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  1. No matter how I turn my monitor I just can’t get this particular fiddle to line up properly. that piece of cedar looks usable - just slow down more. If I know my cedars you have a 33-34 sg piece there. Good for wood working practice, occupying time and some ground/sealing experiments.
  2. To answer the op’s question - one time I was able to raise m5 by removing wood from the bottom corner areas on the inside of a belly plate. It was a eureka moment at the time, I believe I reported to Marty that yes, it can be done, but it didn’t lead to a better fiddle make to my knowledge. no, I did not goof up my Stradivari platform area.
  3. If one uses an i instead of a y when writing the name Randi it is actually less work.
  4. How soon can a repair like that be strung up for playing?
  5. One could use balsam turpentine to help get to an essence, I think. My understanding of an essence for violin varnish is all ingredients are incorporated together other than the linseed oil and final ingredients for coloring, depending on if one chooses present day tube colors or use the valuable scarce gums from yesteryear, which a few around here still have access to.
  6. One time not long ago here I recall Sospiri and David some what collaborating about how to make a linseed oil type of violin varnish - never found out what became of those sessions.
  7. I have found that if one runs out of tone wood and has to go through moderator approval on a website read by world wide users the switch is easier to turn off. Someone once mentioned to me that if you don't do it, someone else will. I think a maker of one of my violins was an orchestral player, a Cambridge? math teacher, cabinet maker and a fiddle maker all in one.
  8. Maybe he went overseas to help Stavanger with his roof? I remember Frank totally disassembling a violin for restoration - he hasn't made it back to here yet.
  9. 120 gr. works better for maple, suppose one could finish up with 220 though.
  10. I wound one up (1890 - 1920) with red label steels a bit ago - measured 26 mm for the fingerboard to bridge height. Will it sink down to 25 mm? Probably. I did add a shim New York style some years ago.
  11. If your child is 4-5 years old then go ahead and make an inner mold from 13mm plywood or glue two 6mm pieces together. i scaled a 1/4 sized fiddle down from 4/4. Make the scroll look real good- hard to do with my tools.
  12. I was thinking after the John Johnson/ Joe Hill time period but before the Hill school was founded, just to be clearer. Then Mr. Germany comes along and says it's one of theirs/his. I'll just refrain from anymore small talk, thank you.
  13. Let's see your last violin build, if possible. The important issue here is to not let your child lose faith in his parent{s} because of something that was supposed to be made to perform well by you turned out to be just merely another toy in the toy box. How about just renting a good one?
  14. So are some hinting that this could be a last vollar bros example?
  15. Can this violin be older than the old Hill school or am I in the wrong time period?
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