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  1. I think you should reconsider buying...the bow is straight with no tension...indicating a weakness in the stick’s lateral strength .
  2. These fiddles, which are, of course, factory made, are quite good....have a couple of them in my way too-large collection,
  3. I should have also mentioned ‘Donald and Lydia’.
  4. R I P John Prine My standout favorites...Sam Stone, Hello in There, Another part of town, and of course, Paradise.We will still have him on Utube.
  5. The string slots on the nut are a bit too far to the right...should be re-worked if possible, or replaced.
  6. The sound would probably improve with a proper setup. The metal tuners result in a short after-length...perhaps moving the bridge up to align with the f hole notches, with a like movement of the sound post, along with shortening of the tailgut, or better, get a winter tailpiece.
  7. Major alignment problem with neck/fingerboard
  8. Visually, It has an unusually low over stand, perhaps to accommodate the low arching of the top, and the string slots on the nut are shifted a bit too close to the treble side of the fingerboard. Can’t help with the maker. As it is not set up, I assume I need not parrot the question of our indomitable Vda, how does it sound?
  9. Difficult to achieve any ‘wedge effect’ along the sides, particularly on the left. Challenging. Good luck. BobH
  10. Diplomacy was once defined in Readers Digest as ‘ the art of saying ‘nice doggie’ until you can find a rock’.
  11. They no longer dominate in Bill’s opinion, maybe.
  12. I have one with only one turn( and large eye)on the scroll, as opposed to the three on the OP. Nice sounding fiddle.
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