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  1. Generally, what is the difference produced by a thicker rather than thinner post?
  2. I have access to this through the public library system in my area (my library has connections with other libraries in different cities that you can request items from). Perhaps you have something available in your extended library system?
  3. I used to have a really bad one, very painful and sometimes looked infected. But it got better with care. Playing without a shoulder rest helped (less clenching). Also, using a better fitting chinrest also helped. I also use something called "gel rest" which helps to spread out the pressure on my skin. Lastly, I had to practice better violin hygiene. All of these things helped quite a bit.
  4. I took my violin to a shop and they told me I needed a new bridge because the string height was too low. I was very surprised because just a month earlier the bridge was replaced by another reputable shop in the area and it seemed fine. This leads me to this discussion question: what is your default string height when making a violin, and why? From this video it seems like the string height may vary from region to region.
  5. Hi MN, At some point, too little color or a pale looking varnish looks bad. But can you think of any examples of violins that have a varnish with a little color (or just barely enough), but still are aesthetically pleasing?
  6. Hello MN, I am not an instrument maker so forgive my ignorance. How tight or loose should the sound post be? When adjusting the bridge on students' instruments I will loosen the strings and the sound post will fall. Other times, I will take off strings, bridge, tailpiece, etc, and the sound post will stay in place, unless the violin is jostled a bit, then the sound post will fall. I read that the sound post should gently "slide" into place, but cannot remember if this said to do so with the strings tightened or loosened. I am also curious as to the sound difference if the sound post is more tight or loose. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am wondering if any MN folks know of any scholarships given by outside organizations. Or, any tips on getting more funding from the school itself? I have asked the school for funding, but unfortunately they have said that all funding offers have been taken, and to wait and see if someone decides not to attend. Perhaps some of you have experience asking or finding creative ways to get school funding. Thank you in advance.
  8. I have never heard this cadenza before. Does anyone know?
  9. Can you let us know what kind of scales or pieces you are working on? Have you considered a lower string height to make it easier to press the string down?
  10. I have a high school age student who just lost a competition. There are many positives to the experience (student improved, worked hard, etc) but also I heard the recording and there were some pretty obvious errors that resulted in him not winning. My question to you all is how would you discuss this with the student, to encourage him and but also give them feedback on what wasn't good (preparing too difficult a piece, not heeding my preparation methods, not practicing enough)? I must also tread carefully around the parent, who in involved and helps with the preparation.
  11. It's the one Don has. I think the design with the plate on top makes in more compact and will reduce twisting than the standard "midget" style you can buy online. If anyone has any idea as to suppliers who might still sell this version (or if someone on MN is willing to sell me one) please let me know.
  12. Hello, I saw this small black fine tuner that I had not seen before. Does anyone have any idea what it is or where it can be purchased?
  13. Does anyone have experience with Coda bows? If so, what model did you get and how do you like it? Would you recommend it for advanced students?
  14. pjham, as a parent you wouldn't take it personally? For instance, if the problem was that the child was uncommitted and the parent's behavior was also not helpful, and I told you that, I think a parent would be very offended, no?
  15. Hi all, I am developing a script to drop a student. It's a very difficult decision and I want to say it as well as possible. Could you give your thoughts on this script? "I’ve really enjoyed working with you, but moving forward, I’m not in a position to be the best resource for you. I sense that it may be time for Mary to move on. It is a hard decision, but I have decided that she will stop taking lessons from me. I think it may be a good opportunity for her to find a lesson that fits your schedule, and it may help rekindle her interest. I know a few teachers who may fit your needs: Teacher A 555-5555 Teacher B 555-5555 " Also, would an email suffice or do I need to do it over the phone? I covet your input and prayers as I carry this out!
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