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  1. Yes, I also agree, perhaps a saxony violin or from Markneukirchen. I sense its about 100-120 years old, shame about the cracks. I doubt whether the graft is legit or just as part of the antiquing done on many of these types of violins. But nevertheless a lovely looking violin!
  2. Hello, im completely new to this site, and I dont know if im doing this right. Anyways.. Let me introduce myself, i'm Niam, a violin dealer in UK and I have acquired a lovely looking violin. I would like to hear your opinions about anything about the violin (value? origin, age, etc). I'd love to hear different insights. The violin is in perfect condition and has fluted f-holes, a nice blonde varnish and well done purfling. Im hoping the pictures will upload and that i did it right O.o Thanks!
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