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  1. I have seen many french scrolls being quite different in quality. I'm sure there is not one only model produced in same factory. But once again: with such photos is hard to decide
  2. Not quite agree,probably you never had Schoenbach production on your table, (those fancy scrolls are unforgettble) but with such quality photos it is impossible to make real decision. Still think it is Mirecourt.
  3. As I understand he is not owning those violins at all...
  4. Are you sure it was offered as 1850? More looks as end of 1800. For me it looks a Mirecourt instrument
  5. Normally not more than 1000 eur in very good state, ready to play. And it is not JTL top production, quite opposite.
  6. I also nearly sure it is from "usual region". I prefer MK, it very much looks like those "french" violins they made pre IIWW.
  7. In Schoenbach they made and sold widely Schachtelns - half assembled boxes, tables sold separately, so it is possible you got violin bought as schachteln, table added from different seller (maybe at same market place), finished by buyer (reseller).
  8. Same "entry level Baroque instrument" even better can be made out of cheap Schoenbach violin or Medio Fino. Just a shit with gut strings (if you put any).
  9. it slightly reminds me Charles Harris violin once I had. But I'm not an expert on British violins.
  10. I know seller, she is a teacher and player, honest lady, I do not suspect at least a fraud there , perhaps she has no slightest idea what it is. Valued 2500 at Ealing strings? I'll be happy to see them buying for such amount,
  11. looks more than Saxon or probably English one?
  12. After doing that you will be able to sell it much cheaper even if it is original , hope it is exactly what you wanted...
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