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  1. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Thank you for your extensive critique. I really want to get better but I don't know many violin makers in person. Online is the only place I've been able to get feedback so I appreciate you taking the time to go into such detail. Regarding the corners. I didn't work from a template and instead used measurements and my eye. You mention that they look good individually but not together. What features cause them to not have the same feel? For the f-hole nicks, I placed them based on the drawing I have. Does this measurement change between different models? And yes, unfortunately made the inside treble one too large. I used fiber purfling and I don't recall the measurements off hand. I have received a couple suggestions that I should make my own purfling so maybe I'll try that on my next instrument. It's just so much more convenient to order strips and get to work. Thanks again for your comments.
  2. Kyle Webb's Bench

    I have always wanted a set of Herdim assembly clamps but the price tag was too significant. At nearly $15 per clamp, that's roughly $480 for a full set. I reproduced these clamps using 3D printing and produced a set that is functionally identical. My clamps even have the slot and pin that prevent the clamp head from twisting off alignment with the lower clamp face. I produced an entire set for the cost of hardware (threaded rod, thumb nuts, spring pins,) and plastic ($0.10 per clamp.) Total cost for my custom 3D printed set was $60. Outside of this, they weigh less than half the original Herdim version. I think that's a pretty significant positive change. Lightweight clamps are always better in my opinion. I think there are a number of areas that I could expand this idea to such as custom printed repair clamps.
  3. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Thanks Joe!
  4. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Almost ready for varnish. This is violin #4
  5. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Thanks! It's based on the Messiah. It's the only model I've ever made actually. I have another one that's ready for varnish too. I think I'll branch out for my next violin.
  6. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Thank you! It's Joe Robson ground/varnish. I can't remember exactly but I think I used a mixture of greek pitch brown with a small amount of purple alizarin mixed in.
  7. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Finished setup on my last violin over the weekend and took some time to document it with proper photos. I'm quite proud of this one. Edit: for some reason the thumbnail below appears a little dark but the full view shows the appropriate brightness. Not sure if it's my computer or that way for everyone.
  8. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Thanks. I used a combination of dyes (aniline dye and india ink) that absorb into the curl before sanding and polishing it. It allows for a nice transition between the root varnish > neck > pegbox varnish. I don't like hard transitions where the varnish ends. The chisel rack has an angled bottom. It allows the chisel to fall to the bottom and seat properly but can't fall out due to the other horizontal spacers.
  9. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Thank you. For that varnish I used Joe Robson's ground set as well as the aged wood gold and finished with the greek pitch brown and some oil paints. It's not my favorite due to the antiquing but I do love how prominent the maple figure is.
  10. Kyle Webb's Bench

    #4 is coming to a close. This one is turning out to be my best work yet.
  11. Unloading some maple backs

    PM Sent
  12. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Cool - glad to hear that you like yours. I have put quite a bit of wood through it now and I'm very impressed. I agree that dust collection is a must. I already had a cyclone separator and rigid duct piped through one side of the shop. It's doing a great job of collecting everything the drum sander generates.
  13. Kyle Webb's Bench

    I found what I assume to be the same book on amazon. I didn't get much out of it, and have hardly read any specifics. Maybe when I get to setting them up. The actual construction is so similar to a violin, it was fairly straight forward. I put the final coat of varnish on #3 and I'm calling it done for now. I'm going to let the varnish cure for a bit before setting it up. Both mandolins are progressing quickly and are almost ready for finish. Below is a finished A5 and an F5 ready for binding. Once I finish these mandolins, I'm going to get back to violin making. I learned a few tricks that I think my next violin will benefit from. To finish 2016 off, I splurged on the new Jet 1632 drum sander. I have wanted one for a long time. Even for my work outside of instrument making. It's quite a machine so far.
  14. Kyle Webb's Bench

    I've been absent from maestronet for quite a while but have been quite busy. I am almost finished with violin #3. There is a teaser of that below. While varnishing that, I have been working on an A5 mandolin. To facilitate with the construction of the mandolin, I have been 3d printing several jigs, templates, and cradles which have been working great. Being able to print arching templates, or flexible f-hole templates has saved a lot of time over my past approach of cutting them from acrylic sheets.
  15. 3D Printed Electric Violin

    Seriously. Hell, you can buy one seriously bad ass 3d printer for that price and print your own.