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  1. Hi all My teacher has had this for years and quite likes it and was wondering if anyone knew if they can still be obtained ? Thanks NBC
  2. I've got LN #8 that quite nicely goes in the vice upside down, with a nice wooden stick under the front of it, i push violin and viola wood over the plane, cello and bass you'd push the plane across the wood just get it to ridiculous levels of sharpness and it's good for 5 minute centre joints !! NBC
  3. Ben, I chose to make the change to the degree course, lets see if it really works out any different to the old way, I suspect it won't be so different really ! bring on the next nearly 3 years !! NBC
  4. The test is 5 weeks of 9 to 5 hours, test conditions in the 3rd year workshop here at newark, the object is to make a golden period stradivari violin model in the white, to competition standard, and fully set it up, to be adjudicated by j&a beare The test is optional, not everyone feels it is worthwhile, probably 2/3 of the students take the test each year
  5. Hi, A teacher friend of mine has this, and would like to buy some more of them, the only problem is we don't know what they are actually called, or where to purchase them. Any help is much appreciated Thanks NBC
  6. comte de saveuse, 1726 i spelled it incorrectly in the title, my poster is at a friends , my bad, now edited 726mm LOB I think, it's small, I want to use the outlines etc to make a cello for my sister, who's doing a music degree at the moment, and i'm at NSVM, so the perfect time to do it, it's between this and the 1717 P.G. Rogeri cello, again not so large at 733 LOB, but wider it's just a question of do the taller ribs benefit the sound, or more is a lower rib a detriment to sound, even though it might mean better access for a smaller player ?
  7. hi all, i was looking at the strad magazine poster for the 1726 comte de saveuse stradivari cello, and on the rib heights part on the back it says the ribs have been made taller by 6.5mm on both sides does anyone know why this might have happened ? and when copying the cello which i intend to do, what would a suitable rib height be ? thanks NBC
  8. ben, just a bit more blurb on that kennedy bass, it was restored by martyn bailey, and here's the pictorial from his website http://www.mjbl.co.uk/repair-alteration-thomas-kennedy-double-bass i think the corner veneers were semi intentional, though the current ones on there were new when the restoration was done and don't sweat the mistakes, just make the instrument your baby once it's done ! all the best NBC
  9. ben, i saw your pictures on talkbass, and the link below is the only bass with such wide corners that i know, though the pictures aren't so clear, they might form some inspiration http://www.contrabass.co.uk/2665.htm try and stick with the 10mm channel, and follow the curve of the C bouts more closely in to the corner than the upper and lower bouts, that way you can get the point of the purfling closer to the end of the corner i know it's stupid to ask, but how did you define the edges of your back plate ? when i started my viola we temporarily glued the back and front
  10. ben, i just measured the back of my Michael J Hart bass, the overhang is 4.5mm and the edge to the far side of the purfling is 9.5mm, that way the purfling overall is sitting about central over the join between ribs and linings, and it's got violin corners, but a swell back, not that it changes much ! don't sweat doing the last bit of the corners by hand, it's really not so hard ! take a really large shallow gouge, and roll it around the corner on its tip quite lightly, from the end of your routed channel, both for the inside and outside of the purfling channel, to mark a lin
  11. hi all as the title says, has anyone seen a romberg on a 5 string double bass before ? (one with a low B string btw) i wonder if it's possible, and if there'd be any benefit to it, because i'd like to have a slightly higher B string height, without having to force the middle strings up even further to keep the bow clearance sensible ! many thanks NBC
  12. dwight, if you're looking for a case just to ship the viola once, i wouldn't know where to look, however hiscox make a bombproof viola case, my mum has had the violin version for about 20 years and nothing has broken yet ! http://www.alangregory.co.uk/music/Hiscox_Liteflite_Oblong_Viola_Case_and_Black_Cover.html?gclid=CI627_CjzcwCFSsz0wodFUYB5g hope this might help ! NBC
  13. David, it depends entirely on the width of the bass bar in the instrument, the bridge foot edge should overhang the outside of the bass bar by approximately 1mm i think if you haven't fitted a bridge before, I'd recommend taking it to a trained luthier, bridges fitted well should last many many years ! all the best NBC
  14. i'm planning to go to NSVM in september, and was going to order some wood in the next month or so, i was just wondering if it was economical price wise to buy larger wood and cut it down, i do love one piece backs, so thought it could be a good option i'm making my first instrument at the moment, based on the 1615 amati viola (la stauffer, ex harry danks) which i'm using a one piece slab maple back for, it looks awesome ! thanks for the advice anyway NBC
  15. would purchasing a matching set of cello ribs be a mad idea too ? to cut in to one piece lower ribs etc ? thanks NBC
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