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  1. Jeff Jetson

    Trigger finger

    Hope this procedure works well for you Luis. What an impressive back in the photo behind your hand!
  2. Jeff Jetson

    Returning to playing after 38 years

    Occasional practice of super slow scales with a drone hones my tone but can get tedious but is an effective tool IME.
  3. Welcome Erma, It is an interesting looking violin. Are you planning on doing the repairs yourself or pay someone else to do them?
  4. Jeff Jetson


    Chris Thiele took over the radio show Prarie Home Companion when Garrison Keillor retired and is kind if interesting and fun to listen to. Love Pandora.
  5. Jeff Jetson

    German bow with a collar?

    I have hauled Coke syrup in 55 gallon drums and they must have corrosive placards displayed. Even as a kid I could feel the Coke and Pepsi etch my teeth so I avoided them.
  6. Jeff Jetson

    Interesting fiddle, spurious label,

    Welcome RBB, Rosin dust on a violin makes me cringe and have the compulsive urge to get my cloth and wipe it off.
  7. Jeff Jetson

    Thanks from a Newbie...

    Welcome Kevin!
  8. Jeff Jetson

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    I remember reading Craig's posts here for many years and am sorry to hear that he has left us.
  9. An interesting video.
  10. Jeff Jetson

    A.D.'s new bench

    The picture of a picture is fun to look at!
  11. Jeff Jetson

    Curious1's bench

    It looks kinda old. : )
  12. Jeff Jetson

    Tracking device suggestions

    If thhe battery life of the Spytracker is about 2 days that would make it impractical for me to want to use on a daily basis.
  13. Please allow me to be the first in praising this stunning beauty!
  14. Jeff Jetson

    loss of value in bow after spline

    I have never bought a bow or instrument with obvious repaired crack or minor damage because it is hard enough for me to sell unwanted musical toys with no defects.
  15. Jeff Jetson

    Quilted maple 1 piece back blank

    That is a nice piece of wood. If I bought it would there be enough extra wood to cut matching ribs?