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  1. Thanks CCM, It is a violin bow weighted 59g, 728mm without button /748mm with button The stick doesn't look cheaply made German to me (maybe I'm wrong)
  2. Since everybody is quite, maybe I should provide more information for the bow I bought this bow from a local musician as a German factory bow of 1900s (from flea market I would guess), but the quality is quite different from those ordinary factory made I usually see - wood choice, workmanship, the design of the head is "cello like", and the playability is good too. If this is just an ordinary cheap German bow, can anyone suggest where I can get plenty of this? Because it does sound better than some of my more expensive french bows.
  3. Thank you Brad! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/059c7k4l00fevr7/AABp9WAxYmgAZPV-XrzmhonQa?dl=0 Here is the photo of my bow, any help is much appreciated
  4. Hi all, I'm new here! I purchased a bow recently and would like to know more about it, is this an old German factory bow? How can I post photos?
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