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  1. Messiah wood (again....)

    I agree. But Many many thanks, really great work done!
  2. buying a violin upgrade for a teenager

    There is even a shop made and run by students not willing to trade in their instruments for a low price, but later seeing friends and colleagues paying for that instrument 3times more.
  3. buying a violin upgrade for a teenager

    Well, I overlooked that - I meant to the local luthier shop!
  4. buying a violin upgrade for a teenager

    100% agree. No auctions/no ebay - you should buy only sound in that price category and ready to play violin. If there is a sound(better video)demo of good sounding instrument of ebay or auction, than you can consider. But without video/sound demo - no no no
  5. Cheap but OK-ish 'Baroque' bows?

    nonono, Pierre Affourtit is good choice., there are several other good makers. Those good bows never cost less than 1000.
  6. People are very enthusiastic. 1600 GBP, one week still left for bidding. It is second auction in one week having Marco Dobretsovitch (labelled as MD ), maybe is some info somewhere to study about him and his instruments? I can find very little about him.
  7. Mirecourt?

    Thanks, I'll do photos in 5day! Interesting info!
  8. Mirecourt?

    I'll do extra photos - but really wanted to know about inside work.
  9. Mirecourt?

    Dear experts, is it really Mirecourt average trade level inner work? Could you describe why or why not? Most of my time I'm dealing with german instruments, so trying to learn a bit more. Top is cracked, somebody did poor repair, so now crack should be cleaned and than repaired, but otherwise good,clean work. Thanks.
  10. Ideas about my new friend please?

    Carmignola is not a baroque violinist, he just play baroque violin. It is very bad and uneducated way of doing that. He was not bad as modern player, do not understand why he need all that.
  11. 20th century schonbach ?

    I would like to see those taxidermist's violins, are they with a lion heads?
  12. Violin ID - any ideas?

    No, but if you look carefully photo of inside, you can see top block and traces of glue and smth like a repair.
  13. Violin ID - any ideas?

    There is no graft, so probably neck replacement.
  14. Violin ID - any ideas?

    Thanks, I got photos of cornerblocks