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  1. What then was this : "Right. For an idiot. " ? Not decent calling David Burgess an idiot and then apologized like nothing happened.
  2. I know you are rude but do not try so hard too look also stupid. If you call me "idiot" that is fine . If you insult my caracter that is not fine and I will break your leg. One leg - I keep another leg for later. :) Your trying now to make up things as you know well the context with "mommy". Very rude and very inapropriate ! Very badly advsied to bring it back again ! Specially towards and older person who can not reply well. These gratuitos attacks and "challanges" with many from you pushed some posters out of Maestronet. In the same time your posts are not much - most is empty chat. You keep well and stop posturing here because you might pull a muscle or something !
  3. 1. I am sure. I am a grown up with a very grown up job. So my wife and so my daughters. 2. It is a lot in your nature. You insult people all the time. I do not contribute here but I read and I have excellent photographic memory. 3. Hard to people to keep open minded when you call them knukle draging morons. Or you try to convince them that their children safety is not much important . I do not wish to discuss this subject here. I will discuss it with you in person at some time. That way we can get better understanding.
  4. It is not the nature of a forum. It become that when some posters are allowed to insult others with no repercutions. Please you read your "contribution" on the Curtis threads when insulted a very distinguished teacher with a spotless career and called posters here "knukle dragging". And you severy insulted me and my wife and daughters. Your "fuse" for civilised conversation is very short.
  5. That is not your problem.
  6. I make a suggestion that you discuss this thing with the moderator Mr. Jeffery Holmes. From my personal discussion with a number of those people they ALL quit the forum due moderation issues. Some people are here only to troll the forum and are allowed to do this for years and some people are discriminated against. Many things of interest are now discussed in emails to avoid moderation issues. I suggest to you you become part of the solution and discuss issues you feel need clarification with the moderator.
  7. Which modern players play more in tune than Heifetz in your opinion ?
  8. You do not need to ID which is a Strad. All you need is to ID which is good and which is bad. There is no rule new violin can not sound like Strad or Strad can not be worse than new violin.
  9. Incredible musicians ! Impossible to stop from listening !
  10. I do not believe the Chinese gonverment. What you said earlier is : "History has shown that Those who trust the Chinese government, do so at their peril. I would imagine the people in Hong Kong, for instance, remember the days before 1999 longingly". That is not true. And the real situation on the ground was known by all other countries early enough.
  11. Good to keep in mind that people here on MN do not have the right perspective and the responsibility for a welfare of 1.4 BILIONS people.
  12. I do not think we should encourage towards bad language but we should set better example. I can not comment on your Fater but he was not on the Internet for all World to read. Also I am sure his bad language in private was not around children. Nowdays we must pay more attention and speak/write so that young people from many cultures will not be give bad example or be offended or even traumatized.
  13. Do you feel we should amplify that problem or maybe serve as good example with civilized discussion ? And I have three grown up "kids".
  14. I was only writting about disgusting jokes.... You think you are anonymous ???? That is naive.
  15. Not important what you think and I do not care ( or need to care ! ) if you feel comfortable. You are in UK and this Forum is in Canada. Forum is open to public with no reservation and must be safe for young people, childrens etc. Your penis jokes have no place here. This is not what a girl or boy of say 10-11 years olds should read when thye step over MN for some information on violins. Recent you were naming people "knukle dragging" in some situation but you are comfortable with disgusting rubbish which goes on and even contribute to it.