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  1. Thanks, Alexander. I agree regarding German bows. There are absolute masterpieces from German makers, even some unbranded and unattributable examples. I do enjoy your posts and pictures. I also appreciate the comments them from other MNers, despite that sometimes one does have to suffer "slings and arrows" gracefully.
  2. I believe that is actually a branded signature.
  3. Hello Alexander, I am curious - what is the goal of your bow collecting? I don't mean to discourage you, because I like seeing pictures of your "finds" here and reading the comments about them. Still, I wonder what your personal goals are.
  4. Yes, and there are also Roths from all eras that have labels but don't have brands, for whatever reasons. @khunsakee, you can send pictures to the Roth company in Germany, and they can tell you if your Roth is authentic or not. www.roth-violins.de (roth-violins.de) Sorry to hear about the eBay scam. Too bad you didn't just keep the money he sent. Nothing he could have done about it, at least through eBay.
  5. Am I missing something in the translation here?
  6. I am seeing the same "Error 200" code when trying to load images.
  7. Racism is complex and can be both conscious and unconscious. It can be expressed with explicit hatred or benign ignorance. It is certainly not confined to one political party or another nor to any social-economic group. It is so culturally ingrained via stereotypes that it can be difficult to recognize by people outside a marginalized group. Assuming, ascribing, or assigning certain behaviors and traits based on physical characteristics such as skin color or eye shape (for example) is racism. I doubt that Zukerman intended to be deliberately hurtful to the sisters with his racist remarks, but they clearly were both racist and hurtful.
  8. Maybe etching fake "bricks" is a new antiquing technique.
  9. From the article: "He mimicked a sing-song vocal style that has been stereotyped as Asian." And the stereotype that "Asians Can’t Sing" is not original to Zukerman. It will show up in a web search. But I do understand where you're coming from. If you don't like the word "stereotype" because this particular characteristic that Zukerman assigned to Korean and Japanese people because of their DNA only because it is not "widely-held," then call it whatever word you want. Perhaps "racist caricature" would be a more acceptable and accurate description for what Zukerman said than "racist stereotype."
  10. Yes, regardless of whether or not you personally have heard it before. He was promoting an ugly hurtful racist stereotype that he further doubled-down on by doing a caricature.
  11. Promoting racist stereotypes is racism. And, yes, that makes him a racist. And, according to the account, his racist remarks were clearly hurtful to the sisters: That was not subtle in anyway. It was elaborative and ugly. So it doesn't matter the reason - age, different era, ignorance, whatever - because there is no excuse for this kind of "teaching." Good for Juilliard to cancel this.
  12. I specifically said "brand." There are, for example, authentic Gucci-brand purses and counterfeit Gucci-brand purses that look virtually identical. The authentic Gucci-brand purses are expensive and the counterfeit Gucci-brand purses are not, but you can be certain that Guccio Gucci had nothing to do with the sewing of either.
  13. No, it is not. It lacks both the features and the quality of an authentic Juzek Master Art brand violin. The label is fake. Sorry.
  14. Welcome to MN. Or just buy and fit good pegs that already have the fancy bits attached. And get a matching tailpiece while you're at it. You do know how to fit pegs, right? It is a job for a luthier if you do not. https://www.internationalviolin.com/Shop/accessories-bridges-chinrests-endpins-fingerboards-tailpieces-and-more/pegs/violin-pegs
  15. Listen to Martin. Listen to Martin. Listen to Martin.
  16. Too bad it wasn't done by Jackson Pollock.
  17. Welcome to MN, and thanks for posting the nice pictures of your violin! I have never heard of "rouge brun fondu entre les ondes," so that was interesting to learn from Martin. It looks to be in very good condition, although the fingerboard looks exceptionally thick. What work does it need?
  18. The French usually pinned the button rings; the Germans often did, so pinned rings are a somewhat weak signal.
  19. They are gorgeous. The craftsmanship is exquisite. This may not make sense, and it is hard to explain precisely, but it is just too perfect to be compelling to me.
  20. They are beautiful in their craftsmanship, but I agree: to me, they are boring in their artistry.
  21. I would not call that "antiquing," i.e. an attempt to make it look older. I think that was done to add texture and "noise" to the varnish surface to make it more visually interesting.
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