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  1. Cutting the channel with a Dremel works, but set-up and getting the cutter to work well can be a bit of a challenge. Once you do get it working well it does require intense concentration to do the job right without telltale marks. The good thing is that it's an easy thing to practice on scrap pieces. Enjoy!
  2. Two more suggestions…, spread out the wear and tear on your fingers over time, and get your knives as sharp as you can. Very sharp tools make the work much easier! Make it three…. Use a little old dried soap on your knifes, that helps too.
  3. I disagree, with just a bit more work this would make excellent kindling for a fire.
  4. It's not my favorite color for a shop wall (mine are beige and white) but I think I wouldn't bother spending the time to change it and do other things instead, like covering it with whatever is on the walls of your current shop.
  5. I'll be interested to know how this works for you. I personally don't like the idea of getting the top as wet as you'll have to in order to loosen that joint, but I've never done it. Good Luck!
  6. I've used a long SS spatula with the appropriate edge shape working froth the lower block area. Some times there's no way to do it cleanly and I just smooth out the damaged area and glue in new wood. It does not take too long to fit a new piece and your filled polyester resin to make a counter form.
  7. I've also seen two bidders bid against each other just to mess with the other person. It might well have been worth it for the sport for these two, but the item in particular I'm thinking about went for about $800, or about 8 X what it should have. Never underestimate crazy or bored.
  8. Sigiswald Kuijken. If I’m not mistaken he did his recording of these pieces on a Grancio, who worked in Milano, which isn’t far from Cremona…
  9. Perhaps these events could be tied into the recent thread on tool marks...
  10. Not at all common for me, and like Don I have power tools with significant potential for damage. I don’t even have “Band-Aids” in my shop. I'm always thinking about where those sharp edges might go when I slip and have developed good practices and methods over the years to avoid damaging myself or the things I work on.
  11. All tools leave marks, including the human ones. Each of us decides for ourselves which are desirable or attractive.
  12. What is a “set up” in your world? You might get lucky while experimenting with strings and achieve nirvana, and it will be great if you do! That said, string makers put a great deal of work and experimentation into combining materials during their design process which generally results in sets of strings that work well as sets on instruments that have been adjusted to suit THAT set of strings. Changing a single string, especially on an instrument that is working well, will very likely change the sound and playing characteristics of all the others. Best of luck with your puzzle.
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