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  1. That is a very good idea Rue!
  2. Jeff Jetson

    Merry Christmas!!!!

    It would indeed be a Merry Christmas with a beautiful Manfio viola sitting under my Christmas tree.
  3. Jeff Jetson

    Happy Birthday Ida Haendel!

    I enjoy watching videos of her play and a few online interviews as well. In a couple of her latest performance videos there is a few rough intonation spots here and there but in a way this just shows us that she's just being human. What a beautiful woman at 90 years of age.
  4. Jeff Jetson

    Grinding curved edge knives

    I also appreciate Jerry's pictures of curved blades.
  5. Jeff Jetson

    Guy Harrison's bench

    I wonder if there is a feeling of sadness after selling a extra fine instrument such as this after putting so much time and labor into it.
  6. Jeff Jetson

    The scientifically proven worst song ever

    Is there some kind of a prize award if I do make it thru all 22 minutes?
  7. Jeff Jetson

    But it's my favorite maker.......

    I think it will sell for a bit over 100k.
  8. Jeff Jetson

    Flatening a plane

    I have bought almost all of my planes from garage sales or antique stores for very little money but they did take a huge amount of time to get working as intended. I have flattened all of my planes on a piece of glass with various grades of silicon wet dry paper for the metal planes and garnet paper for the wood ones. It takes a lot of elbow grease to do this as well as the back of the cutting blade but the results are worth it to me although it is much more convenient to order a Lie Nielsen for instant gratification.
  9. Jeff Jetson

    Instrument varnished with my product

    Rich looking varnish!
  10. Jeff Jetson

    Where is pahdah_hound?

    A couple of months ago someone on Violinist .c9m was looking for info on a violin and was recommended that they post pics on this site. Lynon chimed in there was only one or two knowledgeable people there and the rest were a bunch of yahoos and he went on to disparage one of our female luthiers here. I suppose every one of us is entitled to our opinion but when someone starts bad mouthing others they lose all of my respect.
  11. Jeff Jetson

    Skunk in Workshop

    I was practicing my violin before work one morning and and a bat flew around my head and I was frightened for a moment until I realized what it was. I managed to confine him in the bathroom and then the shower and finally in a pail where I put him back outside where he was panting heavy from his ordeal. I had skunks living under my porch for many years and I only knew it because in the fresh snow I would see their tracks to the compost pile and back.
  12. Jeff Jetson

    Warchal 'Timbre' Strings

    I would like to try these strings but have read on the other violin site that only local dealers would be allowed to carry them and I have not seen them for sale yet.
  13. Jeff Jetson

    Samuel Zygmuntowicz Violin

    I think some people are fortunate enough to possess a lot of money but sometimes lack the prudence for spending it wisely, especially for a violin outfit. At least this member apparently shows some caution with his spending by asking the best makers and repairers in the world for their advice.
  14. Jeff Jetson

    Varnish Crackle Question

    I also like this finish as it is.