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  1. Could it be that a unscrupulous buyer might buy it for the label to pass it off as an authentic one onto an unsuspecting buyer?
  2. I hope somebody's happy paying $4000 for a fake Poggi.
  3. Speaking of violins with heads, it looks like there's a fire sale of somebody's collection of 'headed' violins....... https://www.invaluable.com/catalog/n33t171y09?size=50&page=1&categories=&searchWithAll=violin
  4. How about this? It's my new favorite violin. It's such a train wreck it has to be bought. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Very-interesting-Old-Vintage-P-B-Hoppes-1974-violin-Dark-Wood-Bow-And-Hard-Case/184748462438?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Dd10fba95021a438a8aa2666c3329b3d6%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D113136130057%26itm%3D184748462438%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Aab80a2e3-9d84-11eb-803e-52ec36095958|parentrq%3Ad302a9611780acf0dd2bb10cfff120ff|iid%3A1
  5. @Landolfi aren't these yours? The poggi was the one you showed earlier. There's nothing big here except a bunch of the 'usual'. Most of these have been shown in posts where you asked for identification or what people thought of the sound. The estimates on the violins are what's expected for low level violins. There's nothing here that can be proved to be 'exciting' or ground breaking. If you had a collection that was worth something, then you'd have gone to Tarisio or Skinner's and had them auction it. Basically you are hyping your own auction. My guess is you'd do better selling on Ebay if you want more excitement. Clearing out the garage?
  6. huh. https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/ansaldo-poggi-1938-violin-26-c-00344488f3 Hope who buys it knows its not a real Poggi.
  7. There was an article about COVID19 impacting Cremona and it's violin industry. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20200707-the-dark-future-for-the-worlds-greatest-violin-makers
  8. and yes, I am getting wiser about buying violins. For my daughter, I would have her try it, or I would try it. Most likely the next violin will be a rental. We did try some violins at Ifshin, and she was picky picky picky. It was pointless to even have her try them. I just ended up getting her a nice chinese violin I found online and putting her gliga aside. For me, I got really lucky and found my forever violin on Ebay. When I first saw it, I knew that was the ONE And I was immensely pleased with the appraisal. I love the sound, love the violin, play it every day. I got a new bridge and soundpost cut, it's the best thing ever. I've gotten complements on it and am fairly sure that something with a similar sound would go for 5 figures. So I'm happy. Is it perfect? nope, got a big ass repaired bass bar crack, and of course, somebody drew a line down the back, if you remember that violin.
  9. We had a used Gliga that I bought on ebay for my daughter. It was one of the lower end. The sound was rather dull sounding, and I like her Chinese violin much better. It's been since retired, and will be donated to the local school or sold on ebay. However my daughter loved her little gliga and still bitches to this day she wants her other violin back. Too bad says the evil mother. And I'm at the point where I may invest in a better instrument for her, either a Jay Haide à l'ancienne, or a nice sounding older used european 1/2 size depending on what her new teacher wants. If I was going to get a gliga, I'd go down to their store and try them. And frankly it's easier for me to go to Ifshin, or Joan Balter and try an instrument for my daughter.
