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  1. Thank you. that was very helpful to know. In your experience, what is the general price floor/ceiling for these instruments? Is there such thing as a "good" trade violin?
  2. Hello all, I currently own a violin that is labeled as a Leon Bernardel violin but there are a lot of features on this instrument that are not consistent with anything of this maker. It may not even be French at all. I was wondering if anyone has some experience or expertise with identifying instruments, and what could have led to the fabrication of this false label. Quite honestly, I don't know the genuine age of this instrument. Here are some photos I have taken of the violin: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/brnb6cwf5vrnzcd/AAC6pShk38VlUsffQRVG7x_Na?dl=0 Some automatic giveaways that this is not a Leon Bernardel: -back of the scroll -the "bee-sting" on the purfling Let me know what you think. Help is much appreciated!!
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