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  1. and yes, I am getting wiser about buying violins. For my daughter, I would have her try it, or I would try it. Most likely the next violin will be a rental. We did try some violins at Ifshin, and she was picky picky picky. It was pointless to even have her try them. I just ended up getting her a nice chinese violin I found online and putting her gliga aside. For me, I got really lucky and found my forever violin on Ebay. When I first saw it, I knew that was the ONE And I was immensely pleased with the appraisal. I love the sound, love the violin, play it every day. I got a n
  2. We had a used Gliga that I bought on ebay for my daughter. It was one of the lower end. The sound was rather dull sounding, and I like her Chinese violin much better. It's been since retired, and will be donated to the local school or sold on ebay. However my daughter loved her little gliga and still bitches to this day she wants her other violin back. Too bad says the evil mother. And I'm at the point where I may invest in a better instrument for her, either a Jay Haide à l'ancienne, or a nice sounding older used european 1/2 size depending on what her new teacher wants. If I was g
  3. I was looking at this violin. Why is there a pin in the scroll? It is in the middle and looks like it goes across the pegbox. It looks very weird. Thoughts?
  4. But who owns this/manages this/started this? You'd think this person would have to care and would be the business owner, even a far distant remote one. I'd think this website creates some type of revenue for somebody somewhere, albeit it very small. It's a community, it has a history and a longevity. Even if it's volunteer, there's still a revenue generation aspect to it. The massive Canadian server farm people could care less. However, it's up to the business owner to tell them what to do or what needs to be done, I would think. And pay for it. Who decides and who pays for change
  5. okay, i've given technical fixes, and art direction to improve the banner readibility and accessibility. I'm so tired of looking at the damn big banner.
  6. Dear whom-ever-runs-this-website who I think it Jeffrey Holmes: I'm not sure where to put this, but it's irritating me from a UX standpoint so I'm putting it here. I keep looking at it. Look at this as free UX and technical advice and debugging to improve your overall UX to make it a more pleasant experience for your users. It's not meant to be a critique of your abilities or amati's banner. I do UX design and development for a living. Depending on how your ads are being served, which I'm assuming is google ads, whenever the 'Amati' banner comes up, it's way too big. I'm assuming i
  7. I'm not sure the joint needs to be refitted. It appears that the fingerboard 'popped' off due due to the glue having no stickiness factor left and being too dry. It's late 1800s French factory F. Breton, and I had it fitted with new strings, a bridge, and soundpost late last year, and most likely hadn't been used in several years before I got it. My guess is since it is being used, and with a change in weather from wet Britain to dry California, the fingerboard popped off due to the change in weather and humidity. I've also had a 'fretless finger' static sticker on it, so my husband can learn
  8. I notice my husband's fingerboard on his violin came unglued when I was checking the violins. I need to have it glued but was thinking about doing it myself using hide glue and some clamps. This would be more of a foray into repair for me. Do you have to use 'real' hide glue made from scratch? or can you use Titebond hide glue? I was was preferring to use a ready made hide glue, I don't really wish to be have to make my own batch since I can't be exposed to strong chemicals right now for health reasons.
  9. I am trying out a NS Design WAV5, and bought myself a Roland amp and a cable. It's awesome, this offers so many new possibilities than just an acoustic by itself. This is completely something different and far more interesting. I want a looper now. However, I am not sure yet to commit to buying an electric violin and was wondering if anybody has opinions on electric vs. acoustic with pickup. The lady I talked to at the store was definitely sold on electric, said it sounded better than acoustic with a pickup, and said that older people were afraid of the electric violin. My teacher has a
  10. I am not an expert and am far from it, but took a strong interest in Fried. Aug. Glass II violin last year. I tried to learn about them as much as I could. I had a 'real' Fried. August Glass II violin at one point, but it deemed not repairable, and it was given to the luthier to use as wall art. My guess is that yours is most likely is a late 1800s/early 1900s factory Fried. August Glass II. If you search the Maestronet archives there are references to factory made fried. aug. glass violins made in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I think that you see more FA Glass II in the marketplace and
  11. I use one of these on my violin and like it the best. It's more comfortable than the kun shoulder rest I have. it doesn't feel rigid at all. If anything, I feel like it's easier to support the violin with.
  12. So question, this raises the issue of size in regards to total back length/total length in violins as a criteria for buying. What is considered the most popular size of violin that people buy? Would size win over sound? Or would sound win over size if somebody was trying to ascertain to buy a violin. Like if you found the perfection violin for yourself in regards to sound, but the violin felt too small or too big--would that be a factor in determining whether to buy it. I had a violin with a 360 mm back, a luthier said the violin was too big and better off to be a fiddle fo