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  1. Hello. I just started studying Recitativo and Scerzo, the known Kresier s unaccompanied violin solo. I found the score online. I would appreciate if anyone can help me finding a score with fingerings or any online Masterclass for that particular piece (I am afraid that online Masterclass does not exist). I want to look after as much ideas as I can (except YouTube performances). Thank you
  2. This is what means pravi Majstor - Master of craft. With few tools to have the best result. This is what old masters was able to do and what distincts the capable craftsman from the modern CNCed mechanic. The more with less is the rule for the maker with abilities. Or it may be a kind of talent. I had also to Iearn the hard way that cheap tools are never cheap. You pay them double when you find that are useless and you have done a bad job.
  3. Thanks for sharing too. Very interesting it's entire YouTube Chanel videos.
  4. Very good option. Thank you. I understand what you mean and you are telling the truth.
  5. Thank you for the information. I know these planes. I had some of these but are not suitable for hardwood (blade quality) and width is small.
  6. I am grateful for your job and I give my thanks. Afterlength really looks long enough. On purpose or by mistake? By the time the violin was in the museum, the (tailpiece s) gut would be more possible to elongate. In contrast here, tailpiece remains low and tailpiece s saddle looks to have greater distance from the edge, than normal.
  7. Thank you very much for your suggestions. I was looking more for ~90 degrees blade: Prices are high so wooden diy would be better choice for me. I was thinking also if making something like Taiwanese plane - but push action, would be fine.
  8. Hello. There are many posts on bow making planes in this forum but I would like to know especially from scraping planes. Since Veritas and Nielsen choices of planes are too expensive for (my) current situation, what would you consider as good wooden scraping plane for bow making? Easy wooden made, plans or blade recommendation would be very helpful. Thank you very much
  9. Hello. What glue should I use that will help as it can the wood resonance? I am more for hot hide glue or Titebon Epoxy two part - I have a very strong one (water and heat resistant) - but it will leave traces of resin that it would be difficult to retouch. Thank you
  10. Another interesting technique for crack retouching, a luthier showed me and is working (at least for me), is to mix the glue with the color dye. Titebond original, white glue, casein etc. The glue inside the crack, leaves a shadow. It is extremely difficult to retouch because even if the color matches, transparency get lost. So, colored glue in this case is a good choice.
  11. Here you have free plans of an ukele and very nice small guitars.
  12. I use also Spectroid. You can find the app from Google play and use it for free from your tablet, smartphone etc
  13. I found the article. Thank you all for your help and contribution. The Kun and Regh s book is on my list to purchase in the future. Even if it is for machinists, as I noticed, it covers lot of important things.
  14. Thank you for your answer. Used book sites (eBay, abebooks etc) do not have the volume I am looking for. Printed material can be shipped from USA, but delays at post services and courtiers are huge here in Europe. I bought a book from Germany before 3-4 weeks and nothing yet (first priority).
  15. Thank you for your suggestion. If there is nowhere to purchase I will do it that way.