particular school as far as I'm aware. Could be a one piece, but that can be hard to tell sometimes. I'd say the more likely scenario is the maker/factory didn't have or care to match the left and right battens.
  3. You know, I've always thought this too. Eventually, if we keep copying copies, the f holes will be 5mm wide total lol.
  4. Perhaps a wire brush that you use for cleaning files?
  5. Ah. Was this video from you Francios? Forgive me if I'm speaking from ignorance, or sheer thickness. I was just stating that it seems like when the radii for the left and right of the upper and lower bouts are transferred, they are drawn parallel with M and O. But in your book there is another radius, the dotted red line, that sets up the scotia which is not parallel with M and O? I drew the A. Guarneri viola and it seemed that something was amiss with the Montagnana cello. With using the video as a guide, the lower bouts end up too narrow for the framework. I guess I'm missing something. Thank you for your reply.
  6. There is a major flaw with this video. The lower and upper bouts, left and right flanks, are not drawn with proper scotias.
  7. I've had to make these saves myself. When done right, which isn't hard, they are virtually invisible.
  8. It is. The A. Guarneri alto viola. I might do one for the C. Vitale using the framework from it's measurements.
  9. Looks nice and clean. Did you reproduce that digitally? I'm thinking about drawing up a form in AutoCAD.
  10. Correction. I think is the A. Guarneri form.