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  1. Letters from James Hardie to Mr Broadfield

    Thank you for posting these letters becaise i found them fun to read.
  2. What style of purfling?

  3. Nice planes

    Very nice planes. I have a 24 inch wood plane for joining which I bough ages ago at an antique store. It was marked $55 dollars and I offered $20 for it. It took many hours to get it sharpened and even longer to get the knack for adjusting the blade depth.
  4. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    No name for my violin and if showing it to someone interested i will even avoid naming the makers name as I do not want to draw attention to it.
  5. J.DiLisio's Bench

    I enjoy looking at your work and impressed by people that make their own varnish. The horse manure and rabbit urine application doesnt sound too appealing to be laying my head upon several hours a day. ; )
  6. Evaluating a Violin

    When looking at violins to purchase Martin's advice is what keeps me in check from spending more then I should on a instrument.
  7. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    What is not to be found on Wikipedia? Never thought of looking for violin making information there.
  8. Varnish

    I would also enjoy seeing a picture of Joe's sunburst varnish.
  9. This post has been deleted

    I would think Mr. Saunders would say actually say something , Sorry but I can't fix this for you but Mr. So N So on the other side of town will do it. Piss off is for us Maestroneters but please correct me if I am mistaken.
  10. This post has been deleted

    I will also say that about ten years ago I had a new bridge installed and my luthier allowed me to pick the bridge with the prettiest grain of what he had. Most people probably do not even scrutinize a bridge that much but it was a fun and memorable experience with this guy humoring me and letting me pick my favorite.
  11. This post has been deleted

    My primary violin is the pride and joy of my life. Suppose I had ordered a custom set of matching pegs, tailpiece, and endpin from Eric Meyers and since I am not able to install them myself would have to rely upon someone highly skilled to do this work for me. Would all of you famous luthiers refuse to do this work because I purchased the supplies from somewhere else? i can certainly sympathize with OP Marco and his frustration since I can see the possibility that he had scoured through lots of bridges for one pretty one that appealed to him. I also appreciate pretty wood whereas I think that looks do not matter that much to most players.
  12. This post has been deleted

    I am quite surprised to read the response from two luthiers which I like that they would refuse to fit a special bridge that a customer wanted installed for some particular reason.
  13. What’s in the box? :-)

    I like the look of this violin. Where the neck meets the back there is a quarter inch shim on the button to fill a gap. What is the reason for this thin shim?
  14. Stavanger's bench

    Like seeing the pictures of your tiny and tidy workshop.
  15. DODD bow

    Looks great.