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  1. Maybe it is worth to compare with what is written in Raffin certificate?
  2. exactly. I think it is so called " letter of opinion" and I think it is not worth anything. We saw last month here exactly same kind of "paper" about saxon violin someone bought on ebay terribly expensive, stating it is French and old. NB: guy who bought "very expensive and old French saxon" - I hope he stopped finally to buy crap on ebay and get back his money, any news?
  3. Strange, first time I saw certificate like this starting with sentence which looks copied from kind of ebay description...
  4. Sure, but for " light barroque playing" maybe not
  5. I've read somewhere Basta existed and had a violin shop, but probably he was just a seller. I sold at least 3 of those his "best" violin with better "golden" varnish and better woods. But it is still a Schoenbach (later Luby) trade violin. Decently made? No, far from being decent. Chinese violins? sorry, even worse than Schoenbach, sure. I am sure it is same with all Schoenbach dealers, some of them were makers, but majority we know ("bigger names ) were sellers only. Only once I found a Johann Schack signature inside on table stating he made it , and that was really much better made violin (but still recognisable as Shoenbach) , rest majority of violins with his (shop) labels I have seen was probably just finished by him in a best case.
  6. I can agree: there is a possibility for that violin as beeing italian. Same kind a theoretical possibility as you to win a millions of powerball.
  7. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/333119-how-to-photograph-an-instrument-for-identifcation-purposes/
  8. usually they try to say it is Testore
  9. sure,I agree, (but ,personally I like those Remy ones) but French ones are generally much carefully carved.
  10. If you will look carefully to the head you will see how ugly it is, even mass production of French trade instruments have better quality.
  11. It is probably JTL mass production , made around 1900. But photos are very bad. NB: Are you are trying to buy a french instrument? previous were cheap Markneukirchen mass production someone probably tried to sell you as french , now not better staff, but still not a much better instrument. Hope you have not paid more than 4-5 hundreds for them?
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