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  1. exactly. that is next thing to discuss. I expect also advocates of printed violins raising voice and telling about" value"
  2. Exactly - value for your budget, but not for soul. It is crap as everything other cheap staff made in China.Russian cars also are cheap and probably value for someone with very tight budget. But they are crap. Same situation.
  3. Old SAXON and Schoenbach instruments: It is still a very common thing in post soviet countries to repair/regraduate/awake from state of dead/ etc . It is possible to make them sound louder, respond better, but they still are trade violins and their tonal qualities and colours never reach class of good violins. Same , but much worse with Chinese instruments - they are still Chinese instruments... interesting, why there are so active Chinese propaganda people? I'm personally not a big fan of Alieexpress/AliBABA fashion style and taste. No musician will ever choose those instruments to be his main instrument, as second instrument to play in bad weather - direct sunlight/rain - yes, probably. But it is not a valuable instrument at any sense - designated not for soul, but for smal budget only.Never invest in those 2 categories. Slightly better choice is german trade crap as Chinese crap.
  4. I do not recommend to buy those new italian violins. Usually they are bad sounding instruments with a rare exceptions. For a small budget my recommendation is: if buy online, 1)it should be video to hear and see how it is been played. 2)need good detailed photos and description + personal communication with seller 3) upgrade/trade in options are must - (so I do not recommend auctions
  5. As a not native US language speaker I wanted to know what you wrote and I've found in dictionary what it means. what a surprise!
  6. Bumfuck, Egypt. (vulgar, idiomatic, US, originally military slang) ?
  7. mathieu valde

    Bow B.F

    Who can help to identify which maker/firm produced bows with huge letters B.F. engraved on frog? I think once I found, but now can not remember. Or it was just a dream... thanks
  8. Yes, it is Rubus model. Saxon made. And 2nd looks like cheap grade JTL
  9. That violin for 99% does not look as Remy. And I'm not sure about OP violin also. All Remy's I had was bigger - circa 36.3 . Also head looks different.
  10. Not agree. Ebay is always on buyers side. There are many USA customers simply trying to blackmail seller after receiving instrument, asking for compensation instead of sending back violin for no serious reason(of course they do not want really to send it back , real reason is 20-30% money back). After receiving money they are selling violin for full price. They are always angry if you are not accepting that. Very popular thing. So do not judge seller by feedback , it can be also wrong.
  11. From those photos you I can not see details, but there still is probability it can be Remy from Mirecourt family or head only from Remy
  12. I think it is much worse and dangerous to buy in auctions now...
  13. You can read about that type of stringing here.
  14. Gregr sounds quite Czech, so probably Schoenbach can be possible place of birth