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  1. Wolf note on G# over low C on violin

    Thanks for the comments. I will be discussing with my luthier. He's is pretty good about taming wolves, from what I understand. I let my violin teacher try it out today because she had never heard a wolf on a violin before (neither had I!). It is pretty disconcerting to play repeatedly and reproducibly.
  2. Wait...what?

    Bill, the fact is that only a very very tiny percentage of adults who work with children are ever suspected or charged with abuse. So if you want a rough estimation based on facts, it would be a very tiny percentage, not a "large percentage" as your original post stated. The vast majority are "fine people." You need more evidence than "an insurance actuarial had done something in his spare time or as part of a study" that you "read or heard about" "a couple of decades ago." And I am sure that discovering that a family friend was an abuser in his position as counselor was traumatic, but please don't paint other adults who work with children with the same broad brush. That's all.
  3. Wolf note on G# over low C on violin

    Thanks for the suggestion, Don. Well, it has been a few weeks since to was set-up (new post, bridge, strings, and tailpiece), and it may have developed during that period. This is my first experience with a violin with a wolf note, and I think I would have noticed it initially, but not sure. From what I have read, G# does not seem to be a common wolf note.
  4. I have a recently set-up violin that has a wolf note on G sharp over low C. Any suggestions on where to look first to find the cause and fix it? Thanks.
  5. Advice on broken cello top

    If you take off the top, that cello could be the dustbin.
  6. Wait...what?

    This statement is a farce, and it does nothing but attempt to malign and cast suspicion on adults who work with children, the vast vast majority of whom are not pedophiles or abusers.
  7. Purfling Under Button Like This?

    This violin is Any names come to mind? Yes, I have seen that, but this is definitely not a Wlikanowski.
  8. Purfling Under Button Like This?

    I assume that this is from an American violin. I don't have any other good pictures.
  9. I know that I have seen purfling inlaid under the button like this, but I don't recall the names of any of the makers who did it this way. Does anybody here know?
  10. @deans and @Brad Dorsey So you were both low!
  11. Self-taught violin makers

    I hope I get to see/hear/play one in-person at a festival someday!
  12. First, tell him at least 3 things that were good about his performance. Then ask him what he thought about it. He will likely be more critical than you in his critique. Then ask him what he would/could/might do next time to improve.
  13. Self-taught violin makers

    Gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pictures. How many have you made? Are most of your customers local?
  14. Trigger finger

    Acupuncture is shear quackery that is only good for lining the pockets of its practitioners. Controlled scientific studies using "mockupuncture" and other placebo controls have shown this repeatedly. There is lots of information about this on the Science-Based Medicine website: Save your money and get the surgery. The only thing I regret about my trigger finger surgery is not having it done sooner.
  15. Violin I/d?

    Do you think those are real blocks?