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  1. I’m very interested in the wing crack clamp. Is it still available?
  2. If there are still for sale I’ll take them!
  3. Hey thanks! Thats not a bad idea!
  4. It's very real. I did this restoration with help from Jerry Pasewicz. I chose the music. Would you have preferred Van Halen?
  5. Thanks for sharing so much information, and for sharing all of it online for free. I find this article and may others on your website to be very useful.
  6. This is the most recent technique article from Triangle strings written by Kari Azure. I always find bow restoration interesting and impressive. https://trianglestrings.com/headspline/.
  7. Woah! Did he buy you lunch after that?
  8. Didn't he do the same thing, putting his feet up on the bench next to you when you were removing a neck from a Vuillaume? The other night I was reading a old VSA journal that had an interview with Peter Prier. He told his story about coming to America to work at a shop in Salt Lake City. He said he first landed in New York City when his friend Hans Nebel, who he knew from violin making school, took him to see the Wurlitzer shop. After meeting Sacconi, Sacconi offered him a job, but he declined because the shop in Salt Lake City had paid his way to the United States. I like to wonder where violin making in the US would be if he had taken the job at the Wurltzer shop.
  9. Jeff, The tape was extremely helpful. It helped keep the form in place, and it kept some of the more fragile pieces from falling apart and off of the form. I did need things to slide into place and especially on the outer edges of the hole, but with some swearing and persistent persuasion I was able to put them all into place. The adhesive on the double sided tape wasn't all that strong, and allowed some leeway. The opacity of the color comes from earth tone pigments that were dusted on with a make up brush, and then sprayed over with shellac from an airbrush.
  10. The cork was attached to the counter form with packing tape on the outside of the form instead of being glued to the conterform. I had to be very careful when I taped it down to avoid creating any wrinkles in the tape. Then I used double sided tape that adhered to the packing tape. When the time came to remove the counter form and the tape I cut away the packing tape from the counter form with a knife, and used mineral spirits to loosen the adhesive from the tape while I gently pulled it off of the rib.
  11. AC/DC is probably best for public relations, and it will most likely never remind anyone of eating too many beans.
  12. In retrospect it may have not been the best musical choice. I wish I had chosen ZZ Top's I'm Bad played on the violin with a sawzall.
  13. Kallie, that is a small wooden form with cork taped to it. The pieces were held into place with double sided tape that was attached to the form.
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