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  1. GeorgeH

    Unusual corner blocks

    Looks like it was done later. I have know idea why.
  2. GeorgeH

    T2 cello question

    It is a lower-grade German cello imported by John Friedrich and Bro. He listed the awards that his instruments received on all of his firm's instrument labels. If it were an authentic cello by John Friedrich it would not be in the T2 auction.
  3. GeorgeH

    Answers when a customer said the repair was tooexpensive.

    Both the customer and the violin maker sound like they have emotional problems.
  4. GeorgeH

    ...and yet another bad apple...

    Blaming the victim as being "no less guilty" than the perpetrator is utterly absurd. The public and private justice systems are stacked against victims of sexual harassment and assault, and is the reason so many do not come forward. They don't want to be victimized twice. I am afraid to say that this shows an insensitivity to those people who were actually hung from trees and lynched that really is beyond the pale.
  5. GeorgeH

    Nicolaus Amatus Fecit

    Hello @perky See this link:
  6. GeorgeH

    Odd Cracked Pegbox Repair - Recommendations?

    It had Grover violin tuners when I bought it. I think that they were added when the pegbox was repaired.
  7. GeorgeH

    Odd Cracked Pegbox Repair - Recommendations?

    @Mike_Danielson He put a pretty substantial inside cheek, so it is pretty strong. If I was going to put friction pegs in, I would have bushed the hole and added a CF ring, but I am going to put Wittner Geared pegs in all four holes. I am glad I had it repaired properly. It looks better, and it is stronger than the metal plate. Thanks for your comment!
  8. GeorgeH

    Odd Cracked Pegbox Repair - Recommendations?

    Back from the shop. The luthier did a fabulous job! He cut the wood from inside the pegbox and pulled the pins out from the inside. Then he replaced the wood inside (saving the exterior wood), filled the pinholes. and touched it up. The repair is almost invisible. Here are the before and after shots. Color difference is the photography. I will be putting Wittner geared pegs in next,
  9. GeorgeH

    Native Italian Speakers Wanted

    Totally worth it. They will sound even better in 300 years.
  10. A couple more reviews of her current tour. People seem to be enjoying it. New York Classical Review: An evening of Bach to remember with Hilary Hahn Washington Post: Hilary Hahn shows mature artistry with Bach violin solos
  11. @mathieu valde Like I said, each to his or her own.
  12. Perhaps that alone would have been enough to delight him! He would also have been able to tell us if Cremonese instruments have improved after three centuries.
  13. GeorgeH

    Could someone Translate this for me? German
  14. If music were a language, then all you would need are the notes on the page to communicate its meaning, but it isn't a language, and the notes on the page are the least important part of musical expression. Even in spoken language, context, expression, inflection, volume, and nuance are what bring meaning to the words. The phrase "I love you" can be spoken in so many different ways as to have many completely different meanings for the literal words "I love you" (including the complete opposite meaning). The so-called HIP performances are fine for people that believe that music should be frozen in time and only played one way for eternity. This is an on-going argument in other music genres, too; it is always the historical purists versus the innovators. Each to his or her own. Since it seems that HIP supporters feel that they can divine how Bach would have wanted his music played despite none of them ever having heard a note played or recorded by the long-dead musicians of that period, I feel equally confident and justified to state the following: Bach would have been utterly delighted by Hahn's performances of his sonatas and partitas.