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  1. I wonder what replies you guys could possibly have in another four years or so about my work that was done with Titebond close to six years ago? Someone said wait at least ten years for back plate work to do it's possible movement so that is what the wait is about.
  2. I just typed that to get more participation from others.
  3. How much maximum scoop is allowed for the first thru fourth string positions on the e string? Can I use a 41.5 radius at the nut instead of 42? After setting up that e string area it still feels like there is too much wood underneath even though I followed prescribed specs though after time the work done is playable, just wondering if things can be made better.
  4. I would make the space like above run the entire length with the deepest part around four thru eight on the ruler and the absolute deepest around the six. I have a book that says to use both a six inch rule and a one foot rule - still can't figure out which is a better way to measure or check for light/gaps.
  5. Who says to run the entire length? Run your straight edge in line with each sting slot to see the differences in gaps/space, if any. I'd check bridge and nut conditions too though I should mention that I'm just a hobbiest along with being just a fair player.
  6. Can this question be rephrased as how to construct an unwritten cadenza? Of so, give an example of what you would need a cadenza solo for just so I could research or teach myself on how I would go about it. Cello will be o.k. with me but don't choose anything ancient / before 1760.
  7. Scorch's reply reminded me of something - my brothers band at the time brought me in for some ringer work [rhythm] on guitar. Then I was told to provide the solo for a Bad Company song that I vaguely remembered. I didn't know at the time it was being recorded but figured out during a visit later that my solo was the one being used for whichever auditioning guitarist had to try their hand at emulating what I did playing wise. So while out taking a smoke break the bass player comes storming out the door and says "he did it to me again". I says what? He says " you know that guitar player in there - I just got done busting him for drugs just last week. Here, you play my bass and I'll pick it up later". Then my brother comes out the back door. He says "how was I supposed to know that? " Man, you do it to me all the time he said. I tried to keep a straight face during all of that - pretty funny.
  8. You wore those out on just one violin?
  9. Given time, those here at Maestronet can get him pretty close to where he needs to be in regards to i.d.ing his fiddle, if he will let them help along with he having some sort of open mind and patience.
  10. I'm still using my hardware store circle cutter with the cutter turned backwards and following with an x-acto knife.
  11. Being an old t-bone player I think it is a piece of junk - something like that would enable less room needed for a trombone player though, wouldn't have to worry about hitting the back side of viola players either, all this assuming music was printed for it in the first place. Second thought is maybe he found a non-repairable euphonium or small tuba and scavenged some parts.
  12. Me too, though I didn't read any of it until yesterday. All I can deduce from the info/articles provided here is that he/they could have one of the five owned by the violinist mentioned. It would be cool if this turns out to be something though, it would be the third old one I've seen of since I joined here. Lady Guarneri and that Amati H. school looking one come to mind.
  13. Since Schwartzinc mentioned what are your thoughts I'll wait a year to really say what I think but for now Andreas' thought/reply will do for now. Don't want to ruin it for anybody either.
  14. Lightly brush some water into the groove to make yourself feel better.
  15. With the neck block still square I mark the hole positions with a sharp point, use an electric drill and a 3/32 bit to drill through to the other side and then follow with a 1/8 drill bit - then start the cutting and gouge work for the scroll/pegbox. What I have found for better accuracy before the first shavings of the reamer is to use a chuck from a not needed drill and hand turn the drill bit holding the chuck and turn slow and straight with bits that are smaller in diameter than the size of the end of the reamer and work your way up bit size wise so one doesn't split the pegbox. Yes, break/bust apart an old drill for the chuck. I have read elsewhere that using a known well tuning peg is a good way to start the peg tapering process - don't remember where I read that though.
  16. If I read this right does that mean that four maple corners were just glued to the outside?
  17. One way to see would be to have 4.4 mm edges after purfling is installed, do all of the scraper work to make the plate look good, take note of the free plate tap tone and then lower the plate edges to, for example, 3.3 mm, gouge the purfling area again and note the change.
  18. At my age these days I may be better off digging out the legos again.
  19. My first thought was moving on to a better paying situation then I thought maybe a personell/personal problem. Maybe they play corny music?
  20. Gotta admit this place has made me a smarter person. I'm also liking this warmer January weather hence the reply but there are regrets - I've lost eight people in the past two years that lived with-in 100 yards out my front door though it seems the thing to do is to keep trudging along. Violin making helps a little.
  21. I am assuming you are one of the greats, fine with me, you have earned the title but be honest with me just this one time - had you heard of David Ouvry the violin maker before I signed up here at Maestronet some 5 1/2 years ago. My personal opinion is no and again in my book, you have earned the title of one of the greatest.
  22. For violin it starts with what was mentioned in the conference with Mr. Z, Mr. Ryan and the other two [forgive me for forgetting} and that was starting with a good foundation to work on. Then on to set up.
  23. If one can't imagine being superior English, then don't pursue the English method of making a violin. option 2 - pester Mr. Curtin, if possible. I'm still under the belief that most everyone else was chasing Ouvry's backside when it came to wanting to know how to make a violin. Will the others admit it?
  24. There was a neon sign on a light pole that kept reading walk and don't walk - never could quite figure that one out.
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