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  1. why would you do that? It looks like a piece of junk.
  2. Don't do it. I see customs and other legal problems looming. Plus if the travel expenses are for one or two violins each time, that's pretty steep. Or: what if you buy and import a fiddle nobody wants?
  3. she's got very powerful arms and hands, so careful Bill.
  4. unfortunately the problem is that the "we" who feel this way, are not the "we" that runs countries with rainforests. the unsynchronicity of regional or national cultures get exploited by big corporations in a big way. it's one of the factors that will do the planet in.
  5. It's a beautiful piece, my favorite LvB sonata, and virtually every recording by a first class violinist is bound to be special. Personally I usually reach for Francescatti. One problem with some recordings may be that Beethoven (just like Bach) used to be regarded as the composer for grand last statements by renowned performers, by the time their technique was giving out. I mean Beethoven was deaf, so he wouldn't be offended? There is the Menuhin - Kempff recording as an instance, and the above linked Robert Mann live performance, which evinces a lot of intonation insecurity plagueing Mann's playing for the last twenty (!) performing years.
  6. Perhaps it's worthwhile to keep in mind that at least half of the violin playing world consists of women, young and old, if not more than half. So. with talk about "anything in a skirt" and the presumption that women lie more than men (I believe the current USA president, a man, has told more than 10.000 attested lies in three years, and we're still counting) you're not helping the profession. You're alienating a large part of the clientele.
  7. because it's saying a woman is a THING with a skirt?
  8. A phrase like "Anything that wears a skirt" doesn't need "vocal inflections" to see what attitude is speaking.
  9. I wish people would stop claiming the high ground saying "I have x daughters". It's lame. People who have zero daughters have empathy, too. Also, the USA is currently blessed with a president who has two daughters, one of whom he used to call a "nice piece of ass", while bragging to other men about grabbing and kissing women without asking. I have one daughter. Hopefully that doesn't make any difference in the way I feel about cases such as Lara St John's.
  10. Because it's about male privilige, which, unfortunately, is for some the basis of their acting civilised. Once that privilige is compromised and formerly subordinate species, like women or POC, start talking back, civilisation is over.
  11. These guys who are attacking Lara St John here keep referring to this album cover, as if her professor's heinous actions ten years before are somehow justified by that image. This continued shaming of LSJ because of that cover image is really creepy.
  12. yeah this was penned by an English speaker trying to make it look like German