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  1. Violins made in this region with squared-off corners and flattened scroll eyes were sometimes marketed in the US as "made in the Parisian style." The workmanship, including fluted ffs, appears better-than-average to me, but "better-than-average" is a subjective description, no?
  2. Welcome to MN and thanks for posting pictures of your violin. It looks to me like an better-than-average-quality trade violin from the Markneukirchen/Schönbach region around 1900 that was built in the French style. Necks are normally unvarnished. Blackened peg box interiors are typical for this region of manufacture. The back, neck, and ribs of your violin are not plain, but have narrow flames. It was made with good materials. If there was a bow with it, you might want to post pictures of that, too.
  3. Yes, please, everybody, whatever you do, don't bid for anything nice on Goodwill. With all those shill bidders , the prices are high enough without you adding to the problem.
  4. And what is so "wretched" about them, specifically? Just to be clear, the discussion is about trademarks, not patents. They are entirely different forms of intellectual property.
  5. I am not defending anything nor anybody. I am simply asking for evidence to support your assertions that there are "multiple cancellations over and over again" and "Goodwill has shill bidding on steroids IMHO." So far you have offered absolutely none. If you're going to publicly accuse somebody of something, you should have solid evidence to support your accusations. "IMHO" is not evidence, BTW. I have purchased several gorgeous violins in Goodwill auctions, and have been quite satisfied that the bidding process was fair. I was not a bidder in this particular auction.
  6. Not surprising at all. There are probably only a very few people, likely dealers, who bid at multi-thousand dollar levels for violins on Goodwill.
  7. Huh? Where do you see that? The current auction is only the second time this violin has been offered for auction.
  8. It is a Goodwill auction, not an eBay auction, so likely not shill bidding by Goodwill workers, which would be illegal and easily discovered. Buyer's remorse is a common reason for not paying, and the more likely reason here. Exuberant bidders suddenly get sober in the cold light of day when they have to actually pay for the thing.
  9. Absolutely right, particularly because people have different audible frequency ranges, and are physically going to hear the same tone differently.
  10. Late to this discussion, but what of the bow? Surely the quality of the bow, bow hair, rosin, amount of rosin, number of hairs, tension, etc. is going to effect the "bow response" and the spectrum analysis. Has anybody controlled for the effect of different bows and bow set-ups?
  11. My son played a T-20 as a middle-schooler. It needed a new bridge, fingerboard planed, and better strings, but then was fine for him.
  12. I don't know, and I don't assume. As @martin swan suggested, there is a difference between a signature and an artistically designed signature submitted in a trademark application for use as a trade logo. EHR could have been placing his signature inside violins long before he claimed "first use" for his designed logo signature. Thank you for the Roth & Lederer information in the earlier thread.
  13. He absolutely could have used it. A formal trademark application does not have to be issued before the mark is used in trade, applications are often applied for after a mark has been in use for a period of time.
  14. No, I was not thinking any particular brand. The scroll does not fit common early 20th century Markneukirchen "Dutzendarbeit," the varnish looks 1960ish to me, and the form, purfling, materials, and build look like Czech work. I suppose it could just as easily be from Bubenreuth in the same period.
  15. The answer to that question is wholly dependent on how much they were "ripped-off" over retail.
  16. I think it is post WWII Czech.
  17. Thanks for the picture. It is curious to me because in the picture of the back, the seam appears skewed to the right (bass) side. Not only does the right (bass) side seem narrower, but the seam appears to end a noticeable distance away from the bottom center of the plate. Maybe just a photographic illusion.
  18. Is there a notch in the back plate that aligns with the bottom rib join? Is the back seam as really as oddly off-center as it appears in the pictures?
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