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  1. I don’t know who you are. Help me out. Thanks



    1. uncle duke

      uncle duke

      There's only one who knows my real name and that's Jeffrey - he can tell whomever he wants regarding my identity.  I trust he's told no one but some may just need to know just for their own security.  That's o.k.

      I mentioned you in the other post just as an off the cuff typing session.  Old Burgess didn't have to reply to me regarding soundpost setting but he did.  Took about two weeks just for a reply from him.  I remember you inquiring with-in to me for the same possible advice, thought about it for a bit without asking him if I could tell you because you seemed you just really needed to know also but took the chance and told you too.  Made a difference for me to make my wood work better, hopefully helped you too.  Maybe Ernie's soundpost fall down or move all of the time.

      So I won't ask why new Zealand for yourself.  I'm assuming to much mother nature at one time for you guys last year.  Now that you're not there anymore I can tell you the storms and snow are still a problem there - saw it on the news the other day - not your fault John.

      There are a few other great violin makers with the same surname as myself.  Weather or not they post here is unknown to me but I don't want to take the chance of ruining it for them by posting here at Maestronet hence causing possible problems for them name wise.  Maybe when I get real good as a maker that'll change. 

      I'm not sure if any of my old school orchestral members visit Maestronet and know who I am.  If so, I sure they wonder why the violin these days instead of low brass instruments from the old days.  I wonder some too, I guess.  Must be the music.