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  1. But one glove is only 29.95!
  2. It just seems like such an odd idea to me and wonder why anyone would think it a good idea to use adhesive over a varnish and expect it to do no damage in the future.
  3. So I just looked on the site in the link and there is a bottle of glue they say you apply and that it will not hurt the varnish, but I would be afraid to glue this on my instrument.
  4. Wartime Consigliere, Maybe you could offer $700.00 for the violin and then you have more money left for a tuneup and new strings. It looks like a decent instrument for the money.
  5. I think everybody hears fuzz or scratch under the ear but people a little distance away will not pick this up. Maybe you need to focus on more scale practice in the third and fourth octave or maybe it is an E string or soundpost issue. Maybe you could have someone else play it and listen for this problem.
  6. I think that when one has a mishap with a tool and is seriously injured it is more due to lapse of focus or concentration on where both hands are than say skill or education.
  7. That is a nice looking instrument and with a good setup could be an amazing player.
  8. The first Maestronet page no longer has the discussion topics listed and am glad to know why. I now just click on forums and they come up in a slightly different format but if it helps cuts down on th he spam i am all for it as the site has been bombarded with disgusting ads in the last month.
  9. Of interest to look out but not a big fan of this style of art. Thanks Rue.
  10. Have never seen this style and certainly looks like a fun bow to try out but dubious as to how it would work out.
  11. I have never seen a back decorated quite like this so thanks for posting.
  12. 50 million dollars for a pastel picture by Francis Bacon that looks to be completed in two hours time. Crazy world. At first I was thinking that this must have been a collection of his old essays and was surprised to see there is also a similar named abstract artist.
  13. I was the tenth.to like and enjoyed this short and sweet video as is always exciting to hear new material for the first time and obviously the audience liked it immensely from their applause. I was wondering how long it would take to compose and polish a shorter piece such as this.
  14. Thanks for bringing her to my attention as I find them interesting to watch. The one on vibrato she shows clips of 5 different players on the same few measure. I was taught not to hold the neck like James Ehnes does : )
  15. I do find TwoSet videos interesting and a pleasant diversion from the sometimes stuffiness I so often perceive in the violin world.
  16. I like it. Do you play this instrument?
  17. I do not care for much of the new country on our two local stations but I do like almost all of the old country. We have a new radio station that plays old country commercial free with a lot of Louvin Brothers and Bill Monroe mixed in. What a great station.
  18. In the grand scheme of life I think it mind blowing that possibly we have been here since the beginning in one form or another.
  19. Goldbrokat are my choice of E and I use both medium and heavy. They are cheap enough to change out once a month and new sounds so good and a joy to play on. Never had much of a whistle problem. Interested in trying the new gold plated. Sometines use the PI Platinum E but they are so expensive and not really convinced that it sounds any better than this two dollar Lenzner string.
  20. Just come in from a Easter jerky hunt in the backyard with the dogs and they were not that good at sniffing out their hidden treats. Pampered and obese and lazy they think they are people now rather than four footers. Happy Happy Easter to you all!
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