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  1. Use them to make "camping violins" by using PVC pipe for the body. You probably have plenty of old tailpieces and bridges.
  2. No, that is not the scam that is being described here. What is illegal is using stolen credit card numbers. If somebody sold strings on eBay for $70 that they bought and drop-shipped from Shar for $60 using their own credit card, that is perfectly legal and legitimate. What Brad and others are describing is clearly illegal.
  3. The OP can get there from here by clicking on the date below your name:
  4. That "good essay" is also full of inaccuracies. Yes, like many dealers, Victor Carroll Squier imported violins, and he was also an excellent maker and many examples of his authentic and original work attest to that. Have you finally purchased your copy of The American Violin?
  5. That is largely due to decrease in infant mortality, which skews the average. Once a person makes it past childhood, the number of years of life he/she left hasn't really continued to increase by much.
  6. If not Pernambuco, what is it then? Is it good for making good bows?
  7. A similar Amati model was up for auction recently on Goodwill. I think these might be post-1924 Model 140R. I don't think earlier ones were branded.
  8. Of course, you don't. You obviously don't care about Maestronet, either: Do you see "jezzupe's political opinions" in that description? I don't either. This Forum isn't for thread-hjacking with your political pontifications, which you do more than anybody else here. There are plenty of other websites where you can discuss those topics to your heart's delight. Please take it there.
  9. Just stop it, @jezzupe There are plenty of sites that you can go to for posting this kind of nuttery. Take it there, and stop hijacking threads to post your political views on Maestronet.
  10. Actually, there is no evidence from the picture or the comment on the back that he is a violin-maker at all. Probably just a player/collector in his workshop/dark room with his "fiddles."
  11. Thank you for the explanation. Wouldn't a bow maker simply discard a piece of wood with a wind check? How common are they?
  12. Look at the far left of the photo and follow the horizontal line in the center of the bow. I believe that is the wind check.
  13. Find other examples by the same maker, I guess. See if he did 1, 2, and 3 star bows.