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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks for all your help. Here is the final update on the instrument. I finally got it to a good luthier that I trust (and is well trusted by the community) and he looked it over and said that the construction, neck, and glue all look stable and look like it should stay that way for the foreseeable future (phew). He believes that the instrument may have started out possibly a millimeter or so high in string clearance in the first place and with the added changes over time and tension of the strings on the instrument over the 10 years it has simply slightly altered to produ
  2. Hey guys! Thank you so so much for all your help! I have chosen a luthier and will be taking my violin to him in June - as that is the soonest I will be able to get to where he is at and the soonest I'll be able to afford the repairs. I will keep you guys updated if there are changes to the instrument (as I am still measuring it) and will let you know what the verdict is in June. Regarding Jerry's question about the fingerboard glue - the fingerboard appears to be solidly connected to the neck (in fact the luthier I took it to earlier wrenched it about a bit when I asked if
  3. Thank you skiingfiddler, you've been so helpful. I wouldn't have any idea what to measure without your excellent directions. I just measured the bridge as you said and the measurement appears to be almost exactly 33mm. Additionally (just in case anyone is interested in this info), I have been measuring the height of the G string from the fingerboard daily since April 18 (and sometimes more than once per day) and it is holding at 7mm.
  4. Hooray. Got the images of the violin in question to upload and am now past the maestronet probationary period.
  5. Yes, Infeld Reds are synthetic core strings. Regarding the fine tuners, I added them more for convenience's sake. I've been thinking of getting a Wittner Ultra tailpiece with built in tuners for some time now, but was on the fence about it. Your post pushed me into the "I will definitely do this" territory.
  6. Hi there. I have some pictures that I would like to share, but maestronet is not cooperating. I think my issues with uploading photos is related to the probationary period. I will add them as soon as I can.
  7. As per skiingfiddler's instructions I went out and got myself a ruler this morning. The E string seems to be 5mm from the top of the fingerboard to the bottom of the string and the G string appears to be 7mm from the top of the fingerboard to the bottom of the string. Since there seems to be some theories about string tension (very interesting stuff) - my strings are Infeld Reds and I have a set of 4 tuners on the tailpiece (within the last year or so I switched from classical to fiddle and added the 3 other fine tuners). I have had Infeld Reds on this violin for a number of years, befo
  8. Hi all. Tomorrow I will be seeing my violin teacher and can get her opinion on it/a third set of eyes. I will also be able to pick up a ruler of some sort tomorrow and get measurements. Based on everyone's thoughts on the humidity issue (and my teacher's opinion of the luthier I took it to) - I think I may end up taking it to the luthier my violin teacher has recommended even though it seems like quite a trek to get to his shop.
  9. Thank you everyone! I am overwhelmed by your kindness and willingness to share your experience and knowledge with me! I took my violin to a nearby luthier this morning and had him give it a look over. He said that while the fingerboard does look low and the action is high he says that nothing seems to be out of order - I even specifically asked if he saw any signs of seams or anything coming loose or the neck coming up and voiced my concerns (after I gave him a chance to look it over and make his own assumptions of course - I didn't want to jump in right away and end up influencing what
  10. Also, sorry for taking so long to respond - all my comments had to be approved! I will be taking the violin to a luthier within the next 1-2 days.
  11. Thank you so much, everyone! I'm not sure how much it's dropped, unfortunately, I have pictures of pretty much every part of my violin except a profile shot to compare it to! It's one of the reasons that I thought I may be going a touch batty at first and just fretting over something that's always been that way. Matthew - I don't think the humidity has shifted enormously here, at least not general climate wise (I just checked on a local weather site and relative humidity seems to have held about the same for the past 3 months). Unfortunately, my instrument has been so hardy and go
  12. My mistake. I accidentally typed that the violin was 15 years old - it's 10!
  13. Thank you for your expertise! The low fingerboard has progressed to the point where I can definitely tell it is not me being paranoid (very sad as I was pretty hopeful it would turn out just to be me and not the violin). I have taken out the tension in the strings but left enough to properly support the bridge (it now sounds a bit like a guitar). Well, it's 15 years old now and it's been a stellar and hardy/non-finicky instrument the entire time - I guess it was due for something. Violadamore - Thank you for your suggestion! I looked under a strong light really closely at the button and
  14. Hi all! I feel a bit paranoid, but I'm afraid for my instrument. I got sick this past week and thought my violin sounded different due to 'sick ears' but I've suddenly noticed that my fingerboard seems noticeably lower (however, I'm not entirely certain this isn't due to sudden onset paranoia caused by the 'sick ears' and I started to wonder if perhaps it's always been this way and I just never noticed, particularly since the violin was not too far out of tune when I took it out). I waited a day to see if maybe it was just my fevered imagination, but the lowered fingerboard actually app