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  1. Even in the world of retail violins, sound is not a factor in the price. It may certainly be a factor in the selection of a particular violin by a particular customer (e.g. between 2 identical Jay Haides, using WB's example), but it won't be a factor in the wholesale price paid or the price the dealer charges.
  2. It is not unethical, but it is certainly rude. Price discussions on MN usually descend into heated madness, and the OP is under no obligation to respond. I recommend that she not. I doubt that @Violadamore ever wrote that. But there are dozens of violin dealers with catalogs on-line selling similar merchandise that you can use to satisfy your curiosity as to how similar instruments are priced. "Sound" is subjective and malleable, and has little-to-no influence on the price of a violin. "Provenance" is unknown for most violins, and even if it were known, the chain of previous owners of most violins would have no influence on the price. Provenance only affects value if one of the previous owners was famous, infamous, or well-regarded for some reason. Search "Einstein's violin," for example.
  3. The "flame" on the scroll and pegbox is painted.
  4. Good, and thank you for following up. It is a nice-looking fiddle, and as others have said, I would not worry about the size. If it fits your daughter and your budget, then it looks like you have a keeper. Nobody said anything about it being illegal. There are plenty of things that are both legal and unethical.
  5. It is perfectly reasonable to do privately. It is unethical to post a violin you don't own without permission on a public forum for discussion by people who may erroneously, ignorantly, or deliberately disparage the instrument causing financial harm to owner of the instrument. Not all "third opinions" are qualified or useful or correct or made in good faith.
  6. Respectfully, do you have the owner's permission to post pictures of their violin here? It is unethical to post pictures of a violin you don't own on a public discussion forum without the owner's permission or knowledge.
  7. Glue a thin piece of suede or chamois leather on the lower back.
  8. What areas of the fiddle does he wear the most besides the lower back? Is the top protected by a chin-rest?
  9. You should be able to find pictures of authentic packaging on the internet to compare your products with. You could also post pictures here for people to compare with known authentic products. In fact, posting pictures of putative counterfeit products could be a service to the community. Manufacturers do change their product packaging and text from time-to-time, so different packaging does not necessarily indicate counterfeit products.
  10. If the Caspari pegs are in good working order, then there is really no reason to replace them besides aesthetics. It is not an inexpensive proposition to replace them. It definitely needs a professional set-up.. In the 1970s, some Roth 1700 models substituted a paper label bearing the oval logo and serial number for the actual branding in the back. Does yours have a brand or a paper label?
  11. Awwww, nobody likes my new bow. Oh, well, the price was right. Regardless, it is interesting that the frog with the narrow slide combined with the round ferrel doesn't seem familiar to anybody else here. Maybe it was made by an autodidact. Anyway, apparently not a common mass-produced frog, and probably for good reason. Thanks for your comments.
  12. Playing the lottery is fun! (That gif is great - I had not seen that one before.)
  13. Thanks. Are you familiar with that style of mountings? They are new to me.
  14. I have never seen a frog with this style of mountings: very narrow slide and oddly cut ferrel. The bow is stamped "Germany" on the butt. The metal has a slightly greenish tarnish, therefore I assume it is bronze or some copper alloy. The button and underslide are pinned. The frog and stick have matching manufacturing marks, and the metal lapping underneath the deteriorated thumb pad was also golden color. Weighs 57g as is. Strong stick. Restore or dustbin?
  15. Real whalebone fluoresces under UV light; plastic does not.
  16. It would probably be better for posterity if it was hung on a wall, and not subject to the rigors of being used as a working instrument.
  17. The bidders had to be pre-approved to bid in advance. Tarisio knew who both bidders were.
  18. Kind of a modern "cottage industry" effort.
  19. There are old German and French trade bow that are obviously "junk bows," and there are old German and French trade bows that could possibly be restored to good playing condition. They may not have the prettiest heads or silver-mounted frogs, but they might have good strong pernambuco sticks and decent frogs with the potential to be very good players. Given the environmental concerns around pernambuco, it seems a shame to just throw them away. In the USA, one can get easily get a tip-plate and re-hair for well under $200 from a qualified shop. https://www.google.com/search?q=violin+bow+repair+price+list
  20. The Stradivarius 1714 model is indeed an IR. The 1924 Roth catalog seems to be the main catalog for cross-referencing the maker model-year with the Roth Model from the 1920s, and dealers still price the 1920s Roth violins by Roth model.
  21. Thanks - good to know. In the bigger picture, I wonder if early 20th century pernambuco nickel-mounted trade bows in similar condition and quality are worth restoring? It seems to me that re-cycling of these kinds of bows might be of environmental benefit given the scarcity and over-harvesting of pernambuco wood. Of course, competition in the market from CF and modern trade bows might still make restoration financially unsupportable. What is the retail value of a good fully-restored early 20th century pernambuco nickel-mounted trade bow? $400 - $600? More? Less? I write this as someone who has stashed away about 30-40 of these bows in various states of disrepair. They came with violins. I just can't bring myself to throw them away, but I don't want to spend the money to restore any of them. In this regard, I suspect that I am probably not alone in this group.
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