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  1. Old Bow ID

    I see roman figures
  2. Mittenwald violin - any ideas about age

    When extra wood from cornerblocks removed you can clearly see linings was inserted in blocks originally.
  3. Germany or French

    I have seen once same style of scroll (but much better /cleaner work) on Sanctus seraphim model violin, probably from Cuesnon(as far as I remember)- around 1930ties. Was suspicious, but it was confirmed as unmistakable french . But still I do not like those scrolls.
  4. You can get nickel Bazin with a good certificate In Paris for circa 3000 Eur and choose out of severals. I can sell you for a 4500 Eur ( I mean I'll tooke a plane to Paris, buy a bow, spend a night there and after all that I'll even make a profit out of that deal) .
  5. Mittenwald violin - any ideas about age

    As far as I understand it from Mittenwald, somebody later made neck angle modernising, together with ribs enlargement. Any ideas about age? Any comments? I'll think to convert it back to baroque setup and take off extra additions to ribs, blocks, cornerblocks. Neck - was it nailed before? And there are too much cleats
  6. Fake certificates on ebay?

    He is offering "certified" violins. He is selling from San Diego (also are USA based, probably his alias) pretending to sell violins "certificated" by "french expert" . Fraud.
  7. Fake certificates on ebay?

    That was my first idea - probably Ames Anciennes got crazy.... But I do not think so - I made a little research - seller fricfrac or some other his profiles are USA California based, probably San Diego. Probably he is trying to imitate their profile but in very hysterical way.
  8. Fake certificates on ebay?

  9. Fake certificates on ebay?

    Look, those "certificates" are going viral, at least on ebay. funny - at first it is certificate (in ebay item tittle), than it is something else in a "certificate" itself, and finaly at the end it is not a certificate and not a legal document (as german says - kleingedruckte). Or is it ok to make papers like that? (it is listed together as pictures).
  10. Messiah wood (again....)

    I agree. But Many many thanks, really great work done!
  11. buying a violin upgrade for a teenager

    There is even a shop made and run by students not willing to trade in their instruments for a low price, but later seeing friends and colleagues paying for that instrument 3times more.
  12. buying a violin upgrade for a teenager

    Well, I overlooked that - I meant to the local luthier shop!
  13. buying a violin upgrade for a teenager

    100% agree. No auctions/no ebay - you should buy only sound in that price category and ready to play violin. If there is a sound(better video)demo of good sounding instrument of ebay or auction, than you can consider. But without video/sound demo - no no no
  14. Cheap but OK-ish 'Baroque' bows?

    nonono, Pierre Affourtit is good choice., there are several other good makers. Those good bows never cost less than 1000.