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  1. I can't even see the nipple in any of the pictures. It is probably fine. The ferrel looks like it might be open, or maybe just an ugly repair.
  2. If a large branch or branches broke suddenly, and redistributed the balance of the tree, couldn't that cause mechanical stress that would take a few years for the tree to adjust to?
  3. Certificates can be very valuable and useful to heirs and executors managing an estate. Plus for insurance purposes.
  4. Not a "law" nor a "rule." It is actually an act of professional courtesy and respect for others. For example: That's all.
  5. There are a number of images of certificates for bows written by Hans Karl Schmidt that may be found using a web search. In each example I have found, "albeit von" ("work by") is used to point to the maker of the bow. "In my opinion" or "in our opinion" is pretty much standard language nowadays, and is used in certificates even when the certificate is from a well-known expert and the attribution is rock-solid.
  6. Welcome to MN. Just so you know, there is an unwritten guideline followed by many on MN not to publicly comment on or criticize a living maker's work that has not been posted by the maker. Therefore, if this bow was made by a living maker, you may not get the critique that you seek, favorable or unfavorable.
  7. I was thinking the same thing regarding the stubby upturned nose. It does not look like Knopf-like to me. From @Brad Dorsey:
  8. Good. Note: The ends of your tailgut under the tailpiece should be trimmed back because they can cause scratches.
  9. True, but one can extrapolate... Seeing a personal professional appraisal is still the best advice. I'd also like to see a better picture of the mortice.
  10. Not exactly sure what this means, but regardless, that is not a very good test for a crack. One would expect the part of the table glued to the block to feel different than the part not glued to it without a crack.
  11. Since you are new to MN, the term "usual rubbish" is used here somewhat endearingly for common German trade violins (which yours is) across a wide spectrum of quality and value.
  12. There are currently 2 of these bows up for auction at Tarisio, which might provide comparable price references for you. Disclosure: I have no relationship with either bow.
  13. Your bow looks damaged around the mortice, which would devalue it. But, regardless, take @Wood Butcher's advice and get all your bows appraised at least for insurance purposes, and then get them insured.
  14. Are you sure it is not a deep scratch?
  15. Maybe not so much, and certainly not if the Italian maker was importing rib garlands from Germany.
  16. Apparently not easy, but BoB construction is just one (1) check on a checklist.
  17. Yes, they do look different. I think my bow is older, too.
  18. From a previous thread. Possibly by the same hand?
  19. I totally agree with this regarding checklists, but these are also subject to cognitive biases and mis-use. (Note: I am not saying or implying that is the case in this thread.) There have been thousands of Italian makers from all over Italy making violins over the centuries. Some used built-on-the-back construction (or appears that way), many had sloppy scrolls with deltas, and even used imported parts. Many cannot be associated with a particular Italian school or region. Commercial Italian trade violins were also a thing prior to WWII. Cognitive bias comes in when we use incomp
  20. Nice bow. To me, it looks like it is from the H. R. Pfretzschner workshop.
  21. This is a cello bow described as "A good cello bow stamped Jean Dom. Adam and Swiss Made." These may have been sold by Shar Music in the early naughts.
  22. GeorgeH


    Change the string?
  23. Was there any varnish left on the table clothes?
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