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  1. Kyproset - accoring my experience, the kidneys size as well as heart size affect the total weight of the bridge. This is why larger kidneys make the sound louder, but if you make them too large, (and therefore the bridge too light) the response and playability may be affected in a negative way. The violin might become less forgiving. I think the less projecting violin the lighter bridge can be applied, but one needs to be cautious with bright and well projecting instruments.
  2. Somebody told me that they treat the wood in order to make it harder or stronger. I am not sure it is necessary. I assume that the main job of the bridge should be transferring some frequencies whilst damping others at least partially. Otherwise the design of the bridge would be not so intensively carved. Below the kidneys there is a horizontal bar working as a spring in fact. If the stiffness would be the priority and the carved parts should be applied just for weight reducing, the ideal design of the bridge would be different I am pretty sure. Am I wrong?
  3. They are probably going to be another Igudesman and Joo. Igudesman is not a poor violinist indeed...
  4. Hello all, Some bridge makers claim their bridges have been treated (whilst untreated bridges are also available). Could you tell me what is the purpose of treatment and what chemicals do they use? Do they treat the wood just because of darker look, or because of sound quality? Thanks!
  5. I have never heared about V. Schaeffer, but about one year ago I have purchased marvelous gold mounted bow made by Flavio Schaeffer for € 3600.
  6. Norby

    Antique varnish

    Thanks, I will have a look. I have seen couple of very nicely vasrnished Chinese violins recently. They were mostly cheap junks with miserable sound quality. But the varnishng style was remarkable. I wonder where they have learnt to do it from!
  7. Hello all, I would like to learn antique varnishing technique - so I am looking for some sources. Could someone advise me some book/video/anything that could help? Thanks!
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