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  1. Congratulations to French luthier! Very good sale!
  2. Looks like regular Mirecourt middle grade violin c1800 or slightly later.
  3. Dorotheum is 100% not right place to buy smth. Attributions are not correct, instruments not always correctly described, overpriced and actually it is a pawn shop... OP instrument described as leicht reparturbedürftig.
  4. Thanks, probably all sources then are quoting Lütgendorf... Probably if he even was making violins (or guitars) there are no instrument existing now. Son was violin virtuoso and spent most of his life staying far away from Regensburg.
  5. No, it is a real person, real name , his son was quite famous violin player and composer, father Johann Georg is mentioned in all bios as "Lauten un geigenmacher Regenspurg", but I have not seen any instrument and I'll appreciate any info.
  6. Hi, Anyone seen violin made by Johann Georg VEICHTNER?active c1760 in Regensburg?
  7. price 200-300 not more. very crude Schoenbach violin in my opinion
  8. great. your dog is not made by an amateur. your violin is a thing which looks like violin.
  9. So you really like that "violin"? it is not really worthless, you can quite successfully use it as wall deco.
  10. I'll be very happy to see the difference to sell French one or Chinese after some years when upgrading
  11. Sadly, prices at Vichy have raised terribly,it is now economically not reasonable to buy there, because prices more and more reach market prices.
  12. there is possibility to get nice french instruments MUCH BETTER than chinese crap for 5000 usd. Look for Diedonne Lavest , Collenot etc. Posting to AU costs 150 approx or even better. Do not see any reason you should by Hayde if you can get in Europe much better ones for same price. I have sold to AU many instruments and all owners said in Au they can not easily find such instruments and they are generally much more expensive.
  13. Main Instrumental pitch at 18th cent Italy . was not an organ pitch, but so called instrumental pich (fluctuated from city to city in Europe circa 409-421, each city has different one , but mainly in those limits, except France,where it was lower) but violins only SOMETIMES tuned up in Chorton (one step up from instrumental pitch). So, we know a lot about pitch Stradivari had in mind. READ HAYNES!
  14. When violin was invented, pitch was mostly higher than 440. Read Bruce Haynes book History of performing Pitch.
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