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  1. It's by the end of the bass bar, the old bar extended to the lower block but a more standard bat would end right before the hole. I've done several sound post patches and a couple of similar patches for button repairs, also made 8 violins/ at least I know how to sharpen the tools
  2. Sorry for the confusion in the wording, the patch well be on the top of the instrument not on a rib, a quick search didn't find the cello video you spoke of but I'll look some more. Thanks
  3. I'm Working on restoring an old bass, top has serious arching deformation, do to poorly repaired cracks in the past. Working on filing one spot where the original wood is missing in the lower bought and wondering if anyone had any thoughts, thinking of just doing a belly patch which feathers down to the edge. Link to a couple of pictures.[user]=143348490&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0