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  1. LOB 35,7 Repair Label: "Viragnolo Ferrucio Repare a Paris 1902" soundpost crack in the back not sure if the scroll belongs to the body
  2. Tarisios answer to my question what happened to Lot 143 " The violin was withdrawn due to a contractual issue. Best wishes, Matt Matthew Huber | Sales Manager T a r i s i o New York | London | Berlin "
  3. Isn't there a story where Patricia Kopatchinskaja had a big problem leaving swizerland with her del Gesu? Super confusing thread. If I buy an instrument (older than 100 years) from Austria in the UK like an auction I have to pay now 20% duty customs, did I understand that right? And if I buy from the US an instrument older than 100 years, then there is no duty for Austria?
  4. Dear community, I wanted to find out the market price for a Karl Neudörfer violin 1944 Schönbach bei Eger. Copy Joseph Guarnerius „The Doyen“. Mint condition. Length of back: 35,7 Didn´t find anything in the new Fuchs Taxe and the auction results online are quite old. https://www.bromptons.co/reference/results/details/violin-by-karel-neudorfer-luby-u-chebu.html https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/price-history/?Maker_ID=1398 Opinions welcome
  5. I know a player who had all kind of high end french bows, but preferred to play on Tubbs.
  6. Looks like a nice fiddle
  7. If there would been a Strad label, definitely
  8. I just have been at my luthier. He saw that there is a label beneath. He asked me if he can remove it. As I was curious, I said yes and that is what appeared.
  9. Is this true? There are many Italian 18th century violins without Label authenticated, or at least baptized)) So the German makers from this time have less “individuality” and specific details? Maybe I am expressing myself not right, just want to be sure, if that is a fact you can not authenticate these kind of instruments...
  10. Some feedback via Email Hallo, die Geige sieht nah einer süddeutshen Arbeit aus dem späten 18. Jh. aus, mehr kann ich von den fotos nicht erkennen. An ein Mitglied der Kloz Familie glaube ich aber weniger. Viele Grüße Hieronymus Köstler Alexander The top and scroll look like Kloz family, no problem. May well be Georg. If the back is not more recent (I cannot see details from only photos) then the whole thing is probably Kloz of some sort. I would need to see the actual violin to be more sure. Also please be advised that I do not specialise in the Germanic school so may not be the ideal person to ask. Best Dmitry (Gindin) Hallo Herr Nantschev, vielen Dank für Ihre Mail und die Fotos. Wie Sie schon wissen, ist es immer schwer ein Urteil nur von Fotos ab zu geben. Auf alle Fälle handelt es sich um eine Mittenwalder Arbeit, zwischen 1770 und 90. Mein erster Eindruck ist eher eine Arbeit aus der Hornsteiner Familie. Mehr kann ich Ihnen im Moment nicht mitteilen, ich müsste das Instrument sehen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Peter Körner
  11. Never heard of Knitl, I like it http://www.geigenbaumuseum-mittenwald.de/index.php?id=170 http://www.geigenbaumuseum-mittenwald.de/index.php?id=171
  12. Will visit the museum on my way from Vienna to my brother (Tegernsee) seems to be on the way more or less...
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