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  1. Sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, and I apologise for being absent from this thread since starting it a few days ago! Things get busy, you know... Oh, synthesized! That's not a bad word at all, and it reminds me of another of my favourites - factitious, which scores extra points for sounding like it means a certain thing, but actually means something else entirely. A bit like "pontificate" another pleasant word to roll around your mouth, and which always sounds to me like it should be synonymous with ponder, or wonder - but really means to lay down the law, and put an end to all pondering! Cheers, all!
  2. I have used osage orange to make violin backs in the past, just in the spirit of experiment, and was very pleased with the results. I would love to experiment a bit further with it, although it has to compete with all of the other pet projects and experiments which are floating around in my head, waiting for their time on the workbench!
  3. Following on from Roger's excellent post in the "Words that bother me" thread, I would like to go ahead and open a thread for people to post words and phrases which they actually like! We could not have chosen a better word to begin with than Roger's suggestion of "tolerance". To this I would like to add my own favourite word, "benign," which has always had connotations of wisdom (to my eyes and ears), and seems to express a certain gentleness, respect and courtesy. My other favourite words are "borborygmus" (the scientific name for stomach rumbles ) and its plural, "borborygmi"; and "hypnagogia," which are the strange little sights and sounds which you see and hear when you are just on the point of falling asleep... Please feel free to add any of your favourite words - it would be very nice to hear from you! Cheers, Peter
  4. Many thanks Craig, and nice to meet you! Cheers, Peter
  5. Hello, one and all! I have been a long-time reader of these forums, but it is this thread which has prompted me to sign up! I am normally a very mellow and cheerful chap - and yet cannot resist posting a few of the words and phrases which bother me whenever I hear them! One of the worst is when people use "decimate" to mean destroyed, or damaged very badly. In fact, you even hear newsreaders use it in this way nowadays... Don't get me started! Another one, which has surely been mentioned before now in this thread, is the incorrect use of "literally", as a basic emphasis-adding word. And, as somebody who has built a lot of guitars and basses, is the old chestnut of "more sustain", or that something is better because it "increases sustain", etc. I have often found that the guitar tones which many people want are the ones which do not sustain massively - Telecasters rather than Les Pauls, with sharp, percussive sounds - but the same people will use "sustain" as a magic word of which more is automatically better! There - I feel much better now that I have got all of that off my chest! I look forward to getting to know you all on the forum!