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  1. I'm more and more start to consider it as phantasy after Brescian instruments. There could be some logic in trying to build Brescian type instrument with cremona f holes, some hybrid...
  2. Da Salo? I’ll look for that. Thanks.
  3. I have not instrument in my hands, so I can only say what have been told. On label should be written Augusto Marchetti no.18, 1980. If it is not a faked label, than it is his 18th instrument.
  4. Label says italian, from 1980. Does not look as china made,or I'm wrong? Sorry, I have only these 3 pictures, but I'll be happy if someone can tell about model. Any other info welcome and appreciated.
  5. Brescian 17th century gamba (Zanetto), but it looks different, not like OP cello
  6. Is there a connection between Danube Fiddler and Blue Danube violinshop, where you can by also a Stradivari conductor's baton and ask for masterclasses how to conduct an orchestra ?
  7. I've seen top from one piece , it was made by Remy. Maybe French?
  8. Could we establish smth like a official league of "sceptical .... old dealer elite"? With Diploma, ID and all other staff. Entering only by recomendations of 5 sceptical members. We can post it as certificate on FB and homepage. I'll be proud to do it
  9. But is it 35.6 cm size of back typical for french instruments? Usually they are bigger, starting at 36,0 and more. Or it is not so easy?
  10. Thanks, interesting, I had also feeling of seeing something french and something I have seen quite recently. Now I’ll check it again.