  10. I was looking at this violin. Why is there a pin in the scroll? It is in the middle and looks like it goes across the pegbox. It looks very weird. Thoughts? https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2198454272&cpid=3390226432&filter_key=d2dfdc06998a9d932c6365fa8466e7c5&sCategory_ID=36
  11. But who owns this/manages this/started this? You'd think this person would have to care and would be the business owner, even a far distant remote one. I'd think this website creates some type of revenue for somebody somewhere, albeit it very small. It's a community, it has a history and a longevity. Even if it's volunteer, there's still a revenue generation aspect to it. The massive Canadian server farm people could care less. However, it's up to the business owner to tell them what to do or what needs to be done, I would think. And pay for it. Who decides and who pays for changes? Who prioritizes upkeep and maintenance? Who decides to make the experience better? Are you all happy with the status quo, or can't people speak up and say they'd like better? It's hard to access maestronet on my mobile and my tablet. The accessibility is horrible. Frankly I'd like to be able to to do that, i'm sure others would like to do that. But it's free, I understand that, but maybe people want more. I can completely if there's no change and maestronet is still the same in another 10 years. I'll use it, but it might deter new users with the antiquated user experience design. Design is in the details. And I'm a software designer, designers like problems to solve and provide solutions; a bored designer sitting on their ass at home for medical leave is a dangerous thing. And frankly designers are always looking for design opportunities and problems to solve, so we can create a better user experience for the customer, and it provides for job security and continued income.Yes, we like to antagonize developers. I'm an expert at that. Excel at it really. I've pissed off all of IT repeatedly at BigFortune500. The randomly going-hyper-thyroid-adrenal-glands-are-exhausted thing doesn't help. I think it would be wholly inappropriate to delete this thread or even suggest that. As if some Canadian server farm engineer even cares what I say or suggest, particularly if nobody is paying him to do squat. I've been playing, but frankly am too tired to physically play. It's easier to sit here on my ass and wireframe Maestronet 3.0 the responsive version on my Macbook on my bed. and plus I keep listening to this SixxA.M song. It's making me feisty. Rise! Get yourselves together Rise! Stand up and live your life Rise! Get yourselves together Rise! Hands up, hands up high Stand up to the devil slowly rising Clear your throat now You can cough for their demise Speak out, don't let the status quo define you This is your world, just put the fear back in their eyes There comes a time when you know there's a problem Rise up, it's a dawn of a new day Hands up, it's gonna be okay Even when they strangle you, get yourselves together Strike down all that oppose you Look now, what have they sold you Even if they anger you, get yourselves together Rise! Get yourself together! Rise! Stand up and live your life! Rise! Get yourselves together! Wake up, this could be your finest hour Pick your head up, and get your body off the floor Hey now, don't be afraid to fight for something This is your chance, and you can stand for so much more There comes a time when you know there's a problem Rise up, it's a dawn of a new day Hands up, it's gonna be okay Even when they strangle you, get yourselves together Strike down all that oppose you Look now, what have they sold you Even if they anger you, get yourselves together Rise! Rise! Get yourselves together! Rise! Stand up and live your life! Rise up, it's the dawn of a new day Hands up, it's gonna be okay Even when they strangle you, get yourselves together Strike down all that oppose you Look now, what have they sold you Even if they anger you, get yourselves together Get yourselves together Rise!
  12. okay, i've given technical fixes, and art direction to improve the banner readibility and accessibility. I'm so tired of looking at the damn big banner.
  13. Dear whom-ever-runs-this-website who I think it Jeffrey Holmes: I'm not sure where to put this, but it's irritating me from a UX standpoint so I'm putting it here. I keep looking at it. Look at this as free UX and technical advice and debugging to improve your overall UX to make it a more pleasant experience for your users. It's not meant to be a critique of your abilities or amati's banner. I do UX design and development for a living. Depending on how your ads are being served, which I'm assuming is google ads, whenever the 'Amati' banner comes up, it's way too big. I'm assuming it's formatted for retina and high density displays and for responsive websites. Because your website is not 'responsive', ie meaning it doesn't use media queries to reformat screen width for particularly device sizes, the banner just expands the entire column. This is what I see: Frankly, you need to set a fixed height and width on the banner on this page in the html, or you need to get a banner from Amati that is sized 90 pixels wide by 728 pixels wide. I'm guessing you don't. Your normal banners are 90 pixels wide by 728 pixels wide. The Amati banner you are serving is 375x3033 pixels. Because your banner container is not set to a fixed width, it's pushing the whole right side out. You can: 1) Get a new banner from Amati that is sized appropriate. 2) Set the html in your banner container to a fixed width of 90 pixels wide by 728 pixels wide. If you get any more banners that are formatted for responsive web, it will shrink the banner down to the correct size of your website, which is formatted for desktop browsers. like this: Then your Amati banner UX looks like this: My other advice on the Amati banner is: 1) Have them change the font size where circled below. Make it bigger. For a banner the font size is too small to read, particularly for old people or people with near-sighted vision problems. 2) Have them increase the color contrast ratio of the two items below. When it's shrunk down, it's harder to read, particularly for colorblind, people with near-sighted visison problems, and old people. More white, less purple, or make the background darker. The banner will be easier to read and have greater accessibility if both these things are done. Frankly I'm sick, at home on disability leave until they figure out what is wrong with me, and extremely bored. I look at the website almost every day, and keep seeing the damn Amati banner as very large in my browser. It drives me up a wall every time I look at it and I have to scroll to the right to look at the most popular topics on the home page, which is off the page because the banner is too big. Gizmo
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