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  1. Breathing Rosin dust

    I have never been concerned about breathing in rosin dust and it has never crossed my mind to be worried about it before. I am worried and use a dust mask or respirator when working around fiberglass, lead, manganese, and brakes.
  2. Need Help with Cello Butchery

    What clever ideas.I especially like the clamp with the tuning pin.
  3. Memoirs of a violin collector

    You have piqued my interest!
  4. Standing???

    I think that each person is unique and going to hold the violin and have slightly different postures because of height and joint functioning. I do think there is a most efficient playing setup for each person but to say you must put your feet at such and such an angle and 40% of your weigh on left foot or the violin should be at a certain angle and tilted at a certain angle is not going to work for all people.
  5. A Beautiful Case

    Interesting article and pictures. I wonder why back thenthey would have put the carrying handle on the top of the case versus the side. It seems like the case would be awkward to carry any distance .
  6. Instrument varnished with my product

    That is a beauty.
  7. This may be a genuine "Holy Crap!"

    Pete Townshend with the Who and famous for smashing his guitar at the end of live shows. I think there is a clip of him on the Smothers Brothers show and after The Who were done playing Pete walks up to Tom Smothers and takes his wonderful acoustic guitar and smashes it. Kind of sad to see.
  8. Violin for id

    Jacob Saunders, you are my favorite poster here on Maestronet and wishing you well.
  9. Salute to the humble 102

    Very nice little craft Edi. I have always wanted to make a Adirondack guide boat as well as a violin someday.
  10. Taylor Lethbridge's Bench

    Looks Italian to me!
  11. Welcome Peter, I am interested in your new design and was wondering if you could post a pic or a link.
  12. Violin Varnish Help

    Your new finish looks to have an interesting sunburst effect, more so on the back.
  13. Violin purchase

    Welcome to Mastronet Linda.
  14. Violin purchase

    In grade school we had a kid on our bus named John Bates and every morning when he got on and came to sit with us in the back of the bus we greeted him Good morning Master Bates, how are you. Even when we were seniors this greeting never seemed trite but forever humorous.