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  1. Looks to me like it is in very good condition for its age, and the repairs it needs are not extensive. It is hard to tell from the OP's picture if the seam separation is a simple closure or if the rib needs to be shortened. Not sure what is going on with the FB. It would probably make a very nice old-timey fiddle for somebody.
  2. I guess that there is a certain irony that he composed "Money" on one of them.
  3. I think that the numbers are just a reference to the "lane," and not indicative of any increasing or decreasing tone qualities.
  4. Read closely, it is a very hedged document, and not really an authentication of anything. In fact, some of the primary description argues against it being "made in Italy in the 18th century" such as "The positioning of the 2 violins is inverted compared to most baroque-era Italian double cases" and the Morocco leather exterior "which presents a linear hatching as opposed to the more prevalent cross-hatching of the period." Plus "The leather joinery is protected by studs, which may be original, and are laterally offset instead of being paired vertically as in most baroque-era cases." The only real argument made for authentically being "made in Italy in the 18th century" is the interior leather "similar in both consistency and color" two other baroque-era cases, which is very weak evidence of anything. Many parts of the case seems to be of unknown origin, age, and originality, and therefore do not support the "made in Italy in the 18th century" opinion. Just to be clear, Musafia does not attribute this case to "A.Stradivari Work Shop" as the eBay seller dishonestly claims he does. Just my opinion.
  5. The "Certificate of Authenticity" doesn't really "certify" that it is an authentic anything.
  6. I have never seen anything like that. Thanks for the pictures!
  7. Sorry, Phillip, but that is pure hearsay by definition.
  8. There are actually many good violins that meet all these criteria and also are not particularly expensive. One might even be able to give one as a gift to the Emperor of Japan.
  9. Although I do like the name, Gemunder was trained and worked in France before coming to New York. Although the OP's pictures are not ideal, that violin looks like it could be one of his.
  10. GeorgeH


    Does Norma Jean have a sultry breathy tone when you play "Happy Birthday" on it?
  11. @Jerry Pasewicz @nathan slobodkin Thanks for your replies. I have a violin that sounds great, and a luthier looked at the soundpost through the f-hole and saw that he thought it was on the border line of being too small. The soundpost is about 35-40 years old, and has never been adjusted since the soundpost was new. I said that violin sounds great, and I don't want to change it unless it is necessary. He said don't change it because it was not too short to hurt the violin. I later changed the tailpiece without the post falling. So that is why I was asking. I don't know how one can tell that a soundpost is too short by looking at it through the f-hole, though.
  12. Can a well-fitted sound post be "too loose" even if it stays in place when string tension is removed?