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  1. Do not recomend that. Only for playing outside in bad weather conditions... On the topic in general: As a person deeply involved in HIP movement I can honestly say there is many players in many baroque orchestras playing on modern instruments with baroque bows. But what is most weird thing - they also use modern technique and also do not care or do not know nothing about historical sound producing and approach . If you are going to play fully "chin off" (it should be so, but majority still are not able to do), then you will find modern angle not very comfortable, but still possible to play .So for begining it is not a very big problem to start use modern violin with gut strings, later you will start to think about changes.
  2. I vote for 19c middle Mittenwald
  3. If you want a post another mediocre playing video it is better to spend time on practising instead of so much posting here
  4. I do not see any reason I can add something different as colleagues already very politely have said about your violin, except something I already said - the sound is not good at result, that is not acceptable. I do not think phone or mic is responsible, more probably setup , repair generally or your playing. What I want to say - I'm absolutely sure there are many of us here not hoping to hear(read) pages of your opinion as expert nor listen your playing and posting it as about ID, which probably is most intriguing topics always . Many of us are here to learn from real experts, improve our knowledge. There are many senior members which deserve all our attention and thanks for their generosity to teach and tell many important things, that is what many of us are looking for, but not for incompetent statements and selfies.
  5. I should remind you about title of that post: Composite old violin ID I do not think we should not welcome posts where title is asking about violin ID, but later we see posts of non profesional (sorry) videos of mediocre quality. Those who want to learn about ID, are not always happy to mix those things. There are many forums on internet where such thing can result even banishment from particular forum. I suppose on MN you can find more appropriate place to post selfies and videos, I am sure there are people who will welcome that.
  6. It is very nice you keep telling us how happy you are with your playing and your revarnished instruments.
  7. I did not even started to talk about the perfoming "qualities" and skills, it is not not a serious reason and it will be too long to discuss, somebody already mentioned mistakes. I just repeat - tone is very metallic, something is wrong with instrument or playing technique or both.I have seen many videos made with phones, sound recording quality always quite adequate. I have seen some instruments with "brick" repair and all of them sounded quite bad. I strictly avoid those instruments, hope Jacob can explain good and "easy" method to restore.
  8. Very metallic sound on record , can not accept that.
  9. exactly. that is next thing to discuss. I expect also advocates of printed violins raising voice and telling about" value"
  10. Exactly - value for your budget, but not for soul. It is crap as everything other cheap staff made in China.Russian cars also are cheap and probably value for someone with very tight budget. But they are crap. Same situation.
  11. Old SAXON and Schoenbach instruments: It is still a very common thing in post soviet countries to repair/regraduate/awake from state of dead/ etc . It is possible to make them sound louder, respond better, but they still are trade violins and their tonal qualities and colours never reach class of good violins. Same , but much worse with Chinese instruments - they are still Chinese instruments... interesting, why there are so active Chinese propaganda people? I'm personally not a big fan of Alieexpress/AliBABA fashion style and taste. No musician will ever choose those instruments to be his main instrument, as second instrument to play in bad weather - direct sunlight/rain - yes, probably. But it is not a valuable instrument at any sense - designated not for soul, but for smal budget only.Never invest in those 2 categories. Slightly better choice is german trade crap as Chinese crap.
  12. I do not recommend to buy those new italian violins. Usually they are bad sounding instruments with a rare exceptions. For a small budget my recommendation is: if buy online, 1)it should be video to hear and see how it is been played. 2)need good detailed photos and description + personal communication with seller 3) upgrade/trade in options are must - (so I do not recommend auctions
  13. As a not native US language speaker I wanted to know what you wrote and I've found in dictionary what it means. what a surprise!
  14. Bumfuck, Egypt. (vulgar, idiomatic, US, originally military slang) ?
  15. mathieu valde

    Bow B.F

    Who can help to identify which maker/firm produced bows with huge letters B.F. engraved on frog? I think once I found, but now can not remember. Or it was just a dream... thanks