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  1. Wow. Thank you everyone for all the replies! I appreciate everything you've all said. My knowledge and experience of violins & bows, especially antique ones isn't a lot so I wanted the pro's and cons of spending the money to have this repaired as its a nice feeling bow. I will respond to each poster below - @Jwillis I will take that into consideration @Mat Roop I think I will take it in for a quote, just to see but I thought I would post it here first just to see if its worth my time or if its junk as it is. I'm 90% certain its ivory, as it has some of the telltale signs but it's such a small piece its very hard to be definitive but I do know a bit about ivory. It's hard to tell from my photos though. @Violadamore Thank you! Yes, I wish it was haired so I could at least test to see how it plays first as you said. @Blank face Yes. I know Germany made a lot of cheap mass produced violins (cough "Stradbonanza" cough) so I wasnt sure if this fell in line with that production also. @GeorgeH Thank you for the price listing, that's really what I was interested in knowing also. I do see a hairline through the frog as you stated but its not through the entire frog unfortunately someone did some very poor gluemanship to repair this but its definitely sealed. What it looks like to me is wood that's dried and possibly started to split and someone's just glued it to prevent it from continuing further into the frog and glue got everywhere. Located in Canada. @deans I think you're right. I think I will get a quote but from what I have read from everyone here - it will probably be worth saving my money. I am still interested to see what they say about what the wood is though. @David Burgess Yes, I agree. If everyone went off saying it looks good and even with its defects worth sprucing up then I wouldn't have minded but it seems like the majority say its not worth putting the money into it. So thank you everyone for your help! I definitely still have a lot to learn and am excited to hopefully find the perfect bow. At the moment I will stick with my Korean one and hopefully something nicer will just fall into my hands and I can test it before I commit
  2. Hi, I am new to playing the violin. Years ago I purchased an antique violin and bow and never bothered learning and have finally decided to jump into it. The violin I had restrung and that wasn't an issue but the bow I have, I am unsure if its worth it financially to have it repaired and haired by a luthier or if I should just stick with my cheap Korean bow I am currently learning on? The bow is marked TOURTE. I have searched here for posts about bows like mine and have found 2-3 but not much more information about it. What I am assuming from my own research is the TOURTE stamp on the bow isn't an actual French Tourte bow (as genuine Tourte bows aren't marked apparently) but a German bow based on a Tourte model/form. From the measurements I have found for actual Tourte bows, his bow matches exactly, except for the weight as its slightly lighter (due to lack of hair?) but the length & balance point are exact. I assume that they've matched the camber also but I haven't measured that. It is an octagonal bow, which I would like to hear others opinions on whether anyone here has experience with this style bow? Whether you prefer octagonal or round, is there a difference in play? I have attached the photo as a collage but if you need to see a photo larger let me know. I also know there's a rule against having a pattern background but I couldn't capture the wood grain or color properly or bright enough when done on a white background so I apologize for breaking that rule but I did try. The color is quite reddish-lighter brown and a bit darker than the photos but its the closest comparison. I don't know the type of wood, Pernambuco? or Brazilwood (not the Chinese type but the other part of the Pau tree)? or Beeswood/Abeille wood (Manilkara bidentata)? The front plate is ivory - can that be repaired or do I need to get another ivory one? I have read from others on here that its best to get an ivory replacement (instead of a synthetic material). It also needs padding & lapping and the frog (ebony/nickel?) needs to be reattached to the slide. Is it worth the dive to invest in repairing/hairing this bow? If you've been in my situation before, what would be a good price to have a luthier do this? We have an Italian violin luthier who's only a city away, so I want to know if his quote would be a fair price and what to expect. It honestly feels great in my hand, light and well balanced without giving fatigue to my hand, especially compared to my cheap Korean bow. Thank you for all your comments & suggestions for this newb, be gentle on my ignorance! All the best, D
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