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  1. A lot of names are here on this thread of which I do not recognize.
  2. interesting violin

    I seldom see a chin rest such as that tiny one.
  3. world premire

    This sounds like an interesting evening to look forward to. I enjoy going to concerts at three of our local colleges and have seen many world premiers of pieces that the students have written and often times the composer will also be conducting their new work. Seldom have I disliked any of them amd most of them sound good enough in my opinion to be played on classical radio stations. A few times the composers have seated some of the orchestra members in the balcony which surrounds the music hall and it is indeed an ethereal effect to unexpectedly hear music coming from above and behind you. Buy bitcoin still or stay away?
  4. I have known the violin fixers in my area for so long and they are all friendly and generous and I think if didn't have my own menagerie of fiddles that any one of them would be glad to loan me one of their instruments for sale. There is always the chance of seeing a loaner instrunent as superior and maybe the borrower might want to buy it. It is sad feeling to be separated from my favorite violin overnite. : )
  5. Welcome Composed and Happy Thanksgiving to you, If you are looking to buy a violin to play I think you would be better off to go to a local shop and pick one out. That way they will keep it in tip top shape for you and if you decide in time you want another violin instead they will let you trade it in.
  6. First Time Violin Repair

    Am not a luthier but if you didnt remove the top how would you install cleats across the crack on the underside? Or is this step unnecessary for a strong repair?
  7. Gustav August Ficker

    Greetings Sawmill, Do you cut your own lumber?
  8. First Time Violin Repair

    Hi Stephanie and Welcome to Mastronet. If you are trying to save money you could look for an old scrap of 2 by 4 or 2 by six and cut your patches from that.
  9. Copper Violin Bow Information

    A complimentary combination!
  10. I am certainly a believer in free speech and am strongly against censorship of any kind but there is a need for tact and diplomacy when expressing our words and thoughts in the public domain. SometImes I feel that anonymous people on the internet who revel and enjoy inanely insulting others do so in an altered state induced by alcohol or drugs and perhaps seem a more competent person in their own eyes through this antisocial behavior.
  11. interesting video on ground preparation

    After watching Davide Sora YouTube videos I think I could even do what he is doing because he makes it look so easy.
  12. No tips, but Hi Michael and welcome. Great pictures of a scary violin. I too am interested in what advice our experts have to tell you.
  13. A Stainer for only $66,000?

    Some of my friends and workmates occasionally call me Jeffy and I suppose Swanny could also be a possible humorous reference but in the previous post it seems kind of disparaging to me.
  14. Violin Strings

    I have never tried plain gut strings but Olives were my favorite of all. Although I think they make my violin sound it's best I cannot justify the high price when I can buy Warchal strings for a third of the cost. Most people say that the gut strings have a much longer lifespan to justify the high cost of wound gut but in my experience they tire as fast as the synthetic versions. As Mark said, if your A is fraying after a month there is something not quite right with your nut or bridge.
  15. New Bow

    Hi Matchu, I bought a Coda Diamond GX a long time ago when they first come out and think it is a decent bow for the money and it is pretty much made of kryptonite. This model is around $800 now but there are less expensive models in your price range. The Coda bows are quite popular in my area. On a whim a couple of years ago I did buy a cheap Presto Spark bow for $99 and when it came in the mail I was surprised at what a nice bow it was for the money.