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  1. I’ve soaked out a bass bar once and reused it on a modern violin. It worked out OK, but I won’t be doing that again.
  2. You don’t need it, but it won’t hurt. Just be careful to keep debris from getting between the top and cast. I use Saran Wrap or something similar over the cast and replace it regularly.
  3. It always starts with denial...
  4. So Jerry has connections at the White House!
  5. I think I would have removed the bass bar and glued the cracks before making the cast. I'd then likely do the post patch and do the cleats and bass bar last before gluing the top on.
  6. I’m going to disagree. Though there was a lot of narration over the other recording, she played on the lower strings much more and that’s where the qualities of a well adjusted good sounding instrument really shine, and especially the particular qualities of Guarneri violins I’ve heard and and played.
  7. You’ve probably not seen my roughing technique...
  8. :) That has always been on my mind when I use and carry it around!
  9. M2 high speed steel if I remember correctly.
  10. If only the solution was that easy...
  11. It's just a matter of training David...
  12. I usually charge for tuning plates AND bridges.
  13. This analogy hurts my head. I’d like to ask you to elaborate...
  14. I very much like David’s basic design and his ideas on how it should be held and used. I’m sure it suits him just fine, but I found it to be a bit feeble and to not fit me well. My version addresses those shortcomings.
  15. Good Advice! Remotely..., timing etc. I have a pretty good idea that we sharpen such things in a similar way.