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  1. Nick Allen's Bench.

    Doing the inlay. I think the miters are going to be a vast improvement over last time. This time around, I flooded the channel with dillute hide glue and let it dry, then dropped the purfling in, and then I'll apply boiling water to it to seal it in.
  2. Scroll commas

  3. Melvin Goldsmith bench

    Still no front shots...
  4. Shop made F hole drills

    Does anyone use a tapered reamer for the eyes? I've though about it before.
  5. Run over violins - whos fault?

    This is a simple unwritten rule of life, no?
  6. Run over violins - whos fault?

    People shouldn't have to be on the lookout for rogue violins in places that they shouldn't be. Just because it's a special item to one person doesn't mean it should be a special item to someone else. I think that sometimes these situations, however unfortunate they may be, have no culprit.
  7. Nick Allen's Bench.

    Purfling engaged.
  8. How to judge violin sound ?

    I can also agree that, in my limited experience at least, that the sound is entirely subjective.
  9. Nick Allen's Bench.

    Time to asses the purfling situation here.
  10. Looks really nice! On a side note, is that a glue stain running down the center seam?
  11. Why purfling has a different contour

    I agree that it's simply warn down.
  12. Why!?

    Something tells me the maker had a dent in his head too.
  13. Relative worth of Einstein's fiddle

    The body looks like what people who aren't familiar with violins draw when they need to draw a violin...
  14. General Question re: Body Length

    My violins so far tend to be a little smaller. In the 352-3 range.
  15. Nick Allen's Bench.

    Doing some scraping. I have a long way until it's where I want it to be. I still have trouble with getting that flawless smooth look. No lil bumps.