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  1. The front face of the pegbox, below the nut, is very clearly lit, and very clearly black.
  2. "racomode" works, as does consistency with lack of capitals. Nice. So do we then, having used "racomode" rather than "reparer", assume that Mr. Mercier did the new neck and scroll graft? I'm assuming it has a grafted scroll?
  3. The inscription on the back certainly is somewhat cryptic. The "par mercier" is unusual in that you would expect the m to be capitalized, assuming its a proper name? The second line I make out as "du Bourg H(?) andeol", "from the town of ...andeol". There is a present day St. Andiol southeast of Avignon. That "H"-like symbol my be a short form for saint? Stylistically, the script is consistent with some period examples, courtesy of google. The curved "d", as Addie pointed out, as well as the different lower case "r" when appearing within a word as opposed to at th
  4. Any of my main line tools I've put an edge on never get lent. Chisels. planes, chainsaw, chef knife...period. I'll hunt up a backup of some kind, or offer to do the job that needs doing. Anything else, expect it to come back dirty, dull, gummed up or bent. Its the price you pay for not feeling selfish or unfriendly for having said no. Like Ed said, always return things cleaner or in better condition than when you borrowed them.
  5. Am about to start restoring or at least planning the restoration of this bow. I acquired it in a trade as a "throw in", but when I saw it I had to have it. Something about the shape of the head just seemed unique and well done. There is a metal ferrule inserted into the inner hole, which I think is original, rather than a later repair. In fact, I think it is responsible for the crack that is now there, the wood shrinking and splitting around the unshrinkable insert. Would like some suggestions on how to best deal with that, especially if the insert is original. The frog isn't a great fit,
  6. My choice was based more on what width was available, rather than exact match of material. The original width of the satouche is 1.5mm. I'm hoping that the 2mm material I ordered, once stretched a bit, will compress to 1.5mm or so. I'm not convinced that this particular method or combination of materials for lapping is very practical, but am curious to see what it looked like.
  7. I'm sure it will wear poorly, just like the original appeared to. Lots of nooks and crannies for dirt and the "metal" is sure to wear. Am more interested just seeing what the black and gold looks like, in that I suspect that this was the original lapping, though difficult to know for certain. The result may also feel funny, or at least somewhat distinct, on the fingers, with the harder baleen and somewhat softer or spongier soutache in between.
  8. Going to give this a try when it comes. Will "report back" through my Gillam's Escape workbench. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Rue, Here is the end result. Tried dark green silk with .013 silver wire. Not as dramatic a contrast as black silk. On to the next!
  10. Thanks Addie, that's great info. Will probably try cleaning it just to see. Would like to replace it, but 1/8" might be a bit agressive. I'll hunt around. Thanks.
  11. I began unwinding this "whalebone" lapping, when I noticed this all too obvious verdigris or copper oxidation beneath the very old tape used to secure it. A bit of poking revealed a golden glint, and the white "whalebone" was awfully soft and spongy. I began unwinding and its clearly brassy underneath as seen in the picture. It would appear as though the lapping is black whalebone and a wide,flat brassy tinsel. Haven't seen this before and am wondering if anyone has, and whether this wide tinsel is still available?