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  1. When I was a child I had lessons with a famous player from East Europe and he wanted violin more vertical and the prssure on bow only from wrist. He asked us to practice on ppp with elbow high to "cancel" arm weigt.
  2. you can not tell anything. You do not know anything about violin playing.
  3. This is not decent on forum which can and is read by young people/women/children. Move your crap somewhere else.
  4. I need piano score for Baklanova concertino for my grand doughters . If anybody can post pdf or scan, thank you.
  5. Thanks for link. With such a device I coiuld fit two hald sixe violin bridges very well, better than how came form China.
  6. Can you tell me if there is a Strad violin a) with no varnish left on it b) revarnished completly and if that makes a difference in the sound and maybe how ? Maybe there is some recording ? It was told to me that the good tone last for only as long as the varnisj is there.
  7. It is not in his imagination because you had problems over years with Jews , Armenians (!), East Europeans, Muslims, Chinese etc. BE CAREFUL ! STOP THE STUPID BEHAVIOR ! (The deleting and modifing of the posts does not help because MN is arhived in real time. )
  8. You are right. She has very bad critics wth almost same content. She is a charlatan and a fraud and she is exploiting at the ignorance of modern public. If she want to be Lady Gaga of violin I am fine with it but she must come with her own music and not disrespect the music of great classic composers.
  9. It says you are a gross incompetent. And full of yourself based on nothing. You have no school and do not understand or respect the culture of other people. You insult the culture of other people. I want you to remember this : "I'm a private citizen posting on a private message board. I have no duty to my readers to be objective. I can call shots as I see them and people can take my word with a grain of salt or not."
  10. I like this Shostakovici 5 version with Afkham very much. I think he is a very good conductor. I also like the orchestra. Is this "best best" or "best rubbish" ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg0M4LzEITQ&t=2892s
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