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  1. how much did you spent?
  2. Some of our experts are selling some staff on ebay. I do think they are quite trustable sellers.
  3. Completely agree. It was funny to see people bidding those figures, up to 800 pounds for that violin was in my opinion quite fair price, but such "interesting" price... I think was a poker game with Amati successful bluff.
  4. I have not yet started to plan how to... When I'll open it, will be more info about all details
  5. Well - it is up to you use Chinese modern Sh..t. Or Cremona made Chinese instruments. I like to restore old instruments , that violin is possible to restore in very good state, probably I'll choose baroque setup for it.
  6. Aha, clear, thanks.
  7. thanks, I also had that idea, but slightly earlier date. I never seen head like this before on violin...
  8. Looks BOB, head of very strange form, someone can identify region? I have no camera, did best to take photo of block, where you can see they go under block, or blocks are later?They are small and except particular one look quite nicely Repair label with date 18..
  9. Well I actually asked about monogram, because I strongly suspect MK/Sh, if you look on purfling. But ok - I have some photos of violin, but no inside, because it is not mine and I have no access. Please be so kind and tell me what you can tell about it, maybe it will be something more interesting than I suspect...
  10. Does someone recognise this particular Monogram as makers one? Or it is owner's? First letter is M but 2nd? It does not look as German Kurrent , violin came for Denmark - maybe Danish Kurrent S ? Any ideas?
  11. Yes, he was very known and respected in Latvija in 30-40 years, but never heard any of his records, and I heard about his surving of Nazi camps. I have a friend who is obsessed with early recording of Baltic states, but also he never had in his possesion that record. Where did you get that record?
  12. Right, totally agree, and his "(art)" shit now even available everywhere in every auction house.
  13. Schoenbach was part of Austria at the time when violin was made, so it is an Austrian instrument if you want not to dig deeper. I prefer personally not to deal with those instruments anymore, they are cheaply made and if you are starting to touch them in most cases you should rebuild them totally. Anyway final price will not be high enough to be enough happy of it.