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  1. Thank you. But I would think that most of us on MN, including the novices like me probably know that none of them are Gagliano or Ruggeri. I guess my question is what they REALLY are. IOW, is the Gagliano labeled Lot 144 is a (nicer) German turn of the century copy? is Lot 185 a French or not? or Lot 141 is a hopeless rubbish or possibly a gem? etc.
  2. Hi there, Now auction has ended. Anyone would offer some insights on these fiddles?
  3. Apparently, everyone is concerning the bidding thus is silent, which is understandable. Please let us discuss the provenance after the auction. To me, I just would like to take every opportunity to learn; I am not going to bid, either now or foreseeable future, as I am not lacking fiddles, including the better ones.
  4. I did not seen any to be truly attractive. However, I may think three with the following links are somewhat interesting, and wish to know what they really are: https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?cpid=3656368128&csid=2199257088 https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?cpid=3667017728&csid=2199257088 https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?cpid=3657023488&csid=2199257088 Well, I am a novice anyway.
  5. Would you please share your insight on the scroll? With my untrained eyes, I was not so impressed for the delta in the back and the tilted side walls of the pegbox thus very narrow throat of the scroll.
  6. Did you get the answer you would like to have?
  7. The bow appears to be silver mounted, and presumably pernambuco. Thus, it does have value, and can be a good player if adequately repaired and restored. However, to repair a broken head is costly, e.g., usually north of $300 for a spline repair.
  8. Thank you very much; apparently another 10 more years for me to learn from you all!
  9. Hi Martin, You saw it here before: I have this instrument for a quite sometime, it was not from any Facebook dealer. Just added a few photos for the button and scroll, which of the OP appear to have the characteristics of French as you pointed out.
  10. Looks French to me too. I am no where near to be an expert, just saw some similarities to one of my violins with Bourguignon Maurice label (possibly his workshop production).
  11. Just a question for the purfling at the corner: Would it potentially be associated with certain school for the short stubby corner on the table, which barely covers the rib joint, with the purfling being extended over the tip of the corner? Moreover, such top corners are often in contrast to the "typical looking" corners of the back (back corners are large enough to fully cover the rib joints and the purfling does not extend over the end of the corners)
  12. One, unfortunately, has probably to pay the price for gaining knowledge and experience. For instance, I have many fiddles, cumulatively from the past ~30 years. Those instruments were acquired from different sources, shop, auction, musical professional, etc. While had a reason of buying each of them at the time, and the majority are indeed reasonably decent in their own ways thus keepers to me. To be fair, I should not acquire that many as none of them are truly bargains for an amateur like me. Now, I may recognize a good fiddle, or may possibly provide a ballpark for a fiddle (good or not so good)... That is the price one has to pay for the experience, and possibly the entry level knowledge.
  13. Thank you, Jacob; is this also a Thir (or maybe better than a Thir)?
  14. hmm... An alleged fussen instrument, ca 1800, of mine has very similar outline and appearance as the OP, except the warmer syrup varnish. I have never thought it could be possibly associated with Thir (school). I have minimal violin knowledge and have not yet seen a Thir in person. However, in my impression, Thirs tend to be somewhat bold and stout looking, with a relatively broad pattern and rich/warm/dark varnish. Aren't they?
  15. This one does really hurt the reputation of Caussin...