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    don't buy it. it looks like it needs a lot of work, and, really, the stamp doesn't mean anything.
  2. Violin type Nicolo Gusetto

    The opportunity to buy a wreck is not really an opportunity.
  3. Lots of Books at T2

    European soccer lasts 2x 45 minutes. American football lasts three and a half hours with mostly guys crashing into each other.
  4. Standing???

    What I find interesting is chamber orchestras and string quartets opting for performing on foot, rather than sitting. I believe the idea is that it looks more energetic for the audience. It doesn't work for me. It's weird to see (in the case of a string quartet) three guys standing while I am sitting. Also: not everybody looks energetic when they're standing. For instance, if you've got a tummy, the audience is looking at your tummy all the time.
  5. CD Audio Qualities

    If you filter out the tape hiss, you also filter out the high Strad overtones.
  6. Crazy price for broken violin

    there are tens of thousands of these, and a lot are in much better shape. Repairing would cost more than you'd get for it.
  7. Beethoven, op. 132

    You mean the Grosse Fugue? Or the 131? The GF is intense, but there is a lot of euphony.
  8. Beethoven, op. 132

    There are a lot of people who regard the C sharp minor, op 131 quartet as the ultimate Beethoven late quartet. It's an incredibly hard piece to play, right from the start with that ethereal fuge. And don't forget the four movement Eflat quartet op. 127, with the stunning variation slow movement! Many people see the late quartets as nothing but deep soulful utterances, particulalrly in the case of the A minor. However, you can look at them in another way, too, taking a hint from the Diabelli Variations. There is a lot of parody in these works, Beethoven twisting forms to see what happens. Even the 130 cavatina is, in a way, a parody of a bel canto aria..
  9. Violist Marc Sabbah

    I'm not so sure this violist is that great. Let's just say she's got a long way to go yet, which is only to be expected at her age. Here is a more interesting piece of music in a slightly better acoustic:
  10. Violist Marc Sabbah

    It sounds great, even though his technique is kind of distracting, both left (how often do you see a violinist / violist who positions his instrument like a beard and looks away from it over his shoulder?) and right (the bow is all over the place and rarely aligned with the bridge). There are a great many great violists at the moment, too many too mention, but let's start with Tabea Zimmermann for Germany, playing a modern instrument; Antione Tamestit for France, playing one of the few Strads, and Maxim Rysanov for Russia playing a Guadagnini.
  11. Only the good survive

    I know. I guess I did not say clearly enough that first the orchestras need to be equal opportunity, since woman conductors would not have a chance in front of orchestras where only the harp and flute are female. I'm surprised at the passion the idea of female conductors evokes in 2017
  12. Only the good survive

    There's also an outside chance these two things are connected. Why dream of becoming a conductor when every conductor is a man (and usually an old man), and some conductors are very eager to tell you conducting is for "strong men"? So what women have been doing, obviously, is rise thru the ranks. In most good orchestras forty to fifty percent of the musicians are female. That's step one. Step two is that a great many top soloists (especially violinists) happen to be female. (My personal feeling is the best violin soloists today are pretty much all women.) Now we'll see more women conductors.
  13. Only the good survive

    The most important reason why is the advertisement factor. It's why the make of the instrument is mentioned in the program and the interviews. The vast majority of players who do not happen to play on a early eighteenth C instrument don't even mention the make of their instrument. In this way the idea is reinforced that the early instruments are the only ones worth playing on.
  14. Only the good survive

    Please don't make me long for Rackham Auditorium at this time of the year....