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  1. No, it is not advisable to try to keep the current one. I would recommend doing what the others have suggested. I have removed one and re-used it…, but probably never will again.
  2. My condolences! I hope you've recovered by now...
  3. There are already plenty of struggling makers out there who are pretty good at their craft. Are you sure you want to even attempt to join them?
  4. You don’t know that they cannot, just that they haven’t.
  5. No! Not when you’re trying to draw oil out. Bentonite will act similarly.
  6. Perhaps. If however the right solvent can be determined, it will likely dilute and disperse it to areas where much of it can be removed. I’m lucky in that I have a small liquid vacuum system at my bench that I can use to pull excess fluid out of small spaces. I think, if whatever the offending substance is can be well dissolved, that repeated application and removal of the solvent will reduce the level of the unwanted substance saturation of the surface. If it’s an oil it has probably already gone where it’s going to. So much really depends on what it is… Oh, I neglected to ask…, is there still enough lining in the area to provide an effective gluing surface?
  7. I would suggest trying other solvents and or detergents. I use the sandpaper technique in a few other situations, but it would be a last resort for me with what you have described. I suspect some oil, wax or varnish got in there and that is what’s causing the problem. Good Luck!
  8. It should be easy to lower it by turning the adjusters in some, presuming they were installed properly. Do it equally and a just a few turns on each side at a time so as to not impose undue stress on the legs of the bridge that the screws go into.
  9. The description of "empty barrel", as relates to the sound of a violin, means very little to me. We don't know what kind of violins you're comparing it to, let alone what kind of barrel and if it's new, or previously used to make whiskey, wine or pickles.
  10. In this field that is referred to as re-graduated.
  11. Over-regulated is a term that people who work on keyboard instruments use. I’m not sure how it applies to violins…
  12. No big deal. people sometimes respond to threads which are several years old.
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