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  1. Upon comparing some additional videos, the violinist in the OP's video is probably not the person I thought I recognized.
  2. The violinist playing in the OP's video is recognizable to me, and may be recognizable to other readers of I am not going to say anything more than that because I do not know the relationship between the OP and the violinist in the video. Edited later: Not the person I thought he was.
  3. To your point about poor English, I think she was pointing out "April 22th" instead of the correct "April 22d."
  4. Particularly if the "violin businessman" was conned himself, and sincerely believes the violin and certificate to be authentic.
  5. "Conservatory" is just a brand-model stamp like "Artist," "Concert," "Paganni," or "Ole Bull."
  6. Apparently this sale is very controversial among Paleontologists: Ebay Sale Of Baby T. Rex Fossil Draws Backlash From Paleontologists
  7. Jacob, what do you look for as evidence of plates having been milled from the "Thau" milling machine?
  8. The main character in an old very-popular American TV comedy series called "All in the Family."
  9. It is actually a very beautiful violin. However, because it is not built on a standard model, it looks like it was built by a autodidactic maker, and some aspects of the craftsmanship are not finely-executed, such as the purfling and thick edges.
  10. When I showed it to a friend of mine, his first comment was "If he could carve that scroll, why couldn't he do better edges!" So @duane88 and @martin swan are likely correct about the scroll being imported. In regards to "slightly cack-handed amateur," the maker was an established professional maker and repairer (local to where I live), and this violin was made toward the end of his career. I understand and agree with the amateur-looking assessment, though! I actually started this thread not to talk about this violin, however, but to get an understanding about the origins and popularity of this style of scroll. I appreciate the comments.
  11. Maybe you and I could publish this finding in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. I think it is more glamorous than the secret of Stradivari being wood insecticide.
  12. Perhaps it improves the aerodynamics of the stick as it moves through the air thereby giving the tip the properties of a wing and adding a subtle control to the player.