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  1. Can you tell me if there is a Strad violin a) with no varnish left on it b) revarnished completly and if that makes a difference in the sound and maybe how ? Maybe there is some recording ? It was told to me that the good tone last for only as long as the varnisj is there.
  2. It is not in his imagination because you had problems over years with Jews , Armenians (!), East Europeans, Muslims, Chinese etc. BE CAREFUL ! STOP THE STUPID BEHAVIOR ! (The deleting and modifing of the posts does not help because MN is arhived in real time. )
  3. You are right. She has very bad critics wth almost same content. She is a charlatan and a fraud and she is exploiting at the ignorance of modern public. If she want to be Lady Gaga of violin I am fine with it but she must come with her own music and not disrespect the music of great classic composers.
  4. It says you are a gross incompetent. And full of yourself based on nothing. You have no school and do not understand or respect the culture of other people. You insult the culture of other people. I want you to remember this : "I'm a private citizen posting on a private message board. I have no duty to my readers to be objective. I can call shots as I see them and people can take my word with a grain of salt or not."
  5. I like this Shostakovici 5 version with Afkham very much. I think he is a very good conductor. I also like the orchestra. Is this "best best" or "best rubbish" ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg0M4LzEITQ&t=2892s
  6. I registered here forstly in 2001 and since then I saw many many idiotic posts from you. Like this on I am quoting. I suggest you tone down the rethric and maybe start procticing your instrument. With the intonation and rhythm you displayed you will not pass between grade 8 and 9 in my former school. Get it trough your head that people are allowed to have other opinion from yours . Get it trough your head that here there are people from different countries / backgrounds / religions etc ! Get it through your head that this is a CANADIAN forum open to the public ! You did a lot of damage on the thread on subject from last year with your stupid trolling and your disgusting "virtue signaling". And solfege is NOT a party trick like you think. This is the difference between you and Stross. He can conduct Brukner and you can not play four notes in tune.
  7. And you deviant imbecile are thinking it is me who am the fater of three grown daughter who defends rapists ???? Where did you read I defend rapists you deviant imbecile ?
  8. I think this crusade you are involved in is inapprpriate for this Forum and I think the Moderator should take steps. We hear ony one side and the other side is long gone. You construct the impression this is done deal and all is clear but that is not the case. This is a important subject but not to be debated here. Remember : inocent until proven quilty ! I will ask the moderator what his opinion on this is.
  9. You are talking total nonsense. You have absolutely no idea how antisemitic Europeans used to be. This is not only documented very well but to be antisemtic was an obligation on most of Europe. It tool a lot education to start to adress this and a lot of decent people to do this education and give the right example. The Jews did not have a very hard time in Europe ( and Russia !!! ) because 3-4 people did not like them. The Jews suffered horribly because MOST people were indoctrinated to not like and to hate them. Do not minimalize the problems other peoples had with your social justice nonsense.
  10. Good. You start to be more polite and considereate and I will put a more happy face.
  11. I think there is a range that worls well and there is a range that works with dificulty. Of course we ( me and you ) can end it here and I wish you well.
  12. But why a PHOTO when all you have to do is ask and I will give yoyu the number ???? Do you imply I am a lier ?????? I hope not. My hands are so big because of illness. I am also very tall and very heavy. I do not like to send around photos of myself.
  13. I do not have data but I believe for East Europeans the difference between the men and the women is larger.
  14. You are an idiot. Nobody stalks David Burges. David Burgess asked a question and I replied to the question. You are an idiot. You know NOTHING about violin or violin playing. You are a anonymus TROLL looking for some attention.
  15. 1. No. Whay do you want a photo of my hand with a ruler in the same photo ??? Only hand ? Why ?????? Very strange. 2. That was maybe in your grade/middle school . I was in Eastern European violin dedicated school . Very different thing.
  16. Only it is the WRONG suggestion. Look on the video Stross posted - that is the reason and the solution there.
  17. Yes. But not so bad as your posts from years ago with the violin plates and humidity and all the other bulshit over and over and over and over and over etc . Remember ???
  18. In your case I do not know. Did you start violin early, before the age of 7-8 years old ? How long you study, what teachers etc etc etc ? I could not say in your case. To my ear you sound like you tried to learn a bit of violin playing by yourself and as an adult. I apologize if this is wrong.
  19. You imply it when you said all three of those players have "ideal hand size". They do not. I wanted to send you some example of how Perlman has dificulty becuase of 1) too large hand/fingers and 2) too thick fingers. But maybe we got on the wrong foot and then I apologize.
  20. I think it is better if you stop trolling the forum you idiot. I am here for long time. I have seen many people living because of idiots like you. One was very recently. I am going to keep an eye on your crap from now on. Stop trolling you disgusting TROLL. YOU KNOW NOTHING.
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