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  1. Jeff Jetson


    A great picture from the garden!
  2. Jeff Jetson

    "DEFT". What's it?

    I have used a lot of Deft lacquer and it does give great results with a brush on small areas. I don't mind the smell of oils and turpentine but the smell of lacquer sets off the inner alarm that it is toxic stuff to be working around.
  3. Jeff Jetson

    The Blazing and Amazing...Mark O' Connor

    I have never cared for the sound that Mark O'Connor has. And this is not just a dislike of a few clips but all of them. Even listening to him playing his own violin concerto I feel the sound is artificial compared to say Hilary Hahn and I speculate that the microphone attached to lower bass side of the violin causes this. Vassar Clements is another player that I never cared much for because of his tone.
  4. Jeff Jetson

    Edward Kinney, Springfiels, Mass 1908

    That is quite interesting to see, thanks for posting these pictures!
  5. Jeff Jetson

    How do you keep your powders and liquids readily at hand?

    Nice idea and thanks for sharing!
  6. Jeff Jetson

    Did MN just disappear for a couple of days?

    The usual Maestronet disappeared for me for about six hours but at night it was back. The short disappearance and not being able to read the message board made me realize how much I enjoy this site.
  7. Jeff Jetson

    Help identifying origin of this violin

    Welcome to Maestronet Apochalys!
  8. Jeff Jetson

    Ears ringing in pit orchestra

    I would like to be a professional obfuscater too but not really sure how to go about it. I think it is a arcane part of yhe dark arts and this knowledge is not passed around to just anyone.
  9. Jeff Jetson

    Violin shop bankruptcy in Chicago

    I sympathize with Mr. Manfio having two beautiful missing violas out fhere, two months of his effort in limbo. A crazy world, crazy laws.
  10. Jeff Jetson


    Jack Benny was so funny with Mel Blanc as his music professor. This kind of humor is missing from today's TV and replaced with often crude and vulgar humor. I have never had a tv as at first I could not afford one but now I don't want one. I visited my parents almost daily at the end of their life and found a lot of the sitcoms revolting and distasteful to my liking. About ten years ago I heard Betty White call her young roommates bitches and sluts and was very disappointed that she would morally stoop so low as to condoning this language to make people laugh. Liberace squashing Jack Bennys Strad while lowering his Grand piano lid is my idea of humor but maybe I am just an old curmudgeon.
  11. Jeff Jetson

    Yehudi violn hold

    Q while ago i resolved to spend half of my three hour daily practice time restless for 3 months to see if it might be better in the end for me but after a fair amoubt of time spent discovered that I play better and more naturally with the shoulder rest.
  12. Jeff Jetson

    Geoffrey Ovington Violin

    I hadn't heard he passed and am sorry to hear that. He made nice instruments.
  13. Jeff Jetson

    Who can build me a file cabinet?

    That is an interesting cabinet. You could try making a plan from the picture and building one yourself which I think you could do one step at a time and learning as you move through the process. Every town has craftsmen capable of reproducing this item for you but it will be quite expensive to have made, or you could place a free ad on your local Craigslist and ask for quotes to have this cabinet made.
  14. Jeff Jetson

    A few old violins compared

    An interesting and enjoyable video and I liked the Guadagnini instrument best. I would like to have seen a modern makers fiddle such as one by Don Noon thrown into the mix for comparison sake.
  15. Welcome to Maestronet Jwilllis. Nice violin you have.