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  1. It just seems like such an odd idea to me and wonder why anyone would think it a good idea to use adhesive over a varnish and expect it to do no damage in the future.
  2. So I just looked on the site in the link and there is a bottle of glue they say you apply and that it will not hurt the varnish, but I would be afraid to glue this on my instrument.
  3. Wartime Consigliere, Maybe you could offer $700.00 for the violin and then you have more money left for a tuneup and new strings. It looks like a decent instrument for the money.
  4. I think everybody hears fuzz or scratch under the ear but people a little distance away will not pick this up. Maybe you need to focus on more scale practice in the third and fourth octave or maybe it is an E string or soundpost issue. Maybe you could have someone else play it and listen for this problem.
  5. I think that when one has a mishap with a tool and is seriously injured it is more due to lapse of focus or concentration on where both hands are than say skill or education.
  6. That is a nice looking instrument and with a good setup could be an amazing player.
  7. The first Maestronet page no longer has the discussion topics listed and am glad to know why. I now just click on forums and they come up in a slightly different format but if it helps cuts down on th he spam i am all for it as the site has been bombarded with disgusting ads in the last month.
  8. Of interest to look out but not a big fan of this style of art. Thanks Rue.
  9. Have never seen this style and certainly looks like a fun bow to try out but dubious as to how it would work out.
  10. I have never seen a back decorated quite like this so thanks for posting.
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