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  1. Instrument documentation photography

    @Davide Sora @Ben Hebbert This is really really helpful - thanks!
  2. Instrument documentation photography

    @Davide Sora @Ben Hebbert Thanks, I like the stand design. Do you used a flat white background or green screen or black in the blacked room?
  3. Instrument documentation photography

    Are there plexiglass or clear plastic stands useful for photographing violins commercially available? I know some people use wide-rim drinking glasses, but I'd like something better and safer. Any suggestions or other ideas?
  4. German or French Bow?

    @martin swan Thanks, I have learned a lot from you and others here about bows from reading old threads posted here. I would not have even wondered about this bow, except for some of the things that I have learned here. So I appreciate that. Nice to know I have a "Tubbsy" bow! I should get that branded on the stick.
  5. German or French Bow?

    Thank you very much, @martin swan ! The screws are brass. German was what I assumed, but the curve of the ferrel was what started me wondering. And I also remembered you mentioning that the octagonal carving in the stick does not usually extend beyond the wrapping in German bows.
  6. German or French Bow?

    Well, since we haven’t had a bow thread for a while... This is a nice unstamped silver-mounted bow that I have owned for about 35 years. I haven’t used it much in the last 5 years, but I was looking at it today and wondering about its origin. I am not planning on selling it. I had always assumed it was German, but there are a couple of things that make me wonder: The curved ferrel The octagonal carving in the stick extends beyond the wrapping The collar has two cuts The heel plate is one piece. There is one pin in the top of the heel plate and one pin in the base of back heel plate, but no pins in the adjuster. There are several screws in the underslide, which is more typical of German bows. There are no manufacturing marks on the stick or frog. Weight is 57g. I really don’t know enough to evaluate the frog or the head as far as origin of the bow, but both are nicely carved. The chamfers are broad and distinct. So I am curious what others think.
  7. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    So, have you found any fiddles in the flotsam?
  8. Mad Money

    Yes, the infamous "Winner's Curse:"
  9. Mad Money

    Went for $27,500; $33,000 with premium.
  10. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    This is the hold I am talking about. My friend who always holds his violin like this purchased it new about 40 years ago, and he does not do any pizz up the neck nor does he pick it up by the finger board. He has this wear line exactly where he puts his thumb. @martin swan is there any wear on the extra wear on the ribs or edges of the upper treble bout of the violin you posted?
  11. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    In this particular case, you can also see the wear on the edges and rib of the upper treble bout where the violin rests in the hand.
  12. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    People do that?!
  13. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    I have a violin that has a line worn in the varnish next to the fingerboard on the treble side. I always thought it was odd. I had seen this type of wear on other violins, and wondered how it happened. Then I saw somebody holding their violin with the same wear line tucked under their right arm and their hand under the top treble bout with their thumb right on that line. So, another way not to hold your violin.
  14. No thanks, better you should tell him.
  15. He could probably benefit from a better teacher. And I hope he wasn't also destroying a fine bow, because playing like that destroys bows, too.