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  1. Just when you think that you have seen everything.

    Maybe some kind of quick change prototype?
  2. JM Kaiser Seattle Wash. 1918 Info?

    Strange color varnish. Very tomato soupy.
  3. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    Does she not want you to work in the living room? That's what I do with my GF.
  4. Double bass forma

    No one will ever be the wiser.
  5. violin marquetry

    That isn't a bad idea. I worked as an antique furniture restorer for a while. Most shops will take up odd jobs like this, due to the fact that antique furniture comes with so many quirks and you've got to be ready for anything.
  6. Is this authentic Ch.J.B. Collin-Mezin violin ?

    That's a cross eyed fiddle that is.
  7. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Was this treatment found under original varnish? Or just on exposed wood? If the latter, it could have been added later by another luthier perhaps?
  8. tiny cam

    For that price I'd say nice buy. It may not be possible to see small things like a loose bass bar seam, but great for checkin' out general stuff.
  9. Scraper shapes for edge work

    Oi Davide. What gauge are your scrapers? Are they spring steel? Saw blades? I'd appreciate if you could indulge a beggar such as myself.
  10. Stradivari Drawings

    If you try to print out Addie's forms at Kinko's or the like, they print out oversized by default, due to how their printers are set to print with a slight oversize for some reason or another.
  11. Violin labelled Aloysius Marconcini

    It'd be nice to see the pegbox graft better, in order to determine if it's real or not.
  12. Maggini Copy Info? - Double Purfling - Neck Reset?

    That extra turn really threw me for a curve at first.
  13. Scraper shapes for edge work

    Also, if you're careful enough, you can leave your edge work fresh off of the gouge.