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  1. mathieu valde

    Curved bow

    Right, I can add, that arpeggio also can be partly treated as ornament, as well as imitation and adaption of Harpsicord and Teorba playing style. Violin playing solo is always also playing \imitating bass line incorporated , so 2 different parts must not be mixed together - we clearly should hear 2 different functions - bass line with some figures already realised or we imagine hearing them + melodical material (independent). So it makes all those phantasies about curved bows simply stupid from the musical point of view.
  2. mathieu valde

    Viola ID Help

    There are many small good 1st half of 19th c French violas available around , ready to play - lowest ones usually start at 2500 Eur. They tend to be much better than Saxon instruments.
  3. mathieu valde

    Jacobus Stainer real or not?

  4. mathieu valde

    Jacobus Stainer real or not?

  5. Have you ever heard about clavicords? probably no, that's why your comment came. It is very pity to read angry comments from simply non/dis/misinformed people.
  6. mathieu valde

    Very strange pattern violin with Head scroll

    I've seen at least 5 different ones, sound was not good independently who made them. Probably for folk fiddling they can be usable, who knows.
  7. mathieu valde

    Violin ID

    There is no such cheapo violin with good sound. I do not believe in Santa anymore.
  8. mathieu valde

    Violin ID

    when you like colours in your violin timbre, when you like Chambertin instead of your daily beer, etc
  9. mathieu valde

    Violin ID

    Trade violins. not for very much refined taste. sorry.
  10. mathieu valde

    Violin ID

    I'm afraid we have different opinions about good sound. These cheap violins does not have slightest possibility to sound good. They just sound louder or weaker. Sorry.
  11. mathieu valde

    Antoni Hornsteiner vulgo Hofsmied

    Does anyone have more info on Antoni Hornsteiner violins and his works? Have found that in a museum, but no more pictures in net. Is it a very original model? I have no Hamma's book available, so please share with a copy of that page please.'
  12. OMG. Wrong. Generally speaking - in those times musicians were speaking their music as actors interpret their material . They live and behave ,speak with a emotions of their dramatic personae - it is not only about contrasts of tempo and loudness. Most of HIP younger generations is taught to do same.
  13. HIP is not concerned on just playing on period instruments, it's about how to speak in that language ( we now - music is language!).Rhetorics , metrical foots ( I'm not sure about right word in english), all other staff... Searh for an info, there are such many info - start with Seneca, Quintilianus etc, then read what all musical teorists say about it, for ex Matthesson, which was Bach's authority. You just lack all that info and therefore do not understand how to speak that music. Contemporary music is not speaking, it is not a language based, it is more like on signals system based. I like Hahn, but not in baroque repertoire.
  14. It is been already discussed - if you prefer language being spoken not as you as a native speaker expect (and Bach expected btw ) but as someone imagines it should be spoken,( imagine result of speaking French by somebody having no idea what it should sound ), than you of course will not like Historically informed Perfomace